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Without the right for an error of

Cosmetics for men, as a rule, buy... women. Having only fully understood man`s logic, it is possible to avoid annoying misses and fatal flaws at the choice of a gift.

Sacramental question of February: “What to present to the man of the dream?“ does not avoid any woman. All want attention and care! And if in the friend your stock of mugs with amusing inscriptions and touching pictures, alas, ran low, that time is more attentive to look narrowly to cosmetic to a counter.

Time - money!

For a long time for anybody not a secret that the cosmetics for men is not settled by toilet water and shaving foam. However means of daily hygienic leaving - to foams, after shave lotions, shower gels and deodorants by right possess a palm. So practical gifts always appear “to the place“. However and there are subtleties. For example, doing such purchases, you remember that modern hidalgos very much appreciate time. Therefore your elect will be infinitely grateful if on his shelf the place of honor is taken by multipurpose products. Shampoo, balm and shower gel quite can get on rolled into one, and aftershaves to turn into the moistening leaving or antistress therapy.

It is extremely simple

Modern gentlemen do not differ in patience and endurance. It is an axiom. Their requirements to conditioning agents behind skin are very concrete. Man`s beauty - preparations have to be simple in use, bring fast result and not to be sticky and lusciously at all - fragrant. From these postulates, but not it is necessary to proceed from the deep cosmetology knowledge, looking after the moistening fluid or anti-aging cream for the knight. Forget at least for a while about a set of seductive jars, ampoules and sprays. Long intermediate stages and multistage rituals do not interest men in principle! It is possible to strike off the list of pleasures also safely aromatic candles, petals of roses and pleasant music. Everything has to be very accurate and clear. One, well, well, two station wagons which are quickly absorbed and do not leave a greasy luster, are quite capable to provide to skin a fresh complexion and eternal youth.

Out of age

Male skin grows old more slowly, than female. Of course, it is possible to see in it evil intention and inexcusable insidiousness, but It is necessary to tell that this “injustice“ has quite objective reasons. Everything can be explained with physiological features of a structure of skin. At a strong half of mankind it more dense, elastic and elastic, better holding moisture and differing in a large number of sebaceous glands. From here and specifics of the problems requiring the solution. That is why today practically all cosmetic companies which have man`s lines are developed and let out preparations of daily anti-aging care in life.

I some more words about the speed of action of preparations. It has to blow the mind! If on a label it is written “Conduct 5 courses within 5 years“, then immediately put cream aside and look for something more quickly.

All at elections!


was considered Earlier that aroma needs to be chosen “for ages“. Today the situation was changed radically. On a dressing table of the “average“ European there are six different bottles. Depending on mood, a season and days modern machoes choose special smells. Today the market of man`s perfumery leads not less rich life, than the market of female aromas. Loud prime ministers, star images, status names - all this is capable to melt even the hearts, most avaricious on emotion. However upon purchase of new toilet water most of men rely not on the sense of smell, and on the... hearing! Consultants describe type of character for which this or that composition is intended, and selflessly draw colourful images, and ours “the fascinated wanderers“ immediately associate themselves with fictional brutal heroes. That is why skilled sellers claim that if the man uses successfully picked up perfume, then it is practically always a merit of his woman. Presently division into men`s and female fragrances is very conditional. The border between them becomes more and more indistinct. But as a starting point it is possible to consider that the first are mainly constructed on flower and yagodno - fruit notes, and the second are based on wood and ferny chords. And still, choosing perfume for darling, it is necessary to proceed from his real temperament, a habitual way of life and traditional preferences. As for the unrestrained energy so peculiar to the stronger sex and tending to develop into the temperamental phrase:“ Give me cologne which strongly smells!“, here it is possible not to worry. Perfumery cocktails for a strong half of mankind from time immemorial are issued more resistant and saturated.

I, please, do not treat the choice of a gift too seriously. Even if you were mistaken a little, at you in a stock always is... mug!