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Ridiculous fairy tales

I Want to tell the fairy tale which came to me recently to mind when I stacked the five-year-old son. To a laughter there was a sea, likely, from unexpectedness of turn of a well-known plot. And so it is pleasant to me when my kid laughs! I since its birth itself think out to it fairy tales. Well-known plainly it is impossible to tell to me, but spontaneously thought up - easily. Well and so. This fairy tale about Kolobok, only in a different way.

everything Begins

as usual.

Once upon a time there were grandfather and the woman. To them it became sad without kids. They decided to bake Kolobok to themselves on pleasure. Pomel the grandfather on corn bins. The grandma kneaded dough and baked ruddy Kolobok in an oven. Put it on a plate on a window to cool down. It became boring for Kolobok. He jumped out of a window and swept on a path. Slides to itself slides. Thinks:“ Now here from - for that Zaink`s kustochka will seem. Will ask who I am such. And I to it will sing a song that on corn bins I meten and in an oven am put off and ruddy pechen. And the Hare - that will want to eat me, and I will escape from him“. Kolobok yes slides slides, and nobody on a meeting runs out. It appears, the Hare - that went to other tale, about “Teremok“ today. There is no time it. Kolobok sighed and further swept. Thinks: “It`s all right, but now the Wolf will meet me, too will want to eat, and I will outwit him and I will escape!“ Only slides yes slides, and the Wolf is not visible too.

Grey - that left to watch for the Little Red Riding Hood. There more catch will be - the whole basket of pies yes the grandmother tolstenky. Eh! Again Kolobok was not lucky! There is nobody songs to sing. Felt depressed to it. Well it is fine, it swept further. Still the Bear remained also the Fox. On Mishka it will come off! To slide further, to slide. To its den it was driven. And there is nobody, the lock freezes up. Potapych on a visit left, to three bears. They called, told that by an o`clock - that Alyonushka has to approach, just by a lunch. Will go into a feast! Oh, Kolobok is not lucky today! It is necessary was at home to sit and to watch animated cartoons! Slides further on a footpath. Looks out for a fox. Only useless this occupation. Patrikeevn`s fox on shops went new to look after to herself a fur coat. Did not work up appetite yet. With despair Kolobok climbed up on penek and watered slezk. And under penky the Hedgehog slept in a grass. He tears kolobkovy woke up. Asks:“ What you grieve, Kolobok?“ “Yes here, - Kolobok answers, - nobody wants to listen and eat my wonderful song me. All have no time!“ The hedgehog listened to it and speaks: “Do not mourn! Let`s go to me to drink tea with strawberry jam!“ Kolobok cheered up, and they swept to the Hedgehog tea to drink!

P. S. There is such tale!


After this at us began the whole series of ridiculous fairy tales. And the son tries to change in own way well-known fairy tales too and every time laughs loudly.