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Balloons are always the holiday

Made own hands a figure from a long ball - a holiday doubly. And the holiday is a fun, smiles, minutes of happiness which so often is not enough.

Therefore we suggest to be engaged in a tvisting. This cheerful festive art will be pleasant to both children, and their parents, and also their grandmothers and grandfathers.

of Tvisting - art of modeling from balloons - designers (them sausages or ShDM - balls for modeling still call).

of Tvisting (in English twisting) it is very popular in the West and in America now. Twisting a long ball - a sausage, it is possible to create various figures. In the English-speaking world thousands of books and movies are on sale, the numerous shows and contests devoted to this creative occupation are staged. The Tvisting is the only art form where the person learns to work with air. The air concluded in a cover from natural latex (tree juice) gets the most various form. In Russia only begin to learn about a tvisting. And this cheerful occupation develops creative abilities of children and adults and finds application on any holiday: to decorate the hall, to make scenery and suits, original gifts from magnificent bouquets to amusing toys, to hold competitions and attractions - all this can a tvisting.

- designers it is possible for

From balls

in the course of work with balls - designers of

- What is necessary for a tvisting?

- Balls for modeling, the pump with a narrow neck for inflation of balls and... councils of skilled twisters.

For a start read to

tvisting secrets:

  1. How to inflate a ball - a sausage that it did not burst when twisting?
  2. Having inflated with
    • a ball to the required length, let out from it a little air - it dumps excessive pressure in a ball and it is easier to stick it.
  3. From where to begin to twist a figure?
    • Always only from a ball mouth that air at each twist moved ahead to a tail where there is an empty seat - then the ball will not burst.
  4. As “The basic rule of twisting“ sounds?
  5. Everything do
    • to twist by one hand only in one direction (to yourself or from themselves), holding with other hand the first and penultimate bubbles all the time, involving all fingers of this hand - differently everything will be untwisted!
  6. What terms are in a tvisting?
    • a bubble - mumpish part of a ball between two skrutka.
    • a joint - the place of twisting.
    • twist - turn and twisting of a ball as a result of which the bubble and a joint turn out.
    • a padded stool - a special bubble in the tail of a mumpish ball.
  7. the Main secret - 7 main types a skrutok!!!
    • Simple twist - squeeze a ball at the required distance from a mouth, hold with one hand it on the place to future twist, and other hand turn 2 - 3 times a ball round its pivot-center. Hold both parties to twist, otherwise it will disperse.
    • by
    • Twist with the lock - make in a row three bubbles, put averages with each other, having bent a ball on their joint, carefully pull them up and overwind together around joints not less than three times - thanks to it they will not be untwisted.
    • by
    • Twist in the form of an ear - make three bubbles, average less than 2,5 cm, holding together extreme bubbles, carefully pull for average and overwind it three times - the ear will turn out.
    • by
    • Twist with an excess - make three bubbles, average big, holding together extreme bubbles. Pull for big and put it in half, then overwind three times.
    • Twist in the form of a tulip - a tip of a forefinger of the left hand push mouth knot in a ball to the second phalanx of a finger, grasp with other hand knot through a ball and it is careful by means of big and average fingers of the left hand pull out a finger from a ball, then make twist that the knot was below it - the bud of a tulip is ready.
    • by
    • Twist with a cracker - make a bubble of the average sizes, then a series from five bubbles it is less, twist the first and last small bubbles together that the ring turned out. Twist the second and fourth bubble in the form of an ear, thanks to it the average (hlopushechny) bubble is blocked. Pierce it a pin - crack! bubbles 1, 2, 4, 5 dispersed!
    • the Padded stool - pull
    • several times for a ball tail, squeeze out air from mumpish part in a tail, moving hands along a ball - the padded stool is ready.
  8. the Sizes of bubbles - small - 2,5 cm, average - 3, 75 - 5 cm, big - 5 - 7,5 cm
  9. Who is considered
  10. present sharoduvy? - the one who is able to twist 33 bubbles in one sausage - train, and at you it will turn out!

Council: do the first figures simple, of one ball, type to all of the known doggie: longer a neck - already the giraffe, is longer a muzzle - a rhinoceros, ears and a tail are longer - a little squirrel, so learn not to be afraid to twist a ball and to hold to twist.

A here instruction of one interesting figure, quite difficult, but very nice.

the Tiger you is required to


For a tiger two balls. Before work surely re-read the basic rule of twisting in tvisting secrets! Inflate a ball, having left 15 cm not mumpish, tie it on knot, make a small bubble (1) (scheme 1), then make a big bubble (2) for a nose, then one more bubble (3) of the same size is a cheek. Later twist a small bubble (4) for an ear, one more big bubble (5) - a forehead, again a small bubble (6) for the second ear and a big bubble (7) for the second cheek (scheme 2). Make twist the lock between 2 and 3, 7 and 8 bubbles, here and the head.


Make a big bubble (8) - it is the lower jaw. Take the first bubble, push in the head (holding the 2nd bubble from outer side of the head) and wrap up it between the 8 and 9 bubble. The tiger had a nose and a mouth. Twist in the form of an ear small bubbles (4 and 6).

Inflate with

the second ball up to the end, blow off a little air (2 seconds), tie it. It is a ball for a trunk and legs. Connect the ends of a ball on knot and knead the turned-out ring. Then make twist opposite to knot, having halved a ball. Take both parts, squeeze them together at distance, equal 1/3 lengths, and twist - it is forepaws (scheme 3).


the first ball, make a big bubble (9) - it is a neck. Connect both balls together between 9 both 10 bubbles and paws. Twist in this way hinder legs and connect them to the first ball - the tiger is ready!