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We do wonderful Valentine`s Day cards together with kids of

the lovely and ridiculous a few holiday which sources to very few people are known Comes and are not of already great importance. But it is a lawful occasion to express the sympathy, friendly or related feelings innocently.

Ya I like to please friends, the family, acquaintances and neighbors with small surprises. And when my little Nata can take nearly three years full part in production them, by all means I will use it.

So, process is pleasant, easy, but tightens.

we Take

a color dense cardboard of bright color. We lead round a children`s hand. If to cut out fingers more thinly, there will be a glamour raid, is thicker - we will tell children`s naivety. We cut out (or children) a heart of a contrast color from any improvised material - a cardboard, the white crackling piece of paper from box of chocolates, felt, a leather substitute. We paste from above as there is a wish. It is carried out too by children. The third layer it is possible to place ornament - a bead, a pompon, a bow, a cockleshell, a button, a plaster floret, heart from the salty test - everything that there will be suitable. We stick together paper PVA glue, fluffy details, metal - instant second. It is necessary to consider that with it only adults and in the aired room work. If in the house there is a decorative glue with spangles, beautiful felt-tip pens or an acrylic contour (in our case bronze for ceramics), then they can finish drawing fantastic patterns.

the Valentine`s Day card for the grandmother can be in the form of a fan from palms of all grandsons and children, for the girl - a contrast color two hands (for example, crimson with black), a plumelet and spangles from above. Black with brightly - yellow looks more rapaciously. And we did not have paper with the Scottish cage yet... In a word, it is possible to embody any ideas on pleasure each other! In the same way it is possible to make out cards. Hands can be in the flowers, wings, the sun or something else nobody thought up.

K to us girls - Ania and Sonya of one and a half came five years. The sleepyhead on tendency of character acted as the viewer, and here Ania showed a remarkable ingenuity and made the bird who opened wings from hands. On a breast it is dense - a crimson bird there was a heart from white paper.

I always sign with

On a reverse side a Valentine`s Day card. Gentle and warm words are necessary for all.

of Happy minutes to you and your kids!

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