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Both simply, and simply, and just sausages

of Sausage strongly entered a food allowance of each family. Despite abundance of products, both adults, and children give to sausages preference. But despite speed of preparation, there is a question: whether they are useful to small children?

Meat dishes are

a source of substances necessary for the person - proteins, calcium, iron and a number of vitamins which lack leads to lag in physical and intellectual development. However sausages are not the product identical to natural meat, they concede to it on a nutrition value and, besides, contain a number of additives, in particular preservatives.

All sausages classify

depending on a type of raw materials and technological processing: pork, beef, dairy though these designations, in fact, are only the commercial name as the raw materials in them are put, as a rule, mixed. Remains which so love pink fragrant sausages can give them since one and a half years one - two times a week. Only specialized children`s sausages which qualitatively differ from usual are recommended to kids. In children`s sausages all components are rigidly normalized - in them much less fats (in usual sausages the amount of fats fluctuates from 2/3 to a half), nitrates and table salt. Children`s products are strictly checked for existence of toxic elements, antibiotics and pesticides.

Now the Russian pediatricians suggest to include specially developed children`s grades of sausages which passed the hygienic examination in scientific research institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science in the menu of small children. At a product there has to be a mark that it is recommended for food of children of preschool age.

can be offered

of Sausage as an independent dish, and also with a garnish, it is the best of all from vegetables - vegetable marrows, potato, beet, carrots. And here it is better not to allow the combination to macaroni loved by all kids in order to avoid excessive carbohydrate loading. Also do not forget that before feeding the peanut with sausages, it is necessary to subject these products to heat treatment.

Krom of sausages, it is possible to enter into food of the child also children`s boiled sausages which on structure practically do not differ from sausages.

Strict limits by types of sausages are lifted by

from three-year age, nevertheless, experts recommend to transfer the child to adult sausages as it is possible later.

also some restrictions in consumption of this dish with certain categories of children Exist. However, they are usually ordered to the child by the doctor. So, for example, it is not necessary to include sausages in food of the kids inclined to obesity, allergic reactions which are not transferring excess of salt.

Sausages belong to perishable goods, and even if they are packed into a natural cover, the term of their validity does not exceed 72 hours. In vacuum Paro - and gas-tight packing this term increases till 10 days, and open do not leave some sausage more than 48 hours.

Despite high tastes of this popular product, and also convenience and speed in preparation, try to replace less often with sausages good natural meat dishes, they not only contain much more than the necessary and useful elements, but also are better acquired by a children`s organism.

Consultant: M. V. Kopytko, to. m of N,
research associate of Department of children`s
food of scientific research institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science.