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What juice to buy to the child? Whether

to Allow the kid to drink juice, “will not burst yet“ how advertizing convinces? What juice is more useful also what in general it the real juice? Let`s understand.

Delusion 1: the more the better

Actually norm for the child - a glass in day. The American nutritionists found out that the children drinking two and more glasses of juice a day are usually more stout also below peers. It is easy to explain it: in juice there are a lot of digestible sugars which can cause obesity in inactive children. Besides, juice takes the place of other food necessary for growth, for example milk.

Delusion 2: juice in packages artificial

Juice from a package - very much even real. Usually he is trained from a concentrate by simple cultivation. At first condense on the special sparing technology, in such look transport from place of production to the place of pouring and already there restore, adding good deep-well water, and pack up.

have not enough

of One juice. That teeth correctly developed, children need to gnaw vegetables and fruit.

Delusion 3: svezheotzhaty - better

Everything is not so unambiguous

. Svezheotzhaty juice it is better if they are prepared from ecologically faultless fruits. Therefore for small children nutritionists recommend just the tinned juice released the special enterprises for production of baby food. There the most strict control, the checked suppliers of raw materials and as a result juice of such quality what houses it is not always possible to provide.

Delusion 4: multifruit - more usefully

Here too not everything is unambiguous

. Kids should not give the mixed juice until you were convinced that the child well perceives each component separately. If there is an allergy to multifruit juice, you will not be able to understand what provoked it.

on the other hand, children drink vegetable juice more willingly if to mix them with fruit. Some juice has not enough acid, in others there is too much it, and together they can give drink, useful and harmonious to taste.

Anyway do not have

juice any more and less useful. And all of them it is much more useful than aerated water.

Delusion 5: fi, nectar!

Many parents consider nectars and fruit drinks as “artificial“ juice. And in vain. Just it is easy to squeeze out juice of one fruit and berries, from others it is more difficult, and from the third it is almost impossible. Let`s tell, oranges or grapes give juice perfectly, and plums or peaches turn into mashed potatoes. Therefore from oranges, grapes, tomatoes prepare juice, and from peaches, for mango, papayas, plums, apricots - nectar, that is the juice with pulp divorced to a drinking consistence. And juice of a cranberry cannot simply be drunk therefore usually do a fruit drink or kissel of it.