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Our breastfeeding - from beginning to end

My name is Marina, I am mother of the remarkable girl Sonya who will be on March 13 3 years old. Sonya already half a year goes to kindergarten, I work. Yesterday we with the daughter turned one more page of our life - ceased to be nursed.

Many acquaintances, having learned that I feed after 2 years, shouted: “You that! Immediately throw!“

But on the question “Why“ could not adduce any logical argument. And everything suited us. I know that it is absolutely natural to nurse till three years and nothing, except advantage, it will bring.

But about everything one after another.

was Given rise by me very easily as I was adjusted on it and was sure that everything will be fine. Decided to nurse surely the daughter and to feed long. Gave birth in the most usual maternity hospital where decantation and a dokarmlivaniye glucose practices. It is good that the daughter was in chamber with me. At the whole nights she hung on a sisa, and slept in the afternoon. At all girls milk appeared for the third day after the delivery, and at me on the fifth. But I did not worry, and just tried to put Sonya to a breast more often. I never decanted a breast, still I am able to do it.

Milk came, we were written out home. Sonya ate a mother`s milk each hour, and after 6 o`clock in the evening hung on a breast on one and a half - two hours. I could not understand at once that with my child, the father worried too whether it is normal. It is good that there is an Internet where I read that some children so behave, and there is nothing terrible in it. We calmed down. I learned to feed conveniently lying, the daughter slept with us and sucked at half of the night.

Probably, sometimes in a dream Sonya took a nipple incorrectly, and I had cracks on one, and then and on the second nipple. Began to feed excruciatingly painful. From this problem I was rescued by the husband, having bought me silicone overlays for nipples and cream for healing of cracks. Besides, I tried to go more with a naked breast. But the main thing is that cracks will not pass if capture of a nipple is wrong. Therefore I began to watch how my daughter takes a breast. Every other day it became already easier, and in 3 days of a crack absolutely healed.

One more problem which we faced - so-called refusal of a breast. Somewhere in 4 months Sonechka when feeding began to turn away and cry. Then will a little suck again and again in shout. In the majority in that case mother ceases to nurse, considering that at her milk was gone. But I just waited this period. Of course, worried a little, but I never even had a thought to give mix. As a result of about 6 months crying about a sisa ended. Now I think that, most likely, Sonya was disturbed by teeth therefore she and behaved near a breast.

Some mothers do not know

how to nurse when children have teeth, the kid can bite. By the experience I can tell that the child can bite in the first day as at it appeared next zubik, and then gets used and does not bite.

First I as all mummies, was afraid to eat something not that. Refused the majority of vegetables (not to provoke GAZ cars), red fruit, berries and compotes, chocolate, mushrooms, a citrus. But ate condensed milk, it is a lot of dairy as grandmothers that there was more milk told. It turned out that my girl has an allergy to protein of cow`s milk and beef. It was necessary to exclude these products. But other products of an allergy and other negative manifestations did not cause that I determined by method of tests. As a result by Soniny 6 months I ate everything, except chocolate and mushrooms, and by a year - in general everything that I wanted. By the way, it is not necessary to eat much during breastfeeding, especially fat. Milk more from it will not become, but it can become very fat, and in it there is nothing good. If the woman is not decanted, then the child exhausts both forward and back, fatter milk. It is just it what is necessary for the kid, believe, it is better for nature to know. Therefore it is necessary to eat as usual, but not to try to increase in every way fat content of milk. Especially, it spoils a figure.

Once at me was laktostaz when one breast hardened and was ill. It began at night. I, having armed with experience of girlfriends and the Internet, attached the cabbage sheet smeared with honey to a breast, from above tied a vodka compress, massed a breast, through pain offered it to Sonya. As a result during the lunchtime laktostaz passed - the daughter sucked, and suddenly from a breast milk directly a stream poured out.

The is become more adult by Sonya, the less often it was put to a breast. In four months I fed her about 13 times a day. In one and a half years we had one - two day feedings and three - four night. And, of course, did not eat more on the street. Then we began to eat sisyu only before a night and day dream and at night. There was this by itself. Just the daughter became easy to be distracted something from a breast.

I sent to

In 2 and a half years the daughter to a garden. I consider that the garden and breastfeeding are very well combined. Only we needed to learn to fall asleep in the afternoon without sisa. I told Sonechka that she is already a girl big, and now sisyu it will be possible to eat only when on the street night. Of course, there were also a few tears, but in a week the baby learned to fall asleep under the fairy tale.

the Excommunication from feeding for the night occurred much more simply and easier. I just suggested Sonya to embrace and kiss mother instead of a sisa. To give to the child a breast - it means I like to tell “you“. We embraced, told each other fairy tales, and the daughter fell asleep. It was a month ago. And already two nights it sleep, without waking up to eat a milk.

Here our dairy epic nearly three years long so ended with

. Easily and without serious consequences. And still even half a year ago I with horror thought of completion of feeding moreover the grandmother struck a heat that I will feed all life. I feel well, the breast at me is not poured though I did not feed about two days. I represent, as if it was if I ceased to feed in a year.

the Daughter matures, the mother`s breast is not necessary to it any more. In my opinion, it is a new stage in our life to which we with it were ready. But I always will remember with tenderness and nostalgia that period when Sonya was a baby.