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Dribble of amniotic waters

Violation of integrity of a fetal bubble and dribble of amniotic waters long before the estimated term of childbirth - dangerous complication of pregnancy which to reveal not always happens simply. Therefore in this case special methods of diagnostics quite often are required.

From the moment of fertilization of an ovum to birth of the new person there pass 9 months. During this time there is a formation of bodies and systems of future child, their growth and development, and also maturing and preparation for the birth, During this period the kid needs the help and protection. The nature took care of it. The maternal organism supplies it with all necessary, the fetoplatsentarny complex protects from various infectious agents. The fruit is surrounded with amniotic covers, or a fetal bubble which is also a barrier to penetration of infections, and during the first period of childbirth promotes disclosure of a neck of a uterus.

of Damage of a fetal bubble

One of covers of a fetal bubble (amnion) produces amniotic waters, or amniotic liquid. The amount of amniotic waters increases during pregnancy. Replenishment happens at the expense of liquid which propotevat from blood vessels of mother, and also fruit urine. In this environment the kid spends the entire period of pre-natal development.

K 38 - y to week the volume of amniotic waters makes about 1000 - 1500 ml, slightly decreasing to childbirth. Amniotic waters allow the kid to move easily and at the same time do this movement by less notable for his mother. Amniotic liquid protects the kid from external influences (possible bruises or pushes), and also protects a fruit, an umbilical cord and a placenta from a sdavleniye walls of a uterus and participates in a metabolism between mother and future child. The players of amniotic waters are also changed depending on the term of pregnancy and include a set of components: proteins, lipids and carbohydrates, phospholipids, oxygen and carbon dioxide, electrolytes, vitamins, various enzymes, hormones, the fibrillation factors, immunoglobulins, anti-genes corresponding to a fruit blood type. And in them there are pushkovy hair, the parts of first-born greasing lowered about epithelium scale skin, secrets of sebaceous glands of a fruit, fat droplet.

amniotic waters Are normal of

stream in the first period of childbirth when at the height of one from fights there is a rupture of a fetal bubble. However happens and so that integrity of fetal covers is broken ahead of time. Most often the inflammatory processes caused by various infections are the reason of it. Against an inflammation fetal covers become thinner and even at slight increase of a tone of a uterus can become torn. The damaged fetal bubble does not protect the kid from causative agents of infections any more. Also the rupture of fetal covers can lead to development of serious complications (for example, to premature birth).

the state when at damage of a fetal bubble of the expressed (massive) office there are no amniotic waters is Most dangerous by

, and there is only their insignificant dribble. Amniotic liquid is emitted gradually, literally on drops, and mixes up with a vagina secret. Amniotic waters transparent (sometimes rather turbid), colourless, have no smell. The pregnant woman can not notice it, especially if against inflammatory process of allocation already plentiful. But insignificant dribble of amniotic waters does not reduce risk of development of complications, and, on the contrary, increases danger. It is connected with what from the moment of violation of integrity of fetal covers before detection of this pathology can pass enough time.

How to be in that case? How to learn that protection of the kid is broken?

Types of diagnostics

As always during pregnancy, at emergence of any guarding symptoms it is necessary to address the observing gynecologist. And as soon as possible. Especially if allocations from a genital tract appeared, the quantity or nature of already available allocations changed. But, unfortunately, and the doctor can not always notice that there was a rupture of a fetal bubble.

I here to the aid of the obstetrician - the gynecologist and future mother laboratory researches come. There are methods which allow to diagnose the damage of fetal covers which is followed by dribble of amniotic waters. The purpose of these researches - to find the elements which are a part of amniotic waters in the studied material.


Sometimes conduct cytologic research of allocations from a vagina. Material undertakes from the back arch of a vagina and is applied on subject glass. It is painted in laboratories by means of a special method and estimated under a microscope. As a result of the analysis cages of various coloring sometimes are found, it can be the torn-away cells of skin, uric and genitals of a fruit. These signs authentically demonstrate damage of a fetal bubble.

in One more way of definition of amniotic waters in separated from a vagina is definition of a symptom of a fern, or arborization phenomenon. In this case doctors say to the patient that dab on an arborization undertakes. The phenomenon of a fern is based on ability of cervical slime when drying to form crystals. Change of the physicist - chemical properties of slime under the influence of the hormones which are contained in amniotic waters is the reason of crystallization. Separated from a vagina put, on subject glass and dry up, make an assessment of crystallization at microscopy under small increase. At dribble of amniotic waters on glass the drawing similar to fern leaves is visible.


However even more often apply now the test (amnitest) for which carrying out is not required special laboratory conditions. It is carried out in obstetrical establishments, directly during survey of the patient. The principle of research consists in detection of substance of which it is normal practically is not present in contents of a vaginal secret, but it is a lot of in amniotic liquid, - placentary an alpha - 1 - microglobulin. Enter a special tampon which absorbs allocations into a vagina. Then the tampon is lowered in a test tube with substance which brings allocations out of a tampon in solution. After that the test strip falls to a test tube. If there is a control strip, so at the studied material there is placentary an alpha - 1 - microglobulin. It is the evidence of violation of integrity of fetal covers.

At identification of a rupture of a fetal bubble future mother is hospitalized surely. Depending on the pregnancy term in which there was a violation of covers, from some other factors doctors define tactics - solve whether to carry out the treatment directed to pregnancy continuation or to initiate patrimonial activity.