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The book world of

All kids spoil books - paint them, tear, but why? Not for harm, believe. They want to understand what is before them. Let`s glance more deeply than what is on a surface, and we will try to look at the events with the child`s eyes.

Leave the mark

One parents, trying to explain love of the kid to painting of books, speak: he at us still silly also does not understand that he spoils the book. And others, on the contrary, consider that the child behaves outrageously because children in general are inclined to bad behavior and they should be brought up. However actually neither those, nor others are right in this case. According to psychologists, behind the seeming destruction of the book there is an act of creation of own work that is very important from the point of view of development of the baby. These are, of course, the first first attempts at writing, test of as the illustrator and even the writer. The kid “scribbles“ (we will tell with great respect - “draws“) and looks - compares with printed in the book what turned out as a result? It seems to the adult that nothing leaves, to be exact, there is a full disgrace - damage of books.

But the child sees a situation a little differently. In - the first, thus he begins to realize that can leave the mark in the book. For it this big opening, usually it occurs in 1 - 2 years, giving a free hand to future artist or the writer. Answer to the question “What Can It?“ there will be all the subsequent creative (drawing, literary and other) activity of the kid - the teenager - the adult. The adult at once is eager for result - a beautiful picture, or correct, from his point of view, drawing. But in this case parents need to learn patience because only the respect and a reverent attitude to process of creativity of the beloved child will allow to receive good result.

Part and whole

Not less informative process for the kid - to glue the broken-off book. Allow it to help you with it and you remember that to you first of all not the result - the whole book, and process of knowledge by the child of connection of parts in whole is important. It is optional to stick together all book entirely - usually for it the kid does not have enough patience. Also be not upset if it tears it again, this present manual, and your child on it studies, becoming every day it is cleverer and cleverer!

It is very frequent, “scribbling“ in books, children sketch or cross out faces of some heroes. Most likely, thus they make a protest. Perhaps, these fairy tale characters just are not pleasant to them, they want to change them, or at all to clean from the fairy tale? The following step in creativity book “kalyak“ is a redoing of already existing fairy tale, inventing of own stories on the basis of book. And it is very important and obligatory stage of creative development of the child too.

It “is possible“ for

and it “is impossible“

Behind the seeming destruction of the book there is an act of creation of own work that is very important from the point of view of development of the child.
you Remember

also that in any business along with creativity there is also a need for restrictions. Explain to the kid that not all books can be painted. Believe, even the one-year-old child will understand you. The main thing, correctly and available to explain everything. Seeing that the baby “scribbles“ where it is not necessary, do not abuse it, and just tell what here should not be drawn as this book is very expensive to you, it beautiful, etc. And surely offer it something in exchange (for example, the book - a coloring or an empty sheet of paper). It is also possible to buy several books especially for these purposes - thin, in soft covers, inexpensive. It is possible even to put them in the certain place and to explain to the kid their appointment. If any book from what you do not allow to paint the baby everything is will try to ornament and will be upset from - for the fact that you do not allow it to do it, concede - means, in it there is something important for development of its creative beginning. However, children`s requirements should not be way of manipulation with adults. If tears and scenes repeat often, most likely, it is not concrete to the book, and just the kid endures crisis in the relations with parents. In this case it will be better to address for internal consultation the psychologist.

the Manual

do not throw out the broken-off book, put it in the special place available to the kid. It will be interesting to it to study anew fruits of the works next day.

New opening

Why the kid tears books? Thus he learns properties of paper. All children aged from 6 months to 1,5 years endure process of hobby for a breaking of paper production. At this age to them practically all the same that is represented on it, thus they study only properties which are possessed by paper. Learn in practice as it is rumpled and torn in hands - when it is easy and when hardly; with what sound what form there are torn-off parts. It is important for development of sense organs - sight, touch, hearing, sense of smell and even taste. Do not swear if saw that the kid tears something valuable to you. Instead provide it material: usual paper or the newspaper, a cardboard of different density or color paper with which it can do anything. Explain to the baby at the same time that you do not want that it tore a thing necessary to you and that in exchange you give it another.

to Rule the world

of the Book should be protected. But also the kid should learn to learn the world... Look for compromise options!

Breaking off paper, the child begins to realize that he can break its integrity, and this opening very much captures him: in the beginning the subject was one, and it, the kid, made of it something another. The baby learns about the force to change surrounding objects, to influence them. Besides, breaking off paper with drawing on it, that is the book, the child sees that it is possible to break integrity of the picture and even the whole history. All these opening happen usually at the age of 1,5 years. Thus, the kid learns too about the ability to change world around. Besides, it develops the intelligence: it forms such logical ability as the analysis - ability to divide whole into parts and idea that it in general is possible. On the basis of such division such game as puzzles, but for the present to the baby before collecting of puzzles far therefore the knowledge of surrounding space happens to the help of make-shifts is created.