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Whether the gentleman has to?

there is a strong wish to say a couple of words for the practicing doctors, whether it be doctors in clinic, service on a call or consultants (the majority of us anyway combine these forms). The vast majority of doctors (and and doctors - that there is no wish to call the others) always tries to concern to owners of sick animals with patience and understanding. In reply happens differently.

So, we will begin with the doctors working in clinics.

In - the first, the doctor has a certain working day. Each of us works completely then goes home. In policlinics before closing the registry ceases to work, in shops in ten minutes until the end of the working day protection ceases to let buyers, in the subway close an entrance, without being interested as you will reach home. In veterinary clinic entreaties are nightly distributed: “Well, we the last, accept, the same several minutes!“ And any assurances that in the next office already half an hour conducts reception the doctor on duty that in several minutes it is impossible to make detailed survey and to give competent consultation that houses the husband and children, the shop here - here will be closed, and the working day ended forty minutes ago, do not help.

In - the second, the doctor himself solves, what is the time to spend for reception and whom to accept first of all. In certain cases for statement of the diagnosis of rather fluent survey, and sometimes in difficult cases the doctor spends only for inquiries of the owner of an animal not less than 10 - 15 minutes! Plus treatment (and it can be a slow dropper) and purpose of a course of treatment (happens, it is necessary to use up a double leaf, listing drugs and procedures). Often are in turn dissatisfied, muttering that the doctor - the bad expert, time so long potters, and in general they drive teas there, and we sit etc., etc., etc. here. And what scandals sometimes run high if the doctor decides to accept a tyazhelobolny animal without turn. The account can go for minutes, and from turn is heard: “Not bar, we sit, and they let sit!“ Be are patient, please, each of us can get into such situation!

B - the third, the doctor - not the Lord: not always perhaps unmistakably to make the diagnosis, not all patients can be cured. Very few diseases can be diagnosed only on survey. Additional researches, often expensive are in most cases necessary. It is not the way “pumpings out“ of money, but an urgent need. And our pets are not immortal. Even at the most skilled doctors patients perish... Alas.

B - the fourth, it is necessary to trust the attending physician or at once to say goodbye if after the first visit you felt that this person is not pleasant to you. Some owners manage to replace for a week of seven doctors, to complain to each of them of previous and to ask to appoint another, precisely true, a course of treatment. As a result the animal is carried to critical condition, and its owner convinces each passer - cross that all doctors - charlatans, to them only money to tear off. Understand that at the same disease there are several ways of treatment, each doctor has favourite. In one day the effect will not be, and jumps from a course on a course lead only to deterioration in a situation.

B - the fifth, do not self-medicate!! Only the doctor after survey and inspections can appoint the course of treatment suitable specifically your dog (cat) at this her state. What your cat in the same way wrote a year ago with blood, as well as now, and the neighbour`s dog in the same way coughed as yours now, - does not speak about anything!! Last year the cat could have a cystitis against cold, and now - an urolithic illness. The neighbour`s dog could have chronic bronchitis, and at yours - heart failure at which cough is observed too. Treatment at different diagnoses a miscellaneous, and claims will be then to the doctor when the started animal at last falls into his hands.

B - the sixth, a lot of claim is made to doctors from - for costs of services. Understand, please, that the doctor does not think out the price itself, and fills the pocket with money not, and punches on cash desk or hands over to the accountant. Not to get into an awkward situation, get acquainted with quotations in advance. In any clinic the price list hangs. Keep in mind that the prices for services are plused (the injection cost, for example, consists of the cost of the procedure, the syringe and medicine). There is one more subtlety. In one clinic the price for reception can be quite high, but in brackets it is specified: reception (survey, consultation, statement of the diagnosis, purpose of a course of treatment). In other clinic for each of these points a separate small fee is charged. In total cost turns out same! Anyway, the price list is made not by the doctor and if you have questions and claims, address the management, do not stir the doctor of a message reception.


Now, as for service on a call. Generally, problems of interaction of the doctor and the animal owner the same (trust, price policy, self-treatment), however are also a number of nuances.

