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Tomorrow is a new day

the Human brain even do not stop the laborious work at night, thanks to it we have dreams. Quite really or absolutely what happens to us in reality is extremely reflected in them. In a waiting time of the child, that is in one of the key periods of life, future mothers dream very fancy dreams some of which nevertheless can find an explanation.

In a dream the brain processes a huge number of the most various information. As a result some desires and fears clear up, there is an elimination of casual, insignificant events and experiences, important, paramount feelings are shown, sometimes even serious decisions are made. Living in a dream what only has to happen, the person is better prepared for changes which it soon should face.

Even unclear or fantastic events which take place in a dream are followed by absolutely natural and full-fledged emotions. Our tears, laughter, surprise are so sincere also nepoddelna, as well as in life. Moreover, having endured fear or offense in a dream, the person is exempted from this feeling which could become rather wearisome in reality.

In a dream the human soul makes the important work necessary for the solution of the most different vital tasks. And when this work successfully comes to the end, we keep only vague reminiscence about pleasant or, on the contrary, an uneasy dream. But sometimes since morning we remember all details of a dream, we continue to think of it, to analyze the seen images. It means that work was not complete and it is necessary to understand still something, to worry, comprehend.

Not the little mouse, not a frog...

It is quite natural that during pregnancy women dream dreams which most often concern the child`s birth. This near future seems to young parents still quite vaguely...

“I was at myself in the room and sorted children`s things. Suddenly the door opened, and my mother entered. In hands it had a closed parcel. She somehow strange looked at me and stretched it to me. I understood that I there my child, and began to develop a blanket. When I cast away a diaper, saw not the pink kid, but a gray shaggy burro. I very much was delighted to it, even was not surprised at all as though and had to be. Only for some reason thought that it will be difficult to it to put on a romper suit. And then in the morning when I woke up and remembered this dream, was frightened. Suddenly it means that with my kid something not as it should be?“

Dreams in which instead of the charming pink angel in diapers there is an animal, a toy the old man, dream pregnant women quite often. Whatever future child was presented to you, the been born kid surely will differ from an image which was already created in your consciousness. It is very important that you accepted it it what it is, and provided to the kid confidence that it is necessary to you even if instead of the expected boy you gave birth to the girl or it was not so beautiful as babies on cards. Having dreamed about an improbable image of the future child, you unconsciously make important work on its acceptance:“ Whatever was my child, I will care for him and to love him“.

Have nothing to be afraid of


, of course, concerns you with

how will apprehend appearance of the kid the husband, grandmothers, grandfathers. If in a dream the woman tries to escape from the one who seems to her her child, it usually reflects alarm about whether it will be able to share responsibility with the father of the kid, to get support from own parents.

Very often in dreams of future mothers there are strange images caused by fear of childbirth, concern for own health, appearance, the relations with the husband and other men. “I was in a new elegant dress which to me very much went. Suddenly near me there was some strange slovenly woman in motley rags. To crown it all she began to give birth... I tried to turn away and not to look at it, but could not. And especially I was concerned by destiny of my beautiful dress...“ The unpleasant pictures of childbirth which are to you in dreams - reflection of your fear of them. Having endured this feeling in a dream, you will be able to be exempted from it in reality and to be prepared for what waits for you ahead.

“Voice“ of a body

during pregnancy to your body obvious changes happen, and it can be reflected in the maintenance of dreams too. Usually they become brighter, live, are filled tangible images. In what the main objective of such dreams? They have to acquaint you with your “new“ body, better teach them to operate.

“I went on the dark wood, the sun made the way through foliage. Around me everything lived, moved, I saw a great number of birds, watched squirrels who jumped from a branch on a branch, watched how around me huge beautiful butterflies flew. And suddenly I felt that all this is I. I could fly, move with foliage, chirp, and to me it was good. When I woke up, in me there was so much force and pleasures, more than ever earlier“.


the Sea in which waters it is possible to plunge and merge with rhythmical flows of waves flights in the sky among clouds and a sunlight - all this gives strength and at the same time completeness of feelings that it is so necessary for communication with the newborn. Connection with the nature, transformation into trees, the rivers helps to realize the natural, biological essence.

