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I won!

“Mothers, give birth to me to the brother!“ - my five-year-old son persistently demands. - “Only surely brother! I have enough sisters and so“... By the way, cousin sisters. There is no family-... Anybody...

October, 2008. Spain. The monastery on the mountain Montserrat. We (I, my son and his father) stand in a queue to the well-known Catalan “Black Madonna“. The guide warns: it is possible to ask everything for Madonna, except... money. And your desires will surely come true. I for some reason speak to the sonny:“ Lesh, you heard? It is possible to ask everything, except money. For example, you can ask... brother“. Wash Lesh with concentration is silent.

January, 2009. The brother for my Lesha becomes obsession already for me. I plan, I dream, I go for consultation to the doctor. And between times I remember. As “it“ happened in my life for the first time.

on September 11, 2001. Universal accident. On all news - video of an event in New - York misfortunes. The planes operated by terrorists are rammed by the Twin Towers. The same terrible shots are repeated again and again, on all channels. And I look in the TV (sitting in hotel, I in business trip) and I understand that differently and cannot be. Because in my life there was an accident too.

knows that personal troubles are always felt stronger global (if they, these global misfortunes, do not affect personally us). Generally, on September 11, 2001 I learned about the pregnancy.

Me is covered by a stream of contradictory emotions. I with pain remember (already which time!) abortion which finished my first (also unplanned) pregnancy. And responsible for both of these events - the same man... Generally, I understand that he will not want the child again, but... This time I will not allow to cripple myself. I became more senior and am more skilled, I treat life more simply. Eventually, I have an opportunity to buy the apartment in which I will live together with the child. And father... Well, it will help if wants. If not.. Well, it will be visible there.

there Pass several weeks - the first threat of an abortion. I (that is my child) am rescued by doctors of a small town where there takes place my business trip (as I am grateful to them!) .

doctors already listened to

On the 10th week on ultrasonography as the heart of my tiny baby fights.

So far I am in hospital on preservation, the child`s father still does not suspect about anything. He does not call. And in hospital I am visited only by my mother and friends.

When the first threat passed

, I come back home from business trip. Mother then “pleased“ me: “Wait, it just began! Present how many you waits for experiences when the child is born!“

At the first meeting I tell news to the child`s father. The reaction expected:“ Well, we know how to fight against it... There is no person, there is no problem“. Very painfully to listen to all this. No, I then did not tell it as I already fought for life of the child. I just firmly told that this child will live. And it can arrive as considers it necessary.

My God, at that moment I anything, except pain and disappointment did not feel to this person. And it was once blindly fallen in love it...

Life takes its course. I am registered in ZhK. On work till 5th month I continue to make business trips. Still I actively was engaged in the solution of the (that is ours with the child) a housing problem.

the child`s Father for a while vanishes, but me now not to it: work, infinite analyses and researches, collecting documents for an apartment sale-purchase...

Having visited once again counseling center of one construction company, I provide plans - schemes of apartments under construction. I dream.

Somehow that thanks to whom I will have a child starts over again coming on a visit. We with him do not speak about the child. Absolutely. As if nothing occurs, and all at us as earlier: meetings, night talk... And in the morning we leave because it is necessary for both of us for work.

But here I decided that, time this person continues the visits to me, so internal it already accepts current situation. I show it plannings of apartments of the house under construction in which I dream to buy the apartment. He is interested. I, having taken courage, once I declare to it that I am able to buy only the one-room apartment.“ If you are going to visit me further, then add to me money for one room! Especially, I will have a son“. Then it was already known. My God, as I dreamed of the son!

my man is stunned with

, speaks about lack of money. Well, if no, then no... I - that was sure that money to it on one room enough! He is the worker but who is very qualified and demanded. About such speak “workaholic“.

there Passes still some time. Once (the spring of 2002 was well under way) the father of my child calls me and is indignant: “And why you still did not reserve the apartment? We chose it! And suddenly all good apartments will buy up?

Ya in perplexity (someone about shortages of money spoke), but I go to construction company to reserve “our“ apartment. Still a time later we go there together (having taken with itself things for maternity hospital, PDR already promptly came nearer!) also we sign the final contract on shared-equity construction. So, through some we with small will have a year and a half the apartment...

From construction company I go to maternity hospital. And on May 9 I give birth to the son. I won! In total! The man, circumstances! I became the son`s mother! And at us the remarkable apartment is already under construction.

Having visited me in postnatal office, my man suddenly offered me... to live with it and his parents. “So far the apartment is under construction“. I also to answer - that did not become it, but from maternity hospital with the sonny the father brought us to himself home.

I here 6,5 years later we dream of the brother...

Here such a little sad, a little strange, but, in my opinion, very instructive history. The child became for me surprise, but together with the birth gave me what I could not achieve in any way, did not become mother yet - love, the husband and... spacious apartment!