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Hours with the arrows

Most of First Graders are not able on hours with shooters to define time. It is the medical fact. The impression is very often made that the child of six - here - here will learn to define seven years precisely time, but time goes, and the confusion proceeds.

to us it seems to

that this problem easily is explained by what to connect in consciousness two dials imposed at each other - hour and minute - for children`s mind enormous loading, and to learn to define time on such hours of the child does not follow.

“Throw out“ a minute hand and division of the dial for minutes. There are 12 figures and division of time on, for example, four, slightly more than four, at half past four, around five, five, slightly more than five. It is enough such rough crushing of time for the child, and it can be learned, starting with four - four and a half years. Let on it year will leave. You do not hurry with quarters (a quarter and without a quarter), you do not hurry with “without five“, “without ten“ etc. It is necessary to pass to it at the following, separate stage. Do not force an event.

Only when the child in perfection will feel the provision of an hour hand, very slowly, on a minute, enter the second parallel dial, that is ability to see the second - a minute hand. it is better for p to Begin

not from the present o`clock, and with the self-made model of hours on which minute hyphens we leave naked, without defining the number of minutes, and simply we do not do a minute hand - only hour, short.


to the child that an arrow which shows how many hours, are called “hour“.

Let at first time shares


Surely show to

the right direction of the movement of an arrow. Ask the child to twist it in the necessary direction.


that the hour hand for an hour passes distance from one figure to another. Expose on the dial this or that time (exactly). Ask the child to represent the provision of an hour hand in an hour (two, three etc.) or on the contrary, an hour ago (two, three etc.)

When the child will easily call or expose

on the time dial in such simplified look, sew on your dial the second arrow - long, minute.


what arrow shows hours, and what minutes. Tell that they are called “hour“ and “minute“. Consolidate this knowledge:

ask to show Explain

that when the hour hand shows “exactly“ hour, two three and so on, the minute hand always happens lifted up, on the mark “12“. Ask the child to put it in this position and to try to twist an hour hand around, having inserted this or that time “exactly“, representing real time, looking at the present o`clock, or on in advance prepared drawings, or it is any.


to the kid that to be guided in each hour, people thought up a minute hand. And in one hour this arrow passes all. Ask the child where, in his opinion, there will be a minute hand if there passes not the whole hour, but a half. If the kid finds it difficult to answer, show him.

Then represent a half of this or that hour on the model of hours, without forgetting to rearrange an hour hand. Ask the child to perform a similar task independently.

Give to the child different tasks, proceeding from already gained knowledge. Represent on the dial this or that time (exactly or a half of some hour). Ask to move arrows to represent time which will be:

or was:

Represent this or that time on the dial, ask the child:

what is the time passed Write

about the figures representing the number of hours, figures representing the number of minutes (they have to be a little less by the size). Tell the child that in each hour 60 minutes and from one division to another - 5 minutes. Show to the child as it is represented by arrows 5, 10, 15 etc. minutes of this or that hour. Ask to perform similar tasks independently.

Establish to

arrows in this or that situation. Ask the child to show the provision of arrows which will be:

which was:

Acquaint the child with the concept “quarter of hour“.

after that show

to the child that each division (from one figure to another) is divided too - into small divisions - on one minute. Show to the kid as 6 minutes of this or that hour or 18 etc. will look. Think up the exercises similar to that are described above on fixing of new knowledge.


to the child that if the minute hand did not reach a half-hour mark, it is accepted to speak “so many minutes of it is that the hour (following figure which was just passed by an hour hand)“, for example, “eight hours, twelve minutes“ is the same as “twelve minutes of the ninth“. Be trained to call time represented on the dial, these both ways.


to the kid also that can be spoken if the minute hand crossed a half-hour mark. Be trained to call correctly time these two ways.


to the child of a task on installation of time on the dial, giving a task every time in a different way.

do not forget to pay attention of the child to time represented on real hours. You ask it to tell how many now time (proceeding from the knowledge gained at the moment), to represent the same time on game hours. Give type tasks:


Make his daily routine together with the child. Where you will write time in which there is this or that event, draw the dial with the image of this time.