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Excursions across Moscow area: Kolomna

Today we will go to Kolomna. There is it approximately in 110 kilometers from Moscow on Novoryazanskoye Highway. Interesting fact: in imperial time that 101 kilometer, is closer than which people to whom the entrance to Moscow is forbidden could not lodge, fell on Kolomna.

Across the territory of the city three small rivers flow: Oka, Kolomenka and Moscow that already guarantees at least beautiful types. The name of the city - Kolomna - came from the phrase “Oka breaks“ (how the name Kashira - from the phrase “Oka is wide“): near the city the watercourse “breaks“. Of course, it is not the only option of an origin of the name of the city. There is one more curious version: the name of the city came from a war-call of his defenders: “A stake - ON!“ .

Kolomna - one of the oldest cities of Russia: for the first time it was mentioned in the chronicle in 1177 that does him practically by the age-mate of Moscow.

At a turn of the 14th and 15th centuries Kolomna served as the center of the integrated forces sympathizing the grand duke Vasily II in his politician of “collecting of Russia“. Vasily II was banished as a result of fight for a throne against the prince Zvenigorod Yury here. Many inhabitants left Moscow, having refused to serve Yury, and went to Kolomna. Streets of Kolomna were dammed by supplies, the city for some time turned as if into the capital of Russia almost with everything administratively - economic and political staff. And now Kolomna - the quiet and cozy town (at least, historic center). It is considered the most well-planned city of the Moscow region.

Having driven to Kolomna from Moscow, you appear practically at once at walls of the Kolomna Kremlin, in historical part of the city. Give from here and we will begin our excursion across Kolomna.

the Kolomna Kremlin - one of the biggest and powerful fortresses of the time. It was constructed in six years from 1525 to 1531 by order of Ivan III. Now from the Kolomna Kremlin brick walls with seven towers remained. The most known tower - Pyatnitskaya. The wall very impresses (its thickness - about 4 meters, and height - about 15 - 20), and at the bottom of the Kremlin the ditch is dug: who knows, perhaps, it is not modern restoration, but the remains of the real fighting strengthenings of the 16th century...

in the territory of the Kolomna Kremlin can find a set of remarkable places: Assumption Cathedral (17th century), Church of Our Lady of Tikhvin, house of the bishop and many other things.

the Majority of structures was restored by

recently: in May, 2007 in Kolomna Days of Slavic writing and culture were spent. In total by preparation for a holiday 13 temples were restored. Besides, during celebrations in Kolomna the monument to Dmitry Donskoy on the square between Marinkiny and Faceted towers of the Kremlin and a monument to Kirill and Mefodiy at Sobornaya Square was open.

also Sobornaya Square is Very nice

: silent, paved by a large cobble-stone and surrounded with churches and a cathedral, it for certain will be pleasant also to you, and your child.

From the Kremlin can leave to the river Moscow, to pass the pontoon bridge and to reach to the Virgin - Christmas Bobrenev of the monastery which is nearby. But if your child is still small, then it is on foot better not to go, and to use transport: not so there and close.

It is considered p that this monastery was founded by the voivode Bobrok (the commander of a zasadny regiment in the Battle of Kulikovo). There is also other version: the monastery was founded by the being and repentant robber Bobrenya. The case is, by the way, not rare. So, for example, Optina Pustyn was founded by the robber Opta famous once.

Very few people know that in the Bobrenevy monastery there is a temple of “The singing angels“. Monks open this temple for tourists infrequently. In it unique acoustics: when on choruses one chorister sings at least, it seems that sing from everywhere. It is impossible to specify the accurate direction of a source of a sound.

If you leave historical part of the city and continue to move away from Moscow, then you will drive up to Oka soon. On the bank of Oka there is one more sight of Kolomna: Bogoyavlensky Staro - Golutvin the man`s monastery.

It is considered p that this monastery was founded in 1385 on command of the Saint prince Dimitrii Donskoy by the Reverend Sergey of Radonezh. The legend claims that the Reverend Sergy personally participated in a bookmark, construction and consecration of the first monastery temple - Epiphany Cathedral.


At the monastery one of the theological seminaries, oldest in Russia, founded in 1723 works.

What else can be visited in Kolomna? It is possible just to take a walk in old small streets of historic center, it is possible to visit museum of local lore or Museum of Military Glory, or just to sit on the bank of the river of Moscow and to admire a landscape.

If, for example, in Suzdal city souvenirs can buy

from any grandmother on the street, then in Kolomna with it tugovato. We managed to find souvenirs only in some an art in due time - salon on one of small streets of historic center.

the Same can be told

also about cafe in historic center: we found only one, though very good. It is quite possible that you should get out to a lunch to the new district of Kolomna: there it is possible to find even McDonald? s if suddenly it wants the “wrong“ food.

Excursion to Kolomna will give you the remarkable chance to feel breath of history and to have a rest from the Moscow vanity.