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How to bring up the theater-goer.

Education of the little theater-goer

Probably, these memoirs are at everyone - nervousness peredvstrechy with the new place, infinitely high ceilings, vanity to a vrazdevalka, “velvet“ cherry chairs... Inconvenient armrests, a curtain with brushes and - the embodiment of children`s concepts about “imperial“ beauty - the enormous crystal chandelier which is poured in all flowers, kotoroyemy children`s imagination tried on to a drawing room, to my room...

I here, I go to theater with my two-year-old baby and again I worry, vedteper I go already as mother, and before me there are otchetlivyedetsky memoirs again - legs of awfully high adults among which to a yaishch mother`s, frays expectations and something new.

Still swinging the baby in a carriage, I already dreamed of visits with it of theaters, philharmonic hall an ikonservatoriya, it is so pleasant to feel pervootkryvatelemchy - that interesting and new, it is so exciting to tell about everything, chtoznat itself, to share everything with the most expensive to you a malenkimchelovechok... But for some reason in my imagination all this was postponed navozrast somewhere after five when suddenly I learned about mother, which hoditso the two-year-old daughter on symphony concerts. But even not etomenya struck, and the fact that the child at these concerts sat also a poluchaludovolstviye! You will tell that there is nothing in it surprising, teperye already agrees with you, but then for me it was the real opening. I tried to learn everything previously: where and what it is better to go to where it is better to sit down to disturb, and if that, to nezametnovyskolznut from the hall whether to take with itself the father and replaceable footwear, in the kakoypolovena of day kids concentrate attention and still desyatokvopros better.

I here, we all family the first time go to theater, for a start - in doll, on “A wolf and kids“. In total rank - a rank, Varya elegant, a sbant, very proud and slightly - slightly uneasy. I very much was afraid that to the vseredena of a performance she will want to eat, drink, speak, run... yes ground desires at the two-year-old fidget! I put her to myself ives a performance worked for knees as the prompter, answering all her questions and an objyasnyayavsa unclear; I did not even remember for nervousness that was on a scene. The second office was shorter than the first therefore we almost “kept within“, having lost interest in everything approximately in 5 minutes up to the end. But the first the frazamoy daughter after the curtain was closed, was “I want more!“ Itogda I decided, and at own risk bought her the subscription in opernyyteatr on children`s operas and ballets.

Now I already precisely knew that to do - somewhere in 5 days I began to tell it contents of the fairy tale, nakotory we were going to go so through two - three days it did not tolkoznat its contents and could prompt me the “passed“ word, but Isam told it to me with insignificant notes. And in denspektaklya she not just went, and directly - ran in theater, rasskazyvayaob it and a cat, and road to fellow travelers, and pigeons on the street.

Pervymopyt, the most suitable for this purpose vozrasta:vo - the first, sing, in - the second, all set of favourite animals, in - the third, rather short duration. In the hall we were samymimalenky, being confused in legs not only at adults, but even at preschool children of ivtoroklassnik who were brought the whole schools there. But the zatovpechatleniye was just indelible in spite of the fact that (in moyemuvzrosly opinion) more “three“ for a performance could not be put. But! The huge solemn hall, a magnificent curtain, a notorious chandelier from which Varya could not look away even when it went out, huge space of the hall with wall lists - all this bylonastolko beautiful and solemn that the performance receded on vtoroyplan...

after that we went to the ballet “Little Red Riding Hood“ (even two times, and the second time as it seemed to me, my presence was even optional because my baby not only did not stir and did not make a sound, moreover, even refused to leave the hall in a vremyaantrakt!) listened to the opera on Pushkin to “Head“ and so osvoilisv huge space of theater that escaped from mother and puteshestvovalipo to orchestra seats and a balcony independently.

Now children`s kukolnyespektakl for some reason ceased to make impression on us, and vposledny time at me thoughts of the detskomfilarmonichesky subscription began to appear... Soon at us in line“ the Sleeping Beauty“, “Nutcracker“ and “Ruslan and Lyudmila“. And “Cinderella“ to a myuzha was learned by heart.

Now theater - our favourite place, we are not mozhemproyt by it just like that, surely we come, we buy tickets inut we begin to be torn at a door with a cry “Open! I want in theater!“ than very much we make laugh and we surprise turn in cash desk. I am very glad to it because we with the daughter have one more hobby for two - mylyuby to go to theater!. So do not wait at the child of “conscious“ age, let it will come to theater right now, the meeting with the prekrasnyena happens premature.