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Passion to steal

attraction Force

before a lesson Katya showed to schoolmates the new handle which the father brought it from business trip, - a real miracle of the office industry. Children in turn tested a beam - a pointer on its end.

the handle in a case did not appear

But when the girl wanted to blow the mind of girlfriends from a parallel class on “after-school club“. Katya several times examined all offices of a backpack, glanced under chairs and school desks, even ran to the dining room though it was sure that she did not take with herself any things for breakfast. The father`s gift was not anywhere. What Katino surprise when next day she saw the handle at the schoolmate was.

- Nastya as it is great that you found it! I searched all class yesterday! - Katya ran up to the girlfriend and gave a hand in hope to return the thing. But Nastya was not going to give the handle:

- It yesterday mother bought me. I told it about your handle, and we came into shop in the evening.

Katya became puzzled Of such bald lie. On the handle the emblem of the London hotel in which the father staid was represented, and such handle could not be on sale in usual shop. Katya tried to tell about this Crust, but the schoolmate sharply tore off her:

- you do not believe? Ask my mother!

to Talk to Nastiny mother Katya was afraid. And to complain to own parents who on the eve of theft dissuaded the daughter to bear a bright souvenir in school, it was awkward. It was necessary to leave to the girl a father`s gift.

Appropriating to

someone else`s handles, rulers and other “trifles“, children not always consider the act as theft. Without having managed to cope with desire to possess a bright bagatelle, they seek “to legalize“ a stolen property, thinking out a likely story of its origin.

the little pilferer creates two legends: one for the true owner of a thing, and another - for the parents. To convict the child of theft, it is enough to compare these versions. Unfortunately, parents of the children liking to appropriate others, not always

pay attention to the new toys or a stationery which are periodically appearing at them.

the indifference of mothers and fathers to the “found“ or “presented“ things creates feeling of insignificance of deeds at the child. However respect for property of other people - the matter of principle, and borders ““ and “others“ should not change depending on cost and the size of a subject.


with the child of feeling of the one who lost the thing, suggesting to present itself on the place of the victim, you will save the child from theft commission.

Crime or punishment?

Coming back home

together with mother, Nikita saw the neighbour`s boy Dima riding the new bicycle near an entrance. He was two years more senior and studied in the fifth grade, but Nikita had no respect for it, on the contrary lifted up at each opportunity.

how many time from - for it mother was caused in school, and in a director`s office boys voluntarily - forcibly shook each other hands, confirming intention to stop hostility! Nevertheless, in several days there was a new conflict.

- Look at

- your “friend“ rides! - mother noticed Dima too. - Recently his father bought the new car, and then, probably, decided also a gift to give the sonny. And from where people have so much money?

to Nikita had to visit Next day a director`s office again. At Dima sneakers were gone, and the suspicion fell on his old “enemy“. Without having sustained pressure of adults, the boy admitted that he really took sneakers.

he called

as the theft reason desire to play a trick on Dima, having adduced the following argument in the justification:

- Let does not brag of the things!

Nikita claimed that he was not going to wear others sneakers, and showed the place where hid them, - behind the battery in a locker room.

Some children choose by

theft as a way of punishment of the offender. Believing that other child is unworthy to possess this or that thing, the pilferer dispossesses him.

of the Hand grabby

statistically, thefts make okolo60% of all school incidents. 10% are the share of extortion, other 30% - on fights. Among the stolen things mobile phones, on the second place - school supplies, on the third - articles of clothing are in the lead.

Theft can be a peculiar revenge, in that case the young pickpocket chooses that thing which the victim most of all values. Disapproving statements of parents to more successful and wealthy people can be perceived by children as “to plunder secret permission stolen“.

not to warm up envy in the child, it should not hold up as an example other children and to focus attention on the available social distinctions. It is important to teach the school student to be proud of professions of parents, to appreciate what he has, and then others things will become for him less attractive.

the Dangerous zone

When after training on sambo Egor got phone to call mother, his friends puzzly exchanged glances. Several days ago the boy had a bright and modern mobile phone, and now he held the bulky device of ten-year prescription in hand. It turned out that recently cell phones therefore parents asked it not to tease thieves expensive thing began to vanish in Egor`s school at pupils regularly and got somewhere old model.

Friends sympathized with the boy and shared in reply the stories about school thefts. Denis told about loss of a new jacket, stole a case from Anton, and the Ear ring had to say goodbye already to two mobile phones.

What measures parents should take to protect the child from attention of school pilferers? Really it is necessary to dress the child in something not striking and to buy to it the cheapest educational accessories?

I at last how to teach the school student to build the harmonious relations with peers if he does not trust them, for a minute without forgetting that someone from them can be a thief?

First of all, show to the child own example: you should not treat the school students convicted of theft as to the finished criminals. As it was already told above, motives of children`s thefts much more deeply and is more diverse, than simple thirst of a profit.

since the time of Makarenko knows to

: charging to the dishonest boy responsible purchase, it is possible to count that he will try to justify trust. Abusing the one who pulled down some thing at the child, you only promote emergence in the pilferer of a bigger embitternment and desire to break laws and the principles. Manifestation of sincere participation and interest in those circumstances which forced the school student to take others can only be prevention of children`s theft. Discuss situations which can provoke his peers to theft with the child. For example, in the presence of children from incomplete families you should not be praised by father`s gifts. And the negligent relation to things creates at potential pilferers illusion of their uselessness to the owner. In conclusion it is worth noticing that children quite often steal that to draw with the unseemly act attention of mothers and fathers to the person. The school student realizes that it is bad to take others things, but so he speaks against indifference of adults.

Anyway to the parents who faced children`s theft should be understood in what, actually, their wine in such situation.