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Listen to the heart and the kid of

I Will begin with the fact that my pregnancy though planned happened very quickly and unexpectedly. When I, without suspecting anything, squeezed plemyashka and dissected on anniversary at restaurant, my daughter already as it became clear then, gradually in me grew up. After I tried a lot of “pregnant“ tests, I was precisely sure as that at me the daughter by all means will be born, and that by all means I will nurse it!

However, as they say, “the person assumes

, and the Lord has“. Childbirth was heavy therefore whole 2 - e days we with the daughter were in different offices. Allowed to put to a breast the daughter only on third day. Before each 1,5 - 2 hours I was decanted on droplets and carried to the daughter colostrum. The manager of children`s office, probably, not less me worried for us with a dochechka - whether everything will turn out whether my bittock will want to take a breast, whether will be persistent enough? However after the first time all doubts disappeared - at us everything turned out! Never I will forget the first applying to a breast - it is happiness which is difficult for describing both full euphoria, and the pressing feeling of tenderness in relation to the baby!

Despite it, the first month of feeding, our with the daughter, was very difficult - the daughter wanted to eat a breast all the time, and I by councils of “skilled“ tried to do everything on the mode. As a result - wounds with blood on a breast, the crying baby, eternally sleepy I. A milk became less and less, the postnatal depression found more and more... Several times even thought about finish feeding, but then got it together, turned the mountain of literature and, apparently, all Internet, examined all feeding and feeding mummies and girlfriends which - that changed... And everything at us turned out! Here what my basic principles of successful feeding by a breast.

  1. to Listen to the heart and the baby, having rejected all thoughts like “it will turn out or not“ - it will turn out precisely!
  2. to Practice a joint dream not only at night, but also in the afternoon! Things can be done slowly during the day, having conveniently attached the kid in a baby sling or a kengurushka!
  3. to Drink teas for improvement of a lactation - except increase in amount of milk at them also excellent psychological effect!
  4. not to be afraid of so-called dairy crises - 1 - y month, 3 - y month, 7 - oh month - they pass, this temporary phenomenon!
  5. it is obligatory for li to Put the kid to a breast on demand! It is necessary both for mother, and the kid!
  6. not to be afraid of cracks and wounds on a breast, if necessary temporarily to use slips and milk pumps.
  7. to Correct the daily diet depending on health of the baby!
  8. to put the baby to a breast at a prorezyvaniye of teeth More often!

our history of breastfeeding proceeds to this day. And, hope, will last for a long time! We tried the first feeding up in 6 months. Contrary to ordinary opinion, the daughter with pleasure ate the first pyureshka (and to this day continues to eat) - means, all of us made in time. We will be 11 months old soon, we already weigh more than 13 kg, we eat already practically everything, but a mother`s breast - most favourite “dish“ of the daughter! By the way, the daughter transfers the touching relation to a mother`s breast also to a breast of all relatives - father`s, grandmother`s and even grandfather`s! Gently strokes, embraces and tremblingly chirps something in the language...

I Want to tell

to all mummies who for any reasons think, to nurse or not the kids, - feed! You do not refuse to yourself and, of course, the kid such pleasure!