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All age of dystonia

For many mothers and fathers blue under eyes, pallor, fatigue, sweaty palms or constantly freezing legs are not an occasion to see a doctor. Meanwhile these symptoms indicate disbalance of a vegetative part of the nervous system. According to doctors, the disease which is not cured at school age in adulthood can halloo early strokes or heart attacks, serious problems in the sexual sphere at men and the pathological course of pregnancy at women.

the Zone of special attention

If at the first grader is a small appetite, often there are ponosa or locks, eyes are led round by dark circles, he lags behind in growth, sleeps badly, is excessively impressionable, hardly gets accustomed in collective, does not get out of colds, with a high probability it is possible to tell that it has a neurocirculator dystonia. For confirmation of the diagnosis parents need to address the neuropathologist who will appoint necessary treatment.

of Action of parents. Such school student needs to be protected from infections, experiences and excess loadings. He needs to live on a day regimen. Mother should get a calendar of days, adverse on geophysical factors to walk more at this time.

In adverse days give to the child ascorbic acid - on 50 mg, and also vitamin E - on 5 drops 10 - percentage solution of times a day. The first grader who quickly gets tired is also recommended to drink tea with a rhodiola pink in the mornings.

the Growing problems

of 7 - 8 years - time of rapid growth when there is a so-called first physiological extension. The children having vegetative dysfunction do not pass similar test for durability. It is wrapped in new problems - weakness, fatigue amplifies, faints are possible. The child can complain of a headache. It is very disturbing symptom as at this age the head in principle to be turned, should not be ill. Even if similar happened all few times, show the school student to the children`s neurologist.

Other harbingers of the approaching vegetative storm - fatigue, nightmares, bed wetting - enuresis. Similar states have property to become aggravated at the moments of the raised loading. For example, when at the child control, when changing a season, against injuries, colds and children`s infections. How to secure the school student against failures at these moments, in each case the expert will solve. But mothers and fathers can help too.

of Action of parents. Make the special grass cocktail normalizing functions of vegetative nervous system. Take on a teaspoon of a pustyrnik (or a valerian), hop (or a horsetail), a sage, mint and a St. John`s Wort. Fill in collecting in a thermos with two glasses of boiled water, draw half an hour, then cool and filter. Give to the child on an infusion tablespoon three times a day.

Dangerous age

the Age of an extra risk begins

approximately from 11 - 12 years. It is the period of the accelerated growth, endocrine reorganization of an organism and the strengthened study. At teenagers of NTsD it is shown by the same symptoms and in the same main forms, as at adults, but nevertheless the tender age imposes on it some features.

Signs of a kardialny syndrome - a heartache and various violations of a rhythm, so-called interruptions (ekstrasistol), the heartbeat accelerated (tachycardia) or slowed down (bradycardia). Even the intensive painful attacks on feelings reminding a heart attack are possible: with a fever, a sleep of extremities, fear of death.

similar episodes make burdensome impression On parents and patients. The teenager is declared “core“, exempted from physical culture, just to a bed rest not transferred. Actually heart is healthy. Its normal work is prevented by the debalanced vegetative system, here she and should be treated.

of Action of parents. The best means from such states - rest, a validol tablet under language and 20 - 25 drops of tincture of a valerian, a pustyrnik, valocordin or Corvalol in a small amount of boiled water. Will relieve of a heartache, interruptions, tachycardia and sleeplessness collecting from the flowers of a camomile, fruits of fennel and caraway seeds, leaves of mint and a root of a valerian taken equally. Fill in two tablespoons of mix with a glass of boiled water, heat half an hour on a water bath, cool, wring out. Let the child accept infusion on a quarter of a glass in the morning and in the afternoon and a half-glass in thirty minutes prior to a dream during three - four weeks. Repeat a course of phytotherapy in the spring and in the fall, and if necessary and more often (to four - five times a year).

If the heartache is combined by

with rare pulse (50 - 60 beats per minute), preparations of a lily of the valley, a valerian in combination with a belladonna in the form of tincture on 15 - 20 drops will help with a quarter of a glass of water two - three times a day.

of NTsD on hypertensive type

Of this state it is characteristic periodic (at loading, overfatigue, in the evening) increase of the top figures of the arterial pressure (AP) is about 10 - 15 mm higher than norm. The maximum limit HELL in 10 - 14 years - 120/65, in 15 - 18 years - 130 / 70 mm of mercury. Cases when increases not only the “top“, but also “lower“ pressure, and not periodically, and for long term will worse respond to treatment.


U of seven of ten teenagers with this form of a disease observe the hypertensive states similar to hypertensive crises at adults from time to time. At them fatigue increases, heart and the head hurts, there is dizziness, the body becomes covered by a perspiration, there is a chill, feeling of shortage of air, the sleep is interrupted. Actions of parents. Infusion of a grass of a pustyrnik (two tablespoons on a glass of boiled water) which is accepted on a quarter of a glass by three - four times a day in 30 - 60 minutes prior to food within a month normalizes HELL.

will be lowered by pressure, heartbeat will calm, also a headache collecting from a root of a valerian, cones of hop, leaves of a peppermint and watch three-leaved will de-energize (1:1:2:2). Fill in a mix tablespoon with two glasses of boiled water, draw half an hour, cool, wring out. Let the child drink infusion on a half-glass two - three times a day throughout three - four weeks.

of NTsD on hypotonic type

Such state is shown by the low (less than 90/60) pressure, tendency to dizziness at change of situation, faints in transport and the stuffy room. Also the headache, unpleasant feelings in heart, fear of height, lag in physical development, a fragile, so-called, adynamic constitution are possible.

to Children - hypotensives special medical supervision and individually picked up correction methods are required for


of Action of parents. Independently mothers and fathers can undertake little. Strong tea with sugar, coffee are good as emergency measures at an unconscious state, but as continuous treatment are no good. As the lowered pressure in this case is a consequence of NTsD, and it is necessary to influence not pressure, and dystonia mechanisms. And only the expert can make it competently.

of NTsD with emotional instability

Distinctive feature of such state, in - the first, a respiratory syndrome. It is expressed by feeling of shortage of air, short wind. And in - the second, violation of thermal control with existence of “a temperature tail“ after various infections in normal analyses. Usually it stretches for several weeks. Other important symptom - sudden, without cause, jump of temperature.

of Action of parents. In similar critical cases damp rubdowns, the calming phytopreparations are recommended (a valerian, a pustyrnik).