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Why clever get fat?

to grow fat, mind are not necessary? As if not so: intellectuals overeat more often those who are busy with physical work. Mental work does of us gluttons.

the Solution of each intellectual task, were counted by the Canadian researchers, costs us 203 excess kilocalories. After 45 minutes of work to participants of experiment - that whose work requires special attention, intellectual concentration and good memory, - it was offered to have dinner in buffet. Also it turned out that they ate 30% more calories, than their colleagues solving at the same time less complex problems.

the Brain demands food

The more the brain is loaded, the stronger to have a bite desire. So far process goes, to us not to food. But the first pause - and a hand involuntarily reaches for a chocolate, a plate with nutlets, and legs bear to the refrigerator. Scientists consider, this requirement physiological. During experiment took blood samples from volunteers to, during and after mental work. Level of insulin and glucose was unstable. Allegedly such fluctuations can be caused by brain tension. The organism tries to restore normal indicators of glucose which serves as some kind of fuel for a brain, distinct human desire from here: I want to eat! And often clever men eat not that and at the wrong time.

Thrifty proteins

“When work on the tender project goes, in general you forget about food. At most - you will run in cafe and eat a piece of fish with salad. I gorge on in the evening, at home. Of course, I try to limit myself and at supper, but weight all the same grows. And there are days when the whole day standing - negotiations, check of objects. Probably, something not so with an organism, I definitely do not overeat“, - tells a top - the manager.

“This typical delusion. Excess weight in this case is caused by rather wrong eating habits, than some hormonal failures to which patients often refer, - the nutritionist Marianna Trifonova says. - Alas, hard work at office forces us to pass to “one-time feeding“ when you eat once, but it is convincing also for the night. Is more harmful than nothing to an organism is not present. He all the same will prevail and will lay in the evening eaten in store. Only plus to it you receive a nervous breakdown which involves still big loss of control of what you eat.


Darya DONTSOVA, writer: as
- I Work on manuscripts daily from 6 in the morning to 2 - 3 of one o`clock in the afternoon and very well I know temptation all the time at the same time something is. Nutlets - candies I for myself excluded at once. Agatha Christie ate green apples, but they stimulate appetite therefore I eat nothing at all! Only I drink coffee and black tea. And upon termination of work I eat a plate of Herculean porridge. Very much I love it and kefir therefore as the husband laughs, no financial crisis threatens me. And still helps that I work on 3 - m the floor, and the refrigerator costs on the first. And that to reach it, it is necessary to overcome the mass of ladders, to be distracted by numerous house and to lose a working rhythm. Therefore either work, or food. And 2 times in a week of occupation on exercise machines!

One more delusion - I am the whole day like a squirrel in a cage, there is no time to eat. From where excess weight? The matter is that our organism cunning and usual working activity does not read out as physical. It is loading, habitual for it, so, there is no need to spend for it strategic stocks“.

What to do? To get healthy habits. And for this purpose for some time to make food a priority. For example, to introduce the strict rule: not to go to bed, the container with food for tomorrow will not be packed yet. The range does not matter, the main thing - to keep within number of calories. For people of brainwork it not so is not enough - to 2100 kcal. During the day is it is possible often, but only from the container!

If I work at home

“Since passed to an autsersing (work in remote access), weight promptly began to grow. One you will grab, another, though I try to eat during the day dried fruits, nutlets and coffee“, - the editor the Internet - a portal shares.

“kusochnichestvo“ is guilty

Here, our expert considers. Between it and food in the small portions during the day a big difference. The piece surely comes to hand not that. It is possible imperceptibly, having been fond, to eat half a kilo of candies, and it is day norm of calories!

Dried fruits too very much of a kaloriyna, especially if you take not ordinary-looking and wrinkled, but beautiful shining - they are soaked in sugar syrup. Also arrive both with candied fruits, and with dried berries.

One more risk factor - sandwiches. Ideally for normal life support we need no more than 12 rye small loafs a week and no more than 3 - 4 pieces of rye or white bread. And as for sausages - that in a week it is possible to eat no more than 0,5 kg of sausage, ham or sausages. Fat fish, including a herring, - 2 - 3 portions a week.

What to do? And for those who work at home the rule has to be the same: before sitting down at the computer, papers, an easel, get the shelf in the refrigerator and load it products on the same 2000 kcal which you can eat during the day. And no more than that!