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Female courage of

Once to me there was an unpleasant situation which, in principle, any woman can face. I was hospitalized in gynecologic office. The reason of my compelled stay is not important there, but in comparison with what was endured by other women on my eyes, my reason seemed a real trifle.

With me in chamber. The majority of them got to office to prevent threat of an abortion and to keep the child.

Pain, the real grief were tested by those women whose children did not manage to be kept and for which the long-awaited child so far and remained dream. Especially absolutely young women who lost the first child attracted attention. It was noticeable how their husbands from - for inexperience, or just without representing how to behave in a similar situation, only strong embraced the wives and carefully wiped a kerchief of their tear. Shyness, despair, confusion... I do not know that at this moment the young people who did not take place fathers yet felt, but I can present.

Other women patiently waited the difficult period during which the destiny of future kid was decided, and, hiding nervousness, tried in optimistical mood to spend infinite gray days on a white hospital bed. They understood: it is necessary to trust in the best.

First when on each vacant place hasty brought other woman whose person distorted pain, me it became terrible. And it is terrible not only from what was seen, but also from understanding that nobody and is insured from anything. There was a strange feeling: on the one hand - sympathy, on the other hand - helplessness, personally I cannot help nothing. And fight for preservation of the child depends, mainly, on experience of doctors, courage (this most exact word) of future mother and... from destiny.

I Remember

how with interest listened to everything that was told by the women who so much already saw on the course of life taught us, young people, and sincerely imparted female experience. Perhaps, from - for the youth (me - 20 years) and impressionabilities all pictures and the told stories seen in hospital so stubborn were engraved in my memory.


Especially remembered one woman. Called her Larisa. By sight - slightly for thirty. Came to office with bleeding. It was sure that she is pregnant and expected the second planned child. Doctors deeply doubted it and insisted on operational intervention...

As it roared and did not want to lay down on the operating table! I felt sorry for her... This strong woman desperately clung to the last straw and asked God only about one: that the child survived.

From the operating room it was brought pale, half-dead... It long could not depart after an anesthesia. Doctors, nurses ran together... It seemed, all office. It became clear: Larisa has an intolerance of anesthesia... Hardly pumped out...

Next day we learned that pregnancy was confirmed, terrible assumptions were excluded, but the child`s life under big threat.

Me was written out on the same day. Having left hospital, I began to treat much more seriously the health, understanding that I first of all will sometime depend on me whether the heart of my future kid will be hammered and whether it will be born.

Further destinies of women from my former chamber me are unknown to

, but for some reason Larisa did not go at me out of the mind though I saw it everything 2 days.

there Passed 7 months.

Recently on the street by me there passed a woman. Usual, imperceptible, but it drew with something my attention. At first I looked with it in eyes which seemed surprisingly familiar, then translated the view of a roundish stomach... also passed by. Began to remember where I saw this woman? Once again looked back... Precisely, it was it, Larisa. My goosebumps ran on skin from surprising feeling of pleasure for the stranger, in fact, the person, and for an instant tears rose.

“And all - was rescued!“ - I with relief sighed. “God grant to you and your child of health and happiness! God grant.!“ - I repeated, looking it in a trace.

... I will forever remember Larisa`s eyes full of tears of despair and the stiffened horror then, in chamber. And as then her maternal presentiment and the hope which hid in the depth of heart were strongest on light.

Ya I admire the women ready for everything for the sake of the birth of the child and capable to take out any tests. Let such women show, to us, to young people as it is difficult to become mother, but as it is fine to be her!