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Four days in maternity hospital of

how there took place pregnancy and childbirth, I already wrote in the story “My Artemka“. And now I would like to tell of how I spent 4 days in maternity hospital.

After the birth of the sonny everything was as in fog. Told something to a vrachitsa who sewed up me. Laughed and smiled. I was difficult to believe that everything ended. Also the new stage in my life began.

After I lay 2 hours in the rodzal after the delivery, I was carried to chamber. Time was about 11 hours. I lay on a stomach, and it seemed, had to fall asleep for fatigue, but to me was not fallen down. All events turned at me in the head, and I could not believe in any way that now I became a mother. I took the sat-down phone and called the closest to news about childbirth. At that time it seemed to me that I can pull up trees - so many forces at me were.

So far I had a rest in chamber, my Grasshopper lay in children`s office in an oxygen chamber. Pregnancy and childbirth for it were very heavy, and it gained strength for a meeting with mother.

Ya examined chamber where I should spend 4 more days. A toilet, a shower on two chambers. I - one, me even it became somehow terrible. My first, near travel was very heavy, but very interesting. With dying down in heart I passed by a rodblok, quite recently I was there, and emotions gushed, and at some moment became hot. Chambers, chambers, mummies - “zombies“ on halfbent legs, children. So interestingly. Legs were wadded, the head and hands did not obey, muscles hurt and shivered from tension after the delivery. But I then did not worry about it, the main thing to reach chamber. Only came into chamber and to me brought the sonny. The nurse explained where that she lies. I turned the head, and became dark in eyes. I tried to lie down, but heard shout of the nurse about what I am supposedly mother even if did not approach the child. Who is concerned by my state! It is necessary that I got up and began to be engaged in the child. At that time I even could object nothing, there were no forces even to talk. I approached to a svertochka, and silently looked and smiled. Sleeps. What it beautiful is already similar to the father.

Pressure at me plaid pranks, the midwife right there put me to bed and ordered to have a sleep, but how? And if something is required to my son? But did not react to it in any way. I decided to rise and stand at a window. On the street there was sunny frosty weather. Calm and smooth surface. I remembered that at me phone and, perhaps absolutely sat down, this minute someone tries to phone to me. What my surprise when I found sockets at the level of a floor was. As I did not try, but could not sit down. Worried also about seams, and everything very much hurt still. From outside it was similar to a competition:“ reach the socket at the level of a floor, without sitting down“. Through curses and laughter I all - reached the socket and inserted charging. Right there phone rang out. The husband was going to me to hospital and received valuable instructions that it is necessary to take with itself.

Having left in a corridor, I tried to find the nurse that she helped me to feed the sonny. For luck, by there passed the nurse from children`s office, and she with pleasure undertook to help me. She helped me to swaddle him, and we tried to apply him to a breast. It did not react in any way. Did not want to take also all here.


It was decided not to torment the child and to put it to have a rest. And under a window already I was waited by my beloved husband, the brother with the wife and the nephew. It was pleasant to see them, it is a pity that they do not see me. The 2nd floor and mirror glasses - it is cruel. Fireworks of emotions overflowed me. There was a wish to shout for the whole world - the feeling of happiness and pride so overflowed me.

After short-term flashing in a window me was waited by a surprise. Obrabatyvaniye of seams. It appears, childbirth is not a feat yet. To climb on a chair for processing - this a feat.

to me it was heavy

physically. The kid for the night was taken away in children`s office from - for my unstable state. All day I overslept as in fog, the nurse constantly came and checked my health. All this occurred as it seemed to me, so far. I dreamed dreams about my childbirth, they long will pursue me still and even to frighten.

in the Morning, hours in 6, to me the woman came to chamber, and afterwards carried her kid. It was very big, red. It was interesting to me to look, mine was small and blue. Weight of this athlete 4450 gr., from surprise I opened a mouth. While went to children`s office, I very strongly was nervous and worried, at me even palms sweated. Having come, I saw many kulechok - svertochok with children and tried to find eyes the sonny. On my request to take away the son I received the “remarkable“ answer of the nurse: “Smiths? Why it to you? Suck all the same it cannot...“. Probably, only that I was in some stopped state I could answer nothing, except as “give the son...“ .

