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It is exciting to be the young nurse!

Once in my life there was a natural question: what to be engaged to the girl in 17 years who recently graduated school and just entered the university on correspondence in? Somewhere I heard that under such circumstances get a job and successfully combine work on advantage to society with necessary educational process.

my time have enough Now

in order that besides walks on the city to be engaged in something useful, and it is desirable to receive from this occupation not only cash, but also pleasure.


was Helped by a case. The acquaintance of my mother looked for the kind, clever and loving children nurse for the little son. And, of course, mother did not fail to tell about the daughter - suitable this candidacy. Also it is not necessary to pay much...

In couple of days I got acquainted with the lovely boy of four years, the owner of a light head of hear, big blue eyes and the hitched-up nose. At the first meeting he behaved quite politely and made good impression. The boy was called Vlad, and he was “not kindergarten“ child.

By the way as mother Vladika reported later, he called me by “the great nurse“ in the evening, copying the series loved by it at that time...

Ya successfully worked half a year and I want to share the conclusions drawn by me concerning work as the nurse and to note what needs to be considered, employing the nurse. It is natural that each case special, but personally my experience - successful therefore I have a number of arguments in favor of the young nurse.

Dear fathers and mothers! If in your family there came the period when not to do without kid nurse, surely start search of the suitable applicant. First of all, interrogate acquaintances: the person respecting you will never advise bad and if according to recommendations the nurse is found, and it will suit you, that acquaintance will deserve big gratitude.

the First option turned out

unsuccessful? It is possible to address services of the agencies which are engaged in selection of nurses and governesses, but in that case nobody will give guarantees that the new nurse will responsibly belong to the work, will honestly carry out the hard work and in general that it will suit your child and will arrange you.

the Choice of the nurse depends on those duties which it should carry out, and from your requirements to the candidate. If your main goal - to prepare the child for school of the house, and thoroughly, then the teacher with experience (with the higher pedagogical education and, perhaps, already on pension) will approach as well as possible. But there can be problems in communication.

If your child, to put it mildly, with hard character or hyperactive, then the educational psychologist having experience of communication with similar children has to cope with the task without effort. Consider what occupation with the expert will involve considerable material inputs.

If you plan to find

the nurse which cheerfully and fascinatingly spent time with your kid, then the young girl without experience in pedagogics will approach in the best way. But it does not mean that she should not teach the child to something useful.

So, I taught the ward both to write and to read and to do original hand-made articles by the hands, and it was easier for it to perceive new in a game form. And in general, I tried to give Vlad as much as possible useful information. What we faced even in game, I surely mentioned the interesting fact, an event or gave an example from life. Widely open eyes and a mouth were gratitude for me. At such moments I understood: with me it is interesting to the child.

it was especially pleasant to

when next day parents Vladika told how in the evening their son with pride retold the knowledge gained in the afternoon. I was only glad that my education does well.


, the age is not criterion for selection of applicants for a role of the nurse. My age, on the contrary, helped to be closer to the kid thanks to what the child perceived me not as the adult exacting aunt and as friend, the assistant, the accomplice of game, eventually. The imagination did not bring me and the child invented something. It became interesting to me. Honestly I admit that at that time I did not lose touch with the childhood yet therefore understood that is wished by my ward.

Should think once again before making the choice: often happens that the kid finds a common language easier with the person who is with it “on one wave“, and distinctions aged do not seem an abyss. But this person has to carry out the duties on - to the adult. It is necessary to be for the child an example and not to indulge any its whims, otherwise bright dithat it is simple “will mount to the nurse upon a neck“ and will not obey, having finally taken it for the peer.

One more plus is the fact that the young nurse will not need to pay much (of course if she really estimates the inexperience). I think, for the majority of families this question quite actual.


Before the potential nurse gets to work, by all means allocate enough time for communication with it. For a start ask it to tell a little about yourself, thus, you will already understand that for the person before you. Find out not only what its attitude towards children (especially as any will exclaim “ah, I adore nice small kids!“ ), but also ask tricky questions (we will assume how it will arrive if the child began “to shoot“ cream of wheat from a spoon).

do not forget to describe in detail the kid (there is no sense it only to praise highly), let the nurse know also negative sides of its character in advance to think over the behavior. Tell what the child likes to play that is able to do and, it is obligatory - that he refuses flatly to do or is not able.

If all answers you satisfy

and the general contact will be found, it will be necessary to check: and whether your child will suit the nurse?

Acquaint the nurse with the kid, let they will a little talk. You will feel at once, well knowing the child, - he liked the new aunt or not (and if it is young, beautiful and lovely smiles, then sympathy already for certain will deserve).

If preliminary acquaintances took place

successfully, in detail tell the nurse about its duties, show where there are all objects and things which can be useful during your absence, there can be everyone.

So, once my ward got sick, and I had to take measures for his treatment. The first that I made - called his mother. At that time I felt huge responsibility for health and Vlad`s safety. There are no parents nearby yet - not only his mood, but also health depends only on me. I covered the child with a warm plaid, made tea with a linden and Vladika gave to drink them, without having forgotten about raspberry jam. Mother was already engaged in further treatment of the son.

Following that cannot be missed from attention at all, - phone numbers on which you can be heard.

First me had to call

quite often. Somehow time Vlad wanted to eat pancakes. It was necessary to call mother and to ask, in - the first, permissions to execution of such desire, and in - the second, to learn the recipe of their preparation. As a result I coped, and all remained full and happy.

Daily ask the kid as he spent day with the nurse, than together were engaged that learned new.

Vlad`s mother wanted

In my case that the kid met its full and happy, with expression told a new rhyme, after that bragged of hand-made articles, and finally considered from 1 to 10 in “pure“ English and at the same time behaved in due form etiquette. I was not against.

from the first days you will understand

- contact of the nurse with the child is come or not. It is possible to compare daily “reports“ of the nurse and kid. It is very effective way to find out how day passed actually. If the child not the liar and his relation to the new aunt serious, then the invented stories told not in favor of the nurse are excluded.

Considering everything that is told and tested by the child, you draw conclusions and, without hesitating, sound them to the nurse. If the person (though young) it is responsible to treat the work, he will surely consider all wishes and will correct errors quietly and without offenses.

One more moment. Happens so that whether young mother and the young nurse become slightly girlfriends. It, maybe, and well, but it is impossible to forget about a distance which all - exists between you. You are an employer, the nurse - the worker. Otherwise permissiveness and free management of the child are guaranteed.

So what qualities the young girl has to possess to apply for the nurse`s position? First of all, it is necessary to be well-mannered, competent, responsible, executive and attentive. Besides, existence of imagination, initiative and creative abilities is only welcomed. And ability will prepare and keep order one more big plus.

answer with

a question Now: unless the age can become a hindrance for successful work as the nurse with all above-mentioned qualities?

Personally for myself I drew the following conclusions: there were a lot of things, and I will remember such useful experience well. For those half a year of my work as the nurse I became practically the member of this family. Vladika 5 years were executed, and further process of its growing continued on my eyes, and I noted majority. Being near Vlad, I, undoubtedly, matured too. When you realize all responsibility to parents of the kid, subconsciously begin to treat more seriously many things. Trusted me, and it is the main thing. I wanted to give to this child everything that I am able, I can and I know.

Sometime I surely will have children. And once I with a smile will remember how I passed “preparatory school“ before the real motherhood and as was “a great nurse“.

Let experience of communication of your child with the young nurse will be so successful, as well as mine!