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there Passed nearly 4 years, and I cannot still forget our acquaintance to Lena. Fleeting crossing of courses of life, foreign to me person, foreign destiny and others pain. But this history became forever part of my personal history. And it is not just sentimentality, it something much bigger.

during pregnancy I always had an elevated pressure, doctors put a hypertension. Then to me was 41, and it was the first pregnancy. In general, everything passed normally, but the doctor decided to make secure and put me in cardiological office at maternity hospital. So it turned out that in chamber I remained one, all were povypisyvat.

Took a walk in a corridor, I come into chamber and I see the new girl sitting on a bed. The first that was evident, is that, greeting, she looked kudato - by me. I greeted and sat down on the bed. I try to make out imperceptibly the girl and I understand that she is blind!

the Neigbour the first asks

a question:

- What is your name?

- Natalya - I answer.

- I on your voice understood at once that your name will be by all means Natalya.

Ya in confusion. Having asked standard questions at acquaintance, I learn that the girl is called Lena, she is 27 years old and it has 7 weeks of pregnancy.

I Take

the mobile phone and I call home.

- you have phone of “Siemens“?

- Yes. And how you guessed?

- I can determine many brands of phones by a sound of clicks. Each phone has the unique sound.

I am surprised to

Ya again. At the request of Lena I once saw it to a toilet, a bathroom. Then she found the road, being guided by hearing and a smell.

As always happens at receipt, in chamber the attending physician managing office obstetricians ran and it is a lot more doctors. It seemed to me it is strange. I begin to listen to conversation. Lena was born the able to see child, but after an illness in the first months of life lost sight. Further - it is even more tragic. After the traumatized head of Lena epilepsy attacks began. All next years it had to accept very strong psychotropic drugs every day. About any pregnancy there could not be also a speech.

All being present doctors convinced the girl to interrupt pregnancy. The child will be born with heavy defects unambiguously - from - for the effect of drugs. Mothers will not leave it. For the child - the disabled person serious leaving is required, and Lena itself needed leaving. Under any laws of mother would not alienate the newborn, at once would send to the house of children - disabled people. And, eventually, Lena could die while giving birth, all from - for the same epilepsy. Doctors adduced such terrible arguments that at me hair moved, and she very fondly repeated that she wants to give birth to the child! You do not represent what feelings gushed over me! Hatred to the unfortunate girl and irritation. Really she does not understand what future is going to prepare for yet not been born child from - for the whim: I want to have the child, a doll. Healthy - that mothers seriously approach a question of conception and incubation of pregnancy. And here it! Doctors with arrangements resorted all day. By the evening my head absolutely swelled, I was overflowed by emotions. The fears was not particularly how many. Some of doctors whom I had to face for all pregnancy somehow very cruelly, in vain and tactlessly frightened me by the birth of the defective child from - for age. I asked to transfer me to other chamber, but for some reason remained with Lena.

Lenina mother came Next day. She seemed me very tired, tortured by problems woman. Same arrangements, arguments. But all is vain. And left with anything. To avoid silence and emptiness in chamber, I begin on slightly - to slightly come into contact with the neigbour. After quieter communication I see, that Lena is very intelligent the girl, widely-read, loves and feels music. It becomes interesting to talk to it. We approached a little. To me was too that interesting to tell it. Life experience rather big. My irritation to it ceased a little.

Day went behind day, the decision of Lena did not change. And here the manager of office addressed me:

- Natalya, at us is to you a big request. We hope for your wisdom and a step. Try to talk to Lena and to convince it to interrupt pregnancy. The alternative cannot be. We in the answer for the girl and for her future child. And the outcome is known. It is necessary to avoid the new tragedy.

Mother of Lena addressed to me with the same request too. It left every day with tears. Most of all she was afraid to lose the daughter!

- My God! Well, why to me others problems, - I thought.

Having waited for evening when hospital vanity gradually settled, and everything prepared for a dream, I very carefully began conversation.

- Lenochka, you are a clever and serious girl, and you understand all...

does not want to retell all conversation, the sense is already clear. I tried to lick very softly into Leniny shape that to the child it will be very bad without mother in the house of the baby; that Lenina mother very much is afraid for the daughter`s life.

- Think what will be with mother if something happens to you? She will not worry. Your baby is absent yet, and it already has you.

Lena was silent, it was hung. And then said in low tones:

- But I want to have something human, normal too. I very much want to raise the baby. And it turns out that ahead only emptiness.

here in me something clicked

I. All emotions turned in other party. I left chamber and long cried at a window. My God! Yes any woman who carries the child under heart will understand it.

Ya did not sleep all night long. - it was not difficult to guess that Lena does not sleep. In the morning she sat on a bed quiet and some released. The whole consultation as always came to morning round to it.

- I agree, - all this that she told them.

Doctors looked at

on me. The mountain fell down from their shoulders.

this day me was written out. But on Monday morning I had to arrive to hospital behind documents. I was quietly included into chamber. Lena still slept after an anesthesia, mother sat next.

- Thank God, all passed normally. Thank you.

Yes I did not want to listen to this gratitude.

Ya went to the bus-stop and roared. Cried in the subway. Could not constrain got down still long time after our meeting with the girl Lena. Than I can help it!? Frankly speaking, it became for me test. I overestimated everything that happened to me in life. This meeting helped me to understand that such happiness on the example of foreign misfortune. It is necessary to appreciate on the present what is given you from above. Here also it turned out so that I will never be able to forget Lena.