Coming to clinic, you feel what attitude towards you and your pet you, see how rooms are equipped as the personnel and so on, and you can make the opinion are dressed (if it adverse, you can always leave this clinic). Calling the doctor (especially if the call goes through the dispatcher), you do not know yet whom you will see on a threshold. Therefore it is better to call the doctor recommended to you by friends, acquaintances, the manufacturer and so on.

the Call on the house is always more expensive than

, than the same work in clinic (work costs as much plus call cost), and consider that you pay not for that how many passed the doctor (passed) to you, and for the fact that you did not push the shouting cat in a basket, did not shiver with it in the tram and did not sit out in turn. Worst of all to the kind doctor to go to calls to the and the neighboring houses, especially when owners know about it and use. One my friend constantly came from work almost at night, during week-end seldom got out on a visit or on picnic - all its free time was devoured by calls, but at the same time was short practically of money because on calls spoke to it: “Well, we live in the neighboring house... You also will almost not spend time, having come to us...“ - and after such phrase she hesitated to call the real price. By the way, I want to remind one famous phrase also: “Doctors of candy do not drink and do not eat flowers!“

Doctors are people too. If at your animal something not urgent before calling the doctor (especially on a home telephone number), look, please, at time and for a calendar. Apogee in my practice were a call at seven in the morning (“The cat did not crap five days, can be to give an enema to it?“) and a call at 10 in the morning on the first of January to a cat with chronic cystitis (and even not to take the double price for a call, the hostess - the grandmother - the pensioner whom as it seemed to me after survey of a cat, it was simple there is nobody to drink to tea in the New Year`s morning).

Not always the diagnosis can be made to

only after survey. The clinic will send you to the next office and will ask to wait for results of the analysis and to return on reception. The doctor who arrived to the house will ask you to go on analyses (a X-ray, ultrasonography, etc.) and... to cause it once again. Please, understand that it is not a way to entice money, and desire to make the exact diagnosis to appoint the best treatment for this case. If operation or other procedures which it is impossible to execute houses is necessary for an animal, the doctor will send you to clinic, but the - that he executed work (statement of the diagnosis and primary appointments). And it has to be paid in spite of the fact that some owners - alas - think in a different way.

To a question of operations at home. Of course, ideally operation has to be performed in clinic where there are special lamps, tables and machines, the crew works, it is possible to make a X-ray and so on. Now doctors from large clinics scornfully look at the doctors practicing at home. But let`s return only on 15 - 20 years ago when scornfully looked at the doctors trying in general it is more difficult to do with small animals something to castration of cats (though at home though in clinic): “Here still to potter, to lull more simply!“ And now - it is worth driving off on couple of hundreds of kilometers from St. Petersburg... A year ago was on holiday in Kuban (went with tools and medicines) - castrated two cats at home - I nearly on hands was carried. Well, do not do it there, and to produce poverty or to regularly heat kittens - happiness a little. Therefore is personally my opinion - better the doctor who will qualitatively perform operation in “field“ conditions (especially if the patient is far from the nearest clinic equipped by the last word of science and equipment), than the doctor, which without two-three of computers and the diagnosis - that cannot put. I perfectly remember what was to work at institute at the end of 80 - x - the beginning 90 - x: there is no hot water, with disinfectants a problem, an anesthesia - only rometar, and that in deficiency, not smaller deficiency - sutural material, preparations, antibiotics - penicillin and bitsillin... But operated (I then was in SNO, studied, assisted): both on intestines, and on a uterus, and on bones!

I, at last, about the correspondence consultations. Oh, also loves our people it is business...

In - the first, I will repeat - practically it is never impossible to give full-fledged advice in absentia. Do not take offense when in a drugstore, by phone or on the Internet the doctor refuses to give you the developed answer. One business when ask how to get rid of fleas or worms as it is correct to impart, feed, give to drink, to prepare for a trip, and quite another matter when at a forum, for example, you read: “My dog craps all day with blood. What to do?“ And the mass of councils from kind friends - forumites who, of course, too fans of animals, but have the same relation to veterinary science as I to the ballet... And the doctor - the moderator tries to remove all this nonsense and gives only right advice: run in clinic, it can be anything: from “olympic sweatshirt“ to a foreign matter, from an inflammation of okoloanalny glands to poisoning with rat poison!!! But is not present, forumites are dissatisfied, the doctor, bad at us, does not want to treat... Same history and vetapteka: “At you it is written - consultation of the veterinarian! Why you send me to clinic?!“

In - the second, if you have phone of clinic where your animal is treated, then in principle have to give you consultation in hours of its work at any time. If the doctor gave you the cellular or house number, please, do not abuse!!! Doctors are the same people! They have days off, holidays, they have families, friends, they visit, cinema and theaters, they as well as you, eat, sleep, are ill and even (I will reveal terrible secret) go to a toilet. Besides, your pet - not the only patient. Recently made me a complaint why I did not approach phone (the lady exasperating me within a month with calls on 5 - 6 times a day called). The explanation that I assist during operation (intra articulate a hip fracture), did not satisfy it. Not smaller indignation was caused also by the fact that after a week of communication with it I began to switch off phone for the night. And what to do? I am a living person too...

Well, and, at last, there is a wish to wish all of us mutual trust, patience and health - to both animals, and people!