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Clothes for children. Useful tips of

At all times very great value not only as to a way to be protected from cold, but also as to necessary attribute of the status, beauty, expression of emotions and traits of character was attached to clothes. For this reason it is very important to dress the kid since the birth in clothes which are specially intended for this or that case. So the child has an opportunity to develop physically and intellectually, and over time he will learn to express own identity.


what it is worth paying attention at the choice of clothes for the newborn to?

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Small children

in process of increase in physical activity of the kid also wear resistance of his clothes has to increase. to the Kid it is difficult for p to move

handles and legs if on it too close or, on the contrary, free clothes in which the child can get confused. It is the best of all to choose fabrics from natural materials, 100% of cotton or with addition of polyester and acryle. Natural wool can cause an allergy, and cashmere, despite its softness, it is impossible to erase often that is absolutely impractical.

In a winter season to the child under clothes for walks directly can put on a romper suit diapers or baud, tights (including to boys), trousers or a skirt, a cardigan or a jumper. In summertime skin of the kid is recommended to be protected from the sun fine cotton fabric.

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Children are more senior than

Growing up, children become more and more active therefore they need such clothes which will not constrain movements, will allow them to creep and run and which you will manage to wash without problems, and then it is easy to put on the child and to remove from it, accustoming to put on independently.

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Preschool children

This phase of development of the child logically follows from previous, but now the child needs to study bigger independence by preparation for school: it has to be able to put on, shoes on and go to a toilet independently. The clothes also should be chosen taking into account this tendency.

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we Dress up!

Collection of elegant clothes and accessories for holidays and fancy-dress children`s morning performances (silk scarfs, hats, wings of the fairy, sheriff`s badge, etc.) not only promotes development of imagination in children, but also teaches them to clasp buttons and lightnings.


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