went with the baby to chamber So far, I kept as could. Came, closed a door, and me as broke through. Tears slid one by one, hands closed a mouth not to wake and to frighten children, I sobbed. Even, probably, I cannot precisely call the reason of tears. Has a good cry, washed and started acquaintance to the sonny. Oh God!! Small, thin, blue... It is similar to a grasshopper!! What charm, well poured out the folder! My first swaddling, without having managed to begin, came to grief. Nothing, I will learn, everything happens for the first time. And now we will go to meet yours “dairy kitchen“. We did not want to take a breast as I was told then that we did not develop a sosatelny reflex, but we want to eat, therefore, sooner or later we will take a breast. Constant dropping will wear away a stone. So we were tormented the whole day, by the evening I heard long-awaited smacking. My pleasure was not a limit. My sonny drinks my milk! As it is fine! This most remarkable feeling! He all night long overslept near me. I was afraid to shift it and admired the Grasshopper at half of the night.

my neigbour, mother already of two children, encouraged me, prompted and just distracted if rolled grief on me. It with firmness sustained 3 sleepless nights with the child on hands, milk was not yet, and the athlete demanded to eat. 20 hours he cried and did not allow it to sleep. And she smiled and sang to it lullabies.

I even did not wait for

of Day of an extract. As the pediatrician wanted us to put in OPN (office of pathology of newborns). According to doctors, my Grasshopper did not meet their requirement. But for the fourth days the sonny as felt and “stamped“ legs, and moved with handles as they wanted. Generally, too wanted rather home, to the father. In the morning the gynecologist invited women to small lecture. Also reported everything that we can call relatives and invite to take away all of us with children home. I just felt shock! Called the husband and reported about this event. It was with a rag in hands and in the semi-sorted room at this time. Clear-out and shift was well under way, and here - here you are, and I appeared. Fast collecting home began. Before an extract we were sent to fluorography. In spite of the fact that it was in the neighboring building, we were carried on “ambulance“. All laughed, played a trick one above another who sat who stood who reclined. It was given to many women hard. To stand long forces was not, and the speed of carrying out this procedure left much to be desired.

Here and arrival of milk did not keep itself waiting for

. Arrived back to maternity hospital, found a wet dressing gown. Fine - that it of course is healthy, only the breast was so poured that about anything, except as could not even think of breast pain. Thought to feed the son on what received persistent grumble and unwillingness to suck such hard tityu. Generally, even the medical staff plainly could not help me nothing. The thrown phrase “decant“ did not please me with hands. For half an hour of tortures it turned out to decant 2 - 3 drops. Pain only came. Having thought, I decided to gather rather home, and houses and walls help.

the Extract passed

as well as possible. As I did not see the husband 2 weeks (lay 10 days in pathologies and 4 days with the child), I terribly wanted to embrace, kiss, nestle on him rather. To show the son to whom I to him gave birth. Still before the eyes the husband with a bouquet of flowers tousled by hair and a beard with a wild smile and grabby hands. Having taken an envelope on hands, the husband slightly opened a veil of sacraments on what the son opened eyes and as if greeted the father. Everything, really all? Closing a door of maternity hospital, I thought to leave through them again years so through 5, and even earlier.

These 4 days in maternity hospital after the delivery as the separate page in my life. To tell that they were bad or good, it is impossible. They were unforgettable. There were both humiliations, and offenses, it as training before an extract and departure us in free floating. Only having come to be at home, in native walls, I understood how I was tired morally. From various unclear diagnoses of doctors, caustic phrases on the “indifferent mother“ type, and much - many other. I could sustain, endure all this, thanks to support of my husband and beloved son.

Lovely women, there is more positive and everything will be good. Now, 11 months later, I remember it somewhere with a smile, somewhere with tears in the eyes, and I understand that all this trifles. The main thing that my son is healthy. Good luck!