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Sex in words and sounds of

Sex is not only the movements, feelings and emotions, it still words and sounds. And this “voice“ part has not the last value for process.

we Will begin

just with a soundtrack. That is from those shouts, groans, whisper and aspirations with which the sexual act is surely allocated on a screen.

In life this maintenance not always has so pronounced character and is not need. Nevertheless, in sex such maintenance carries out several main functions.

Expression of sincere feelings and states. “We with the husband in a bed well are just very loud, - the girlfriend admitted to me somehow. - We were lucky that both of us have a need in „ voice “ expression of feelings“.

I it is valid, a soundtrack for many couples - the main means of manifestation of pleasure. Than shouts - that it as if stronger are louder.

Demonstration of pleasure, excitement of the partner. It is possible, not all feel direct requirement to shout and groan - here all individually. Nevertheless, sometimes the rule of imitation - a time partial, and at times and complete comes into force. And sounds are used or properly to inflame the partner or to give him pleasure demonstration of power of the pleasure. By the way, once she is my acquaintance differing in big sexual clamorousness (I involuntarily learned about this its quality, spending the night several times at it at the dacha - the girl did not get used to restrain), admitted heart-to-heart talk that makes loud sounds not because feels in it need, and first of all to make pleasant to the beloved. Of course, various sounds for women - the best way to show an orgasm. By the way, those who can imitate often an orgasm first of all use this way as most “obvious“. But shout do not shout, and to business you will not help these. If imitation of an orgasm - permanent process, it is worth understanding a problem together with the partner.

we will pass

to a thing of more “linguistic“ Now, namely to bed speeches. The last can be divided on a little emotionally - semantic groups.

Gentle. That is just gentle. The partner and separate parts of his body is given the most tender words, in many cases with active use of diminutive suffixes. Here such words as “hare“, “sun“, “a neck - an ear“, “my dear“ and so on are distributed. Tenderness for sex - a thing necessary, but for some in tenderness is purely not enough of one. And then other speeches come into force absolutely.

It is passionate - brutal. All here on the verge of tenderness and roughness. I remember the remarkable phrase of one my “former“:“ And now I will raze to the ground you“. That is in this case tenderness is combined with something destructive and fascinating. And it is quite capable to excite!

It is passionate - rough. Strangely enough, but in true excitement of many quote “rough“, including from the category of an offensive language. That is some feel real need for that processes and parts of a body were called the “indecent“, so to say, names.

Romantically - abstract. I Had once one beloved who in a bed liked to read Nikolai Gumiljow`s verses and to sing Bulat Okudzhava`s songs. Certainly, not during process, and to or later.

By the way, a similar delicacy gives to joint stay in a bed certain romantically - culturological - the refined atmosphere. Though sometimes it is a little ridiculous.

A here those types of bed speeches which can be carried sometimes and inappropriate character.

Commenting. in the world people whom it is possible to call typical bed commentators Are. Parallel “verbal“ maintenance in such cases can continue during all act. Told me about one girl liking to accompany sex with comments in the spirit of: “Now it is pleasant to me... Yes, you dvizhtsya in a right direction...“. I knew and the man liking to question: “It is pleasant to you when I and so move... there in you?“ . No, discussion of the events in itself is not bad, but if it is importunate and constant - it strongly tires and irritates.

of Napravlyayushche - imperative. This type of bed speeches is partly crossed with previous unless the emphasis is placed on management of actions of the partner here. There are girls who are capable to instruct in the spirit of “Move more actively, so, and now is three centimeters more left“ and so on. Actually, similar speeches are capable to force down fine the second half from a rhythm and to distract strongly from process. Besides, such phrases turn sex into the programmed process.

Abstractedly - inappropriate. speeches about whitewashing of a ceiling (we will remember the known bearded joke) or about a football match concern To those. Due to the last I always remember the case told somehow by the girlfriend: at peak of pleasure her beloved of that time suddenly hushfully exclaimed:“ No, well as ours - that blew a match yesterday!“. The girlfriend also did not know, whether to cry her, whether to laugh.

Lack of speeches. Expression “silence - gold“ is not absolutely pertinent in case of the sexual relations. Because it is boring and uninteresting. Therefore - say! But only... Generally, see above.