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And you feed the beloved child on the street?

the Type of the woman, nursing the child cause in people positive emotions - feeling of tenderness, tranquility. To whom it can be compared? The first image which comes to mind - Madonna and child. Noticing on the street as the woman nurses the kid, people around begin to treat it yours faithfully and admiration.

our daughter that is called the “late“ child, and still before it was born, I had even no remains of doubt that I will feed. On this subject it is much written and told. And that nursing we put in the child both health, and success on all his life, there was even no doubt also. I would like to talk about another.

you feed with

A on the street the beloved child?

On this question for me only one answer - “yes“! Than it is useful for us feeding mothers?

In - the first, each applying to a breast is a stimulation of a lactation. It is not important where at present we are - houses or on walk. The steady rhythm of feedings without big breaks is important. And then the organism will accurately develop the necessary amount of milk necessary for the child.


In - the second, being put to a breast, the crumb receives the message that the world surrounding it - reliable and safe irrespective of location as houses, and on the street.

B - the third, putting the baby to a breast on the street, we are engaged in prevention of stagnation of milk (laktostaz), milk leaves, without being late. There is no feeling of a raspiraniye which is dangerous to a lactation.

B - the fourth if the baby burst into tears: the best and fast way to calm - to put to a breast.

It is those axioms which are told by all doctors who are taking care only of breastfeeding. They are known to all mothers, but I was not afraid of them to repeat when I began to argue on feeding out of walls of the house and comfort.

The more the woman hesitates to feed with

on the street, the more inquisitive glances are directed to it. Let`s argue - we put the kid to a breast, we and only we care about health of the of the baby. The most careful, reasonable and attentive mother is mothers, putting the baby to a breast outdoors. At first it is difficult, but then when you look at eyes, at the giving smacking kiss mouth and sponges in a step to sucking, there is a wish to tell the whole world that I am a mother from the most capital letter.

the Most interesting that I got acquainted, thus, with one absolutely very young mummy. We were in policlinic on reception, and the turn something slowly moved. My unruly little squirrel wanted to eat (how to refuse to the child?) she ate and dozed off, but here I look, one girl looks for the town where she would will be attached (as it became clear, all hesitated). I put her in a corner, she fed the athlete, and we got to talking, got acquainted and now we are on friendly terms, but it is not so important. The main thing - she ceased to hesitate to feed the sonny outdoors. Need to take with itself water, bottles, nipples, baby`s dummies disappeared. My daughter also does not know about their existence. And sometimes you will look, the baby`s dummy in a floor - persons, and the kid nasasyvat it.

If above-mentioned arguments did not convince you - then you can use for feeding on the street special clothes. It is very convenient, and during feeding the breast is minimum naked, only that its part which the baby needs to enclose in a mouth. The people passing by will not even suspect that you feed at present. The impression is from outside made that mother just holds the baby on hands. Pretty cool, huh?

Still option: you take on walk with yourself a beautiful scarf. You cover a shoulder - it beautifully lies on a shoulder and closes the kid sucking a breast.

Still can feed with

the baby on the street in a baby sling that too will help you to cover this process from foreign views. There are baby slings which “tail“ is not sewn up, and remains wide. Here they can also cover the baby.

we ate

Before half a year often and everywhere: in transport, on the street, in cafe, in policlinic etc. In shop or in the market sometimes I ask for a fitting room or just on a stool - to us nobody ever refused! Foreign opinion does not concern us, did not notice some negative. Though it, most likely, thanks to the fact that I so adjusted myself - the main thing that the daughter was happy.

the Myth which I learned from the different people not ready to feed on the street brought me just into shock on what I found information in books and discredited them.

Unfortunately, mothers are afraid to feed the kid on the street not only because they hesitate. There are some more beliefs which, of course, prevent mothers to organize successful feeding correctly.

“I am afraid to feed with

on the street. I will chill a breast...“ or “the feeding mother should keep a breast in the warm, to be afraid of drafts, even to hang up linen on a balcony, it is necessary to cover well a breast“.

Feeding of children on the street cannot negatively influence health and a condition of your breast.“ To chill“ the breast will not turn out, it is not a nose or a throat! In a breast other mechanisms work, the infection will not get into a breast because that on the wet nurse wind blew. The infection can get into a mammary gland if mother has cracks.

Most often morbidity of a breast after long street walks is connected by

with the fact that mother walks many hours in a row. The breast is strongly poured, and she does not seek to apply the kid to a breast to facilitate to itself a state. Here such long breaks in feeding also lead to the fact that at mother stagnation of milk is formed. And mother draws an incorrect conclusion that the heat is guilty of everything, difference of temperatures, draft and so forth

At present to my daughter 9 months, and at us everything is excellent. We eat both a mother`s milk, and squashes, and fruit, and vegetables. Did not hear about an allergy even. I plan to feed until my baby has a desire to eat.

Besides frighten by

supposedly there will be a year and a half and what you will do? Suddenly will begin to lift up clothes. But I am sure of the daughter: let`s learn to distinguish personal and others`, we will teach not to undress mother publicly.

the Milk is the best that mother can give to the kid, the krovinushka. And in policlinic, especially after an inoculation when wants to eat. All doctors and nurses passing by will always tell “bon appetit“ what very much pleases.


Young mummies, be afraid of nothing: for you the most important that your child was fed. Also be not afraid of where it will occur. The main thing - tranquility of the baby.