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Advantages of a big family

Within activity of our fund we should work with a set of the most various families on structure - from single mothers to having many children. On the basis of communication with parents and children - wards of fund we made some supervision which could be very useful to those who strive for family wellbeing. It appears, efficiency of process of education, timely start of mechanisms of socialization of children, harmony of the relations between spouses, decrease in a conflictness in the relations, the emotional environment and the psychological atmosphere in a family, physical and psychological health of children - all these factors directly depend on the number of children.

Should note

that, of course, not we the first draw a similar conclusion. Moreover, on this subject there is a large number of publications, including such famous scientists as Lupangding, Sorokin, Antonov, Bestuzhev - Lada, etc. But, on the other hand, our supervision in confirmation of the thesis given above can be interesting in the sense that they are received thanks to peculiar, almost not used earlier approach: a family are considered here not as object of scientific research (for example, sociological poll), but, first of all, as the addressee and the recipient of this or that social help.

This last circumstance gives to

the chance to come to the communication level which was more opened, not overloaded with excessive officiality allowing to study more effectively the processes proceeding in a family.

Having compared the different types of families allocated by criterion of number of children we came to conclusion that the optimum environment for education and socialization of the child is the family in which three and more children are brought up. And here what arguments we would like to adduce.

Argument 1

of the Family with several children are always more amicable


Interpersonal unity of family members is much higher than

here, than in malodetny families. It is possible to claim safely that the numerous researches of psychologists demonstrating that in big families children grow up more sympathetic and caring about each other are completely true and repeatedly confirmed in practice.

the Argument 2

One more advantage is the fact that, as a rule, the person who grew up in a big family is very sociable. Such people are always pleasant to people around and often try to obtain achievements in the most different areas.


Argument 3


It is proved that children strengthen a family and stronger unite spouses because are result of their love and close relations.

In families with several children stains happen much more less than in families in which 1 - 2 children. The birth of each subsequent child brings in family life not only cares on care of the new member, but also the novelty in the relations of spouses. As a rule, parents live in a big family together all the life and celebrate not one anniversary of joint life.

Argument 4 to

knows to

also Long ago that one child in a family grows up the egoist that in itself is economically unprofitable. There is an ordinary delusion that presence of several children in a family are heavy expenses. But not smaller if not the bigger damage as in psychological, and economically to parents is brought by children - the egoists who do not have brothers and sisters and thinking only of themselves.

at the same time can disprove easily the myth about the economic reasons of a malodetnost, having analysed forms of reproductive behavior among representatives of different segments of the population. it is simple to p to track

that now even very rich people have no more than two (!) children. Why?, It seems, both conditions allow, and money is. The answer is very simple: “so more conveniently“, “at all now so“.

By the way, we will notice that many parents having more than two children speak about paradoxical regularity: with each new child welfare of a family improves.

to It can be found

also very simple explanation: responsible parents with each replenishment in a family begin to look for actively ways of improvement of own material welfare, and at many it turns out. That is children in this case act as a certain incentive for increase of material security of a family.

Argument 5

the Big family creates to the person image of the strong and successful person who not for nothing lives in this world and can fairly tell friends: “And to you it is weak?“ .


In the Caucasus where people are famous for the proud temper and hot character, the large family is traditionally extended, and it concerns both Muslims, and the Christians inhabiting this region.

Same also, but at some moment there was a serious break in the moral sphere owing to which our society departs from love of children and becomes on the deadlock way of mass “detoboyazna“.

Argument 6

Would also like to pay attention of readers to one important moment concerning our old age. Look how many now pensioners who have nobody to give even to a water circle!

In days of old it was not and not only because education was constructed on other valuable reference points, but also because 80 - 100 years ago children in families was much more and there were always careful children remembering the parents. Today`s old men turned out in such unenviable situation only from - that had one - two children.

It is so-called costs of a malodetnost which victim were many people of advanced years. At someone the son in other city, with someone the daughter quarreled, at someone the only child was not the most safe and did not equal the hopes laid on it.


However, it is obvious if it was more children, then chances of a caring attitude of successors and consequently, and on pride of the posterity would be 10 times more. It is difficult to meet the pensioner - the father having many children from whom all children suddenly would take and turned away. At least someone from them all the same remembers and helps.

In a word, children are an investment in own future and care of the future old age.

Argument 7

of Parents in a big family is always distinguished by some special courage and unusual love to life.

Only the strong person with high degree of responsibility, is capable to define independently how many children will be in his family.

Only the courageous and independent person is capable

of the independent choice, and the last always gets more difficult, than following on a string at crowd, at the developed antisocial moods. Not to give in to general hysteria in a pursuit of the momentary benefits and not to lose the most expensive that the person can have, - this task of a shoulder to not all parents. Eventually, psychological stability of the personality is measured by her ability to make the independent choice.

Argument 8

Listing to

many pluses of a large family, we will notice also that the family is a unique genre of social creativity. You can create the masterpiece.

In order that it is somehow noticeable to p to realize itself in other spheres, many conditions are necessary: education, skills, talent, money, communications etc. And the family is available to each of us, moreover, it is necessary for all.

I the more your family, the it is more at you opportunities for social creativity. Only your family - it one can be such, such is not present anywhere and any more at anybody.

your chief, for example, earns with

more money, but he is an unfortunate person - it has no children. He, maybe, sometimes also does not know for whom he and for what lives. And you, coming back from work, you open a door and suddenly you hear loud many-voiced shout: “Father!“ (or “Mother!“ ) - and six, and even eight children`s hands twist your neck. And unless it not the most important in life?

Argument 9

At the same time the big family always characterizes by

the person as somewhat the altruist ready to offer some degree of own comfort for the sake of children.

Remained already not so many people who live not for the sake of themselves, and for the sake of the children. There are women ready to refuse career for the sake of a family and children less. We blindly copy the western model of a family and a child-bearing which already led the developed countries to a closing stage of depopulation.

the Argument 10

Exists well-known idea of sense of our life which is reduced to need to make something kind, to leave behind something (to write the book, to plant a tree, to build the house etc.) .

And so, the child is a continuation you.

if children at you it is several

A, so you after yourself also left so much useful.

Try to predict the future. Really it will not be easier to move ahead in life of your daughter at which two or three elder brothers who will be able always to give a practical advice and to come to the rescue at a difficult moment?