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Turning point. Dangers of school life

In the city Pushkin the new sight appeared. It is school which building reminds a medieval castle more, than standard educational institution. It accomodates 900 pupils at once and unites two gyms, the pool, the huge dining room in a uniform complex. Each educational class here on the area is equal to the standard assembly hall.

the City administration school is proud of

. But Yury Dubrovsky, the chief children`s traumatologist of the Western district of the capital, their proud pleasure does not divide:“ Statistically, - he claims, - the safest schools where no more than 600 pupils“.

Hi! And farewell...

the past Knowledge Day ended with

For the first grader Kirill in emergency station. After a celebratory assembly it together with new companions climbed steps of a school porch: in one hand - a huge bouquet, in another - a bag with a smenka. Generally, hands were occupied. Therefore when someone pushed it, Kiryusha anybody did not manage to grasp. Also fell down from a porch. And broke the right hand.

- is present Nothing surprising in this situation, - doctor Dubrovsky states. - On a school porch there is neither handrail, nor lateral descents, as a rule. Here both pupils fall, and are crippled. And it is not obligatory in turmoil and a second-hand market which at an entrance to school happen. Has always a longing children for deeds.

A from a porch it is so cheerful to p to jump. For example, during change. As a rule, the teacher is not present at this time nearby, and process of “fun“ becomes uncontrollable.

However, sometimes the school administration goes into other extremes (“to be enough and not to pushchat“ is our style!) and just locks school on all school day. As a result the schoolyard is empty. And children even in good weather sit indoors, the deprived opportunities though somehow to warm up.

In narrowness and offense

But the children`s nature you will not deceive: pupils all the same have to splash out the energy somehow. Therefore, having stayed 45 minutes not movably, they run out from a class and begin to move chaotically.

as a result a peculiar Brownian motion arises. And at each “molecule“ the speed and the direction. As a result they it is unexpected (and it is very sensitive!) face. And still stumble - on a floor portfolios are scattered. What to do? For example, to dance!

Quarter of the century back at one of Perovsky`s schools (then still) the area was thought up how to organize safe and mobile rest. On each change turned on the music there. It seems, the Italian platform - rhythmical, not really loud. Also all school started dancing. And the quantity of the injuries got on changes sharply was reduced. Unfortunately, then the idea decayed. But it was one of the most interesting attempts.

- And still, - Yury Viktorovich warns, - a trauma, very characteristic of change, - collision of the senior class with younger. Adults go, without looking under legs, parting forcibly all on the way. And small scatter extensively. But there was a case: the senior tarried, and on him flew small, the whole class. Dropped the guy!

Dangerous steps

- You where are on duty today?

- On a ladder.

After a call on change eleventh-graders of one of the Moscow schools disperse on floors to keep order. For quite some time now the most important post - ladder flights. On a ladder the fifth-grader Zhenya fell and injured a backbone.

- the Effective, by the way, way of prevention of injuries, - doctor Dubrovsky comments. - School ladders are a constant source of danger. At the existing room system of training children constantly pass from the floor to the floor. As a result those who go down will - bondage begin to run. Or to jump through steps. And those who go upward have to turn aside. It is clear, that in this situation it is the most dangerous when school students meet on a ladder a class on a class.

of School constantly try to solve “a problem of ladders“. So, recently in one of them the ladder began to work only for descent on the right, and at the left - for rise. Unfortunately, the innovation held on not for long: the will of the director could not resist to laziness of pupils. It seemed to children burdensome to stamp through all floor to go down or rise.

Form and content

On a big change the sixth-grader Yura rushed along a school corridor. Just like that - for the sake of pleasure of the movement. At this moment one of doors in a class sharply swung open: this is the eighth-grader Artem a powerful kick laid itself a way on change. Yura and a door met. And then Yura still met the traumatologist. To sew up the injured eyebrow.

- Since teachers - subject teachers sit on the offices, change became time of movement of pupils from a class in a class, - Yury Dubrovsky says. - At the same time there are such projects of school buildings which literally provoke injuries. For example, school in the form of a caret. In it very long corridors - to all building. And to any, even to the adult and unsportsmanlike person, there is a wish not to go on them, and to run. For example, to reach the necessary office quicker. Here children also rush.

A in many recreations such architectural excess as columns settles down. Therefore when you ask the school student with injuries and fractures that occurred, in reply often you hear: “Did not fit into turn!“ But it is impossible to clean columns: architects assure that overlappings of the school building without them will not sustain. Therefore officials puzzle long ago over how to neutralize columns. Once there was even an offer to wrap them in foam rubber. But then refused idea, having been frightened of similarity to “the mournful house“.

the Bottleneck

the Fourth-grader Mischa can celebrate the second birthday on October 3 now. Then it, having dispersed along a school corridor, broke the head a glass door into a ladder. Also hung a neck on glass fragments. The carotid escaped literally by miracle.