However, sometimes “natural“ dreams lose the attractiveness, and then instead of beautiful butterflies you see huge waves, the collapsing mountains or volcanoes which are throwing up the boiling lava... In a dream to you vague memories of own birth come back. They help you to become closer to yet not been born kid, “to remember“ a way on light which was passed once and now have to help to pass to the new little man.

the Adult girl

“Me dreamed p that I lie on a bed, around me some strangers, probably doctors run. They speak about childbirth, the baby, but do not pay to me any attention. Then they take my child and carry away him to other room. I see how they give it to some woman, he smiles to her, laughs, all congratulate her, and I am absent as though. Here the woman slowly turns, and I recognize in her the mother. She triumphantly looks at me, embraces the kid and leaves. I shout to doctors that it is my child, but not it that I am the real mother, but they do not hear me. And here I understand that I absolutely still the little girl, I am five years old and I absolutely one“. It is no wonder that such dream dreamed the woman who got used to feel as the little inexperienced girl in comparison with the strong and authoritative mother. Usually in such families soon after the child`s birth the newly made grandmother begins to carry out a role of mother, and young mother is out of work. If you want to finish the growing and to stop being only the daughter, try to understand in the circumstances. Only then you will have an opportunity to cope with the new role.

to Understand and forgive

Quite often dreams of pregnant women contain sense of guilt for these or those acts which unconsciously contact the child`s birth.“ I hold the kid on hands, but suddenly he begins to thaw, turns into a streamlet and flows away to the earth. I understand that I lose it, I try to hold, I pay, but in hands at me is empty“. This dream dreamed the woman at whom last pregnancy did not end with the child`s birth. Now it needs to be exempted from excessive freight of fault and to be prepared for a meeting with the long-awaited kid. The streamlet going to the earth represents parting with last sad situation and at the same time is a reminder that the kid is a great value which needs to be preserved and stored.

Without offenses

In spite of the fact that presently many husbands are ready to divide experience of the birth of the child with wives, the main responsibility for pregnancy and childbirth nevertheless lays down on female shoulders. And it can seem unfair, the husband does not feel the same fears and pain, as you! If such thoughts directly or indirectly visit you, once the dream in which the offense will be reflected in relatives can dream you. “I held the child on a lap and fed him. My husband sat next and, as usual, watched TV. Suddenly the announcer of news began to increase in sizes, recovered, got out of the screen, in hands it had a gun, and it began to shoot at the husband. I wanted to protect it, but suddenly the thought came to my mind that the announcer does everything correctly...“



What to do if the dreamed dream does not release and continues to disturb you during the day if in thoughts you come back to unclear images again and again and you try to solve the ciphered message? It is known that the mentality of the person is arranged in such a way that assumes in consciousness only what we are already able to apprehend and endure, those thoughts and feelings to which we already “grew“. If the dream persistently comes back to you, so you are already rather strong and wise to learn something about what frightens you long ago and puzzles.

Whatever ridiculous the dream seemed to you, share it with the relatives. It is a good way to tell about the feelings and to get necessary support. Often happens that the dream helps to speak the offenses or mistrust which arose in the relations between spouses, to tell what were going to talk long ago about, but there were no suitable words.“ I approached to the door and entered the house. I had my son on hands. I precisely remember that we arrived from maternity hospital, but it for some reason was already big, in such elegant suit... Nobody met us. I went from one room to another and looked for the husband. He appeared in kitchen, sat at a table a back to me and drank beer. Even without turning the head, he told:“ I bought the island and I will live there“. I woke up with offense on the husband as though he actually decided to throw me with the kid, but then got up courage and told it this dream. He long finished me that could never even imagine it... And then suddenly admitted that frightens him that in new life it will not have the place that I will be engaged only in the kid and I will forget about it“. If to you it is awkward to p to tell

about the dreams to the husband or parents and you continue to carry them in yourself, the fear again to see an unpleasant dream can interrupt your sleep, prevent you to gain strength and to have a rest. To share the feelings and fears, to clear the vague alarms which remained after a dream you can address the psychologist or the psychotherapist.