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Air which we breathe

With the birth of the kid we are set by a set of questions which help to answer on most important: how to grow up the healthy child? To find the answer, we will begin with the simplest - we will talk about what we breathe. whether

Really kids are more sensitive

to external conditions, than adults?

Truth. Children sensitively react to what occurs around, so, and on quality of air which breathe. The atmosphere of big cities affects their health not in the best way: many children have problems with respiratory system (from frequent bronchitis to bronchial asthma). Their lungs just do not maintain an impact of exhaust gases of cars! To protect kids from action of the adverse environment very important also because their respiratory system did not ripen yet, it only develops. If for any reasons (for example, from - for diseases) natural process is broken, lungs will not be able to be restored completely then. For descriptive reasons we will give an example: lungs of the adult consist of 300 - 600 million alveoluses, and the newborn has their only 25 - 30 million. whether

the Truth that in the summer in the city it is breathed more difficultly?

Strangely enough, it so. the stream of cars, and concentration of harmful microparticles which throw out engines in air Increases, raises. In windy and rainy weather the substances polluting the atmosphere are sprayed, diluted with a rain, and their concentration decreases. And it becomes more difficult for us to transfer habitual conditions which were not so noticeable from earlier - for wind and a rain to hot day. By the way, summer “sweating room“ - one of the reasons for which experts advise to take away kids for the summer from the city.

Air is in the country purer than

, than in the city?

In most cases and. Concentration of harmful elements which throw out cars in air, in the country much lower. Though, of course, everything depends on the district in which you live. For example, if the kid has an allergy to pollen and you live very far from the road, it will be shown only by symptoms of a pollinoz: cold, conjunctivitis and small difficulties of breath. But if you live near the highway, these symptoms will become aggravated. Besides, air pollution by automobile exhausts strengthens effect of other harmful substances, namely infectious activators, such as the viruses affecting airways and allergens. Therefore, life in the country does not protect kids for all 100% of action of harmful atmospheric factors. To learn whether the ecology of the space surrounding you is safe, inquire. There is a set of the organizations which are engaged in testing of environment.

Turns out what the most clean air - in the house?

Is not present

, it not so. In our apartments there “live“ allergens too. To protect kids, you should not get dogs, cats and birds, declare war to cockroaches, domestic ticks (they are not visible to an eye and live in house dust), a mold and other irritants. Strong smells, organic solvents, phenol vapors from synthetic furniture panels affect health of kids not in the best way too. Strongly pollutes air and naked flame (first of all kitchen gas stoves), especially if you forget to air the apartment. As shows experience, kids who live in apartments with gas stoves, have diseases of respiratory organs and cold more often. whether

air in the house Becomes better than

if more often to air rooms?

Quite so. do not live locked up, the apartment or the house it is necessary to air not less than one - two times a day. Allergens and viruses in air after that will remain much less. Of course, having opened windows, you let in the house air from the street, but in it there is no trouble: inside you inhale the same air plus house pollutants.

Not too clean air influences only lungs of kids?

Lie. Adverse external conditions break the natural mechanism of adaptation and regulation of an organism of kids, the immune system begins to glitch. Besides, as it became known, in such conditions at kids conjunctivitis can begin (by the way, it concerns not only kids). On symptoms this conjunctivitis is similar on allergic, but actually their emergence directly depends on effect of ozone and ultraviolet rays. And it, unfortunately, on everything: harmful substances which are airborne weaken immunity, and children often catch a cold. Other problem of city kids: irritation of skin, to be exact, atopic dermatitis.

Composition of air - the allergy reason at kids?

It not absolutely so. the Allergy develops if the kid has a predisposition: adverse external conditions only strengthen it, and “the allergen passing by“ starts the mechanism. The elements polluting air do not cause, and provoke an allergy.

In Russia among atmospheric pollyutant sulphurous gas and large dust particles which irritate airways prevail and cause in kids nazofaringit, a SARS, bronchitis. whether

the Truth that new diesel models of cars pollute air much less?

Yes and no. Diesel engines nevertheless throw out 65% of harmful flying particles in air! Components of this dust cause irritation of the lower airways in kids, can break gas exchange in lungs and supply with oxygen of body tissues. Nitrogen oxides, ozone and flying organic components, such as benzene (petrolpyrene) are added to microparticles. Reduction of number of cars and a conclusion of the industrial enterprises for city boundaries, than improvement of engines will help to reduce air pollution rather. whether

needs to be known, air around us is how pure?


It is obligatory. This information will help parents and doctors to prevent possible problems. The polluted air does not affect health of kids constantly, concentration of harmful elements and time of their action matters. Researchers of influence of adverse conditions on children found out that it is even enough not too strong increase in pollution that in 2 - 3 days kids had symptoms of defeat of respiratory organs. Therefore at those moments when concentration of harmful substances becomes high, it is desirable to observe precautionary measures. For example, we know that dangerous elements accumulate generally at the Earth`s surface, and it means that it is better to postpone walk with the kid for some time. If all of you decided to go to the street, try to occupy it with not too active games. whether

the Truth that during walk kids need protection?

Truth. it is better for b to Walk with the kid far away from roads, the enterprises and not in the closed space at all (for example, not in the yard - “well“). Concentration of harmful substances in air sharply decreases if to depart from the road on 50 m. We already said that dangerous substances accumulate at the earth therefore the baby carriage, the less harmful substances will be higher the kid will inhale. Besides, the awning over a carriage will not prevent. It is curious that thirty years ago when the level of pollution was much lower, children were shirked only in high carriages with the closed top.

passive smoking Does harm to the kid?

Quite so. the Tobacco smoke very badly influences work of lungs, and it concerns not only to smokers! Children who inhale a tobacco smoke have cold three times more often and have problems with respiratory organs. whether

the vaccine against action of harmful elements which are inhaled by children Exists?

in essence and. However, created it for those kids who already had diseases. The first asthma vaccine is just tested on asthmatics and allergic persons in France. 20% of adults and about 80% of children participated in research. Unfortunately, the vaccine is not universal, it will help with fight against certain, most widespread allergens. Of course, experts would like to prevent an adverse effect of the polluting substances, but means which could help in this case, does not exist yet. It means that only his parents can protect the kid, they choose in what environment he will live and grow.

the Hardening does

kids stronger and they are ill less often?

It so. Not only the hardening, but also gymnastics, massage, breathing exercises are very useful to children. These occupations strengthen immunity and help an organism of kids to adapt to external conditions correctly. As for children who have diseases of respiratory system, they are engaged according to special programs. There are children`s schools of breath or asthma - schools where kids go together with parents.

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