- School doors are in general a bottleneck, - the doctor says. - In every sense. Their usual width - about 80 cm. And when on an entrance to school, to a locker room, to an office, to buffet two classes meet, small injuries are very probable.

But the most dangerous is, of course, the door between a recreation and a ladder. Glass into it is inserted for fire reasons: that, if something happens, to see smoke. And children carry this glass into smithereens from time to time. With consequences of different severity.

Who will be responsible

for “goat“?

At a physical education class the fifth-grader Roma tried to jump through “goat“. The jump did not turn out, the boy under a laughter of a class fell. But right there jumped on legs: say, me all at all. The physical education teacher did not pay attention to incident. And from the following lesson Roma was taken away on “ambulance“ with concussion.

- Not all children equally dexterous, - doctor Dubrovsky argues, - and the teacher has only two hands. As a result or occupations take place without insurance, or all stand, and the teacher insures one “athlete“.

A as for “goat“ is, certainly, a dangerous shell.

Earlier it was used by

during trainings of gymnasts for performance of a twine in flight. But how it got and furthermore as remains in new programs in physical culture? It is a riddle. This shell - the most dangerous, giving the most severe injuries. For many years we, traumatologists, try to move away him from the school gym, but “trestle“ and nowadays there.

Under supervision...

At other lessons the quantity of injuries is minimum

. At most, that can happen (and it happened) to the child - blow the textbook, or the spinning blackboard on the head. And even during manual training, generally children usually remain are whole - are safe. One of the most rare injuries - the finger stitched by the sewing machine. However, at some schools other type of traumatism - connected with cruelty prospers. Children - alas! - tynut each other ball pens. Or that it is even worse, the perfected pencil. The slate pencil breaks and remains under skin.

By the way, any special training for first aid of the teacher is not passed. Formally for this purpose in school there have to be constantly medics: doctor or nurse. Actually at many schools they if appear, then only from time to time.

... and without

the Diagnosis - “an eye bruise“. Circumstances of a trauma - “blow cutlet“. It would be ridiculous if it is not so sad: in a medical record of the fifth-grader Seryozha all quite so is also written. And Seryozha goes with a shiner now.

- Theoretically, - the traumatologist says, - in school cafeteria children have to eat only. And, therefore, no injuries should happen here. In practice all of them - happen. Typical injury-causing situation: to the dining room brought several classes at once, and all teachers left for the little table at once. Here children also rush: who bread, who cutlets (what those cutlets are made of - a question not to the traumatologist).

What to do?

- a problem Essence in that, - Yury Dubrovsky is sure, - that at school there are no people who would be engaged in leisure of pupils. Tutors, woman teachers are necessary - call as you want. Before their function Pioneer leaders carried out. They tried to take each free minute of children with something. Now there were only teachers. But they after spoke at a lesson 35 - 40 minutes, want at least 10 minutes to keep silent. The teacher has to have a rest too! Here and to appear to the tutor: that took away a class in buffet, in other office, in a locker room. That understood the conflicts, younger helped to change clothes, etc. But officials do not agree with doctors.

- School - only educational institution. It should not and cannot substitute for itself a family, - Valery Sitnikov, the head of the security department of the childhood of East district administration of formation of Moscow considers. - Therefore tutors exist only at boarding schools and in orphanages today. And at usual schools two main tendencies fight: on the one hand, try to enter additional rates of social teachers, psychologists, etc. And with another - strictly control the staff list. And who is able to afford to hire the tutor who would take care of children of only 10 minutes on change?

at the same time any school trauma - a reason for careful investigation. To what this state of emergency testifies? That the duty teacher (or, for example, the day-care center teacher) did not cope with the duties. That is, has to be punished: to be reprimanded, lose an award. Most likely, also the principal will be punished. So, if on the child during a physical education class loose gate fall, basketball rings, etc., directors in general can dismiss.

I does not manage to suppress the traumatism facts to school, as a rule: information on injuries surely comes from emergency stations to departments of education.

“Develop behavior stereotypes!“ - the psychologist Irina Marvich advises parents. - Situations in which children are traumatized remain invariable. Therefore the task of fathers and mothers - to explain to the child, than can end prank.

Most often school injuries happen to children of 7 - 10 years. In the first years of training children are not adapted for a survival in new conditions yet. Besides, 7 years - age of negativism. Children often enter the conflict with people around and defiantly do not obey adults. Also try to prove all something. But not all school students are injured. Who is in a risk zone?


It is clear that on changes children are provided to themselves. Here also rage who as can. Help them to find safe entertainments! Teach school students to collective games. Quiet, as “Stone, scissors, paper“. And it is better mobile - for example, “Elastic“.