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Important hillock. The magic button of

According to the most eminent encyclopedias, a button is such feature, usually round form which is used for ornament or fastening of clothes on loops.

of the Button is studied, write books about them, they are collected that became fashionable now. Only the people wearing trousers can judge immense value of a button in the modern world really. It is known that this part of clothes keeps, without falling down, on this ordinary-looking, but very useful kruglyashka. The button was, is and will be as skillfully sustains the competition not only to cuff links and fasteners, but also to the button, a flypaper and even a lightning.

Vladimir in the pugvu dictionary - a hillock or the camber and “pugovina“ meaning a hillock. English “button“ - on sense the same hillock. So the button can be considered safely as the convex hillock sewn to clothes in the form of a hillock. (It is already possible to smile.)

History of a round question

Appears, history at a button very respectable. Already in the Bronze age it was applied as a decorative element. As a functional fastener a button guessed to use in Ancient Greece and Rome. In Ancient China ritual clothes had big and small buttons, the first symbolized the Sun and the Moon, and the second - stars.

became very popular

of the Button in Europe in the XIII-XIV centuries when in clothes such concept as fashion was approved, and from laces there was already no place to disappear. In the 16th century of a button, for example, gold or diamond, reported about a social and property status of the owners. So they were approved as a work of art and became the socially significant phenomenon.

of the Button was done and do of any solid material, behind an exception unless radioactive: tree, copper, glass, tin, porcelain, nacre, an ivory, and in the 20th century - from plastic.

button Symbolics

In a symbolical and magic row the button is a sign, huge on sense. It is all about its look and, if I may say so, social accessory.

So, the dreamed uniform buttons mean revenues to service or growth in career. Cheap, ugly or small - harbingers of disappointments, failures or ascertaining of the fact of the poor health sleeping in reality. Beautiful and brilliant buttons, on the contrary, demonstrate future rise, but indirectly indicate its fragility from - for own levity. Not without reason the national rumor compared the dandy or the woman of fashion to a beautiful button. The button in a dream means changes in life, to find a button - to receive the help, it is a sign of success in affairs and love. Sewing of a button promises finding of reliability and all good, for example, happiness, honor, money. It is a lot of buttons - too to money. To button - completion of affairs. In a dream to lose a button, or it came off - it is losses in affairs, situation or the relations with someone. But more is a fast disappointment, displeasure, an unpleasant trifle, a button - not God knows, it and can be sewn into place. To cut off a button - to incorrectness. Therefore all button ups and downs do not make deep personal meaning, and are the symbols which are socially caused, transient, lying on a surface

the Button - a detail indicative, but will not carry it to objects of vital need. It - not clothes, symbolically and really meaning our protection against the outside world, and its attribute, a furniture element.

However this trifle can open eyes on a lot of things. So, the hero of “Solaris“ understood that he deals not with the darling, and a fake - biological model of the reasonable ocean after found out that buttoned nothing her dress, but were sewn tightly.

In the American slang the button has pay, protective and office load. Literally “to button lips“ - means to become silent, not to give out a secret. “Clasped on all buttons“ is that whose appearance is expressly conservative. And “lost buttons“ looks excentricly, strange. By a button call the employee in a uniform, small commission charges and completion of business.“ The person - a button“ is a bandit from main road.

of the Button and a sign

the Button - the small clothes charm storing our body and soul from world around. There was such custom - in the house of the dead undid all buttons on clothes to help soul to be released and depart on the sky.

Therefore if our charm was gone - the button came off imperceptibly, is the prevention from carelessness. The sign of the fact that someone interfered in our life and our affairs with bad or mercenary intentions also made it imperceptibly, a secret image.

the button Broke or came off: today not your day. And therefore it is not necessary to hurry, but it is necessary to show care and to be attentive to trifles. For example, to remember such trifle: it is impossible to sew a button on itself - you will sew memory. This explanation for superstitious, and for all others - and that you will prick or you will sew badly.

About it, actually, is also told by the most widespread national sign: to be clasped not on that button - “on the same day to be Pyana or beaten“. To avoid a misfortune it is necessary to undo all buttons and to clasp them correctly. However the described mistake speaks about real absent-mindedness, loss of attention, block of the person, and here and to trouble not far. To do guarding action - means, to be adjusted, gather, to put itself and the thoughts in order.

Button psychology

to Finger a button at conversation - means, to be nervous, feel uncertain. To undo and button - to deliberate, not to know how to arrive. To hold a button on clothes of the person to whom you talk is to encroach on him.

“Clasped on all buttons“ not only prudish, pedantic and the conservative “person in a case“, but careful, timid and painful. He is afraid to break integrity of the clothes and holds the fort against life of which is afraid too. “Clasped“ (adjusted for air temperature) it is difficult to make decisions and to communicate with people, this is the pessimist and the hypochondriac. “Unbuttoned“ differs in opposite qualities. The men`s shirt undone on several buttons says that her owner (adjusted for education and fashion) is healthy, courageous, sexual and confident in the forces. He is not afraid of life and its changes, but also itself is their source. Therefore we will give finally one more magic property of a button, it means fast changes, and you already know what.