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Friendship - concept round-the-clock

About advantage of friends and enemies
the Centenary hero of the anniversary among other causes of the longevity called

absence of enemies. Only people around were going to praise it for peaceful temper as he added: “Yes, I endured all of them“.

you Love the enemies

On the question “Whether Enemies Are Necessary to the Person?“ the majority will answer unambiguously - no. Enemies interfere with the implementation of plans, their envy makes the life miserable. But whether so it actually? Only the amoeba has no enemies. The talented, vigorous and gifted person will always have ill-wishers. It can become even a criterion of vital success - the more gossip about you, revenge, threaten, the you are more significant and more popular. Absence of enemies speaks not about gold character at all, and that the person has no certain position, about his desire to do a favor all at once and to be good for one and all. But whether such people are held in respect?

you do not treat enemies badly, they promote progress and your creative growth. Enemies need to be grateful already for the fact that they will point even to insignificant misses and mistakes, so, there is a reason for self-improvement.

“If selfish people try to use

you, delete them from the life, but do not try to settle accounts with them. Wishing to revenge someone, you do harm to yourself, but not the enemy“. It seems to you that these words were told by the starry-eyed idealist? By no means not. They were written by the chief of police department of Milwaukee (USA) in the management for internal use.

Dale Carnegie answers

the question “Whether It Is Worth Taking Vengeance on the Enemies?“ negatively: “I do not urge you to love the enemies, but let`s love at least itself“. Thoughts of a revenge, continuous expectation of attacks and rage destroy the person. As Confucius told:“ Terribly not that you were deceived or robbed, it is terrible if you constantly remember it“. Whether it is worth littering the soul with such moral stuff? So a precept “You love the enemies“ it is not deprived of sense...

Relieve us, My God, of friends...

All of us in the childhood read to

“the correct books“ in which the friendship and devotion was sung. In an amicable way envied musketeers or heroes of novels the Note, believed that in life there is nothing svyaty “an oath on Vorobyovy Gory“. “Friendship - concept round-the-clock“, - M. Svetlov used to say. It is pleasant to realize that you have reliable backs that in case of need you can always ask for the help friends, at any time.“ A friend in need is a friend indeed“, - popular wisdom says. But... friends are even stronger learned in pleasure. To help to endure to the friend the unpleasant moments - it is simple and natural, at the same time it is possible to amuse vanity with own nobility and generosity. To share its triumph, sincerely it is much more difficult to be glad to its progress and wellbeing. Near such person own disorder and failures is especially sharply felt. Conversation as equals is impossible... Perhaps, it is the most tragic moment in friendship - when it is checked for durability not by fire and water, and a golden calf. The relations poisoned with envy and rage not just stop, they develop into the real hostility. And, as we know, the most terrible enemies are the former friends. Who as not they, it is better than others know our weak places and purposefully strike blows!

Against whom we will be on friendly terms?

For some people the concept of friendship belongs to the category of chimeras. They understand some association of individuals created for the period of achievement of own purposes as it. The disinterested and high relations not only are not clear to them, they are simply not put in their nature. You should not condemn them for it, just you steer clear of them. To resist to their attacks, it is necessary only - to be one the strong self-sufficient personality. If you are sure of the correctness, then it becomes very difficult to struggle with you. Bernard Baruch, Roosevelt and Truman`s adviser, as it reacts to attacks of the opponents, answered a question: “Any person cannot humiliate me or cause my anger. I will not allow it to make it“. You remember Carnegie`s words:“ Our enemies would zaplyasat for pleasure if learned how many concern, torments and troubles they to us deliver. Our hatred does not do them harm, but turns our days and nights into nightmares, exhausts, affects the health and reduces life“.

“My first friend, my friend invaluable... whether“

on light the sincere friendship, disinterested and for the rest of life Exists? Undoubtedly! Only, as well as true love, it meets seldom. And, as true value, demands the relation corresponding to itself. We hope that you were lucky the same as in due time to Herzen and Ogarev, Pushkin and Pushchin, Yesenin and Mariyengofu, and you met the invaluable friend with whom you are ready to share all troubles and pleasures.