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Water - the healer of

About miracle properties of water exists many legends. So, the known source “Yessentuki“ begins the history from time immemorial. At the leader of the local tribe the child was born, he was weak and sickly, even hair did not grow at it on the head. The grief of parents could be helped by no art of doctors, and only incidentally applied water of one of sources brought to the kid healing. And such examples will be much.

What to explain to


such magic influence of water on health of the person? It appears, it is all about its chemical composition. Passing through an earth layer, water is enriched with various mineral salts which, getting to our organism in enough, are capable to have medical effect. From - for structure such water call mineral.

the Range of mineral waters in modern shops very big. But here only not any water poured in small bottles with a promising title on a label can be that. For example, the waters extracted from reservoirs have no relation to mineral water. These are usual drinking waters.

Mineral water surely spreads from an underground source. Each source has the unique chemical composition which determines value to this or that “Aesculapian“.

such mineral waters as “Borjomi“, “Yessentuki No. 4,17,20“, “Narzan“, “Slavyanovskaya“, “Smirnovskaya“ and others are Widely known and popular

in the people the medicinal properties. But whether the small child can give them to drink? About it we were told by the dietitian, to. m of N, Semenova Natalia Nikolaevna.

When water treats

All mineral waters by amount of the salts entering them are divided into three groups: dining rooms, mineralization degree to 2 grams on which liter; lechebno - dining rooms - 2 - 10 grams on liter; the medical, containing from 10 to 12 grams of salts on liter and above.

Table waters can be drunk as usual drinking water, and here lechebno - table and medical it is impossible to apply in food of the child uncontrolledly. They are appointed only the doctor.

the Use of mineral water with medicinal properties without a special need for it can have negative influence on the child`s organism. The salts coming to an organism in excessive quantities are capable to irritate intestines, being soaked up in blood, to lead to violations of exchange processes, to influence negatively work of some internals. So the expected improving effect can turn back troubles.

Medicinal mineral waters are appointed by the doctor if necessary to children, even on the first year of life. Depending on a disease, nature of its course, water with this or that chemical composition is selected: with prevalence of sodium, calcium, magnesium, chlorine, sulfate or hydrocarbonate.

So, at gastritises with the increased sekretorny function, diskineziya of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways, stomach ulcer, pancreas diseases, cholecystitises are often appointed by alkaline waters (“Borjomi“, “Yessentuki No. 4, 17“). As a rule, it is waters with the increased maintenance of a hydrocarbonate and sodium. On a label their name - gidrokarbonatnonatrivy waters is specified.

are called

of Water with prevalence of chlorine hloridnonatriyevy or salty (“Mirgorod“). They are recommended to accept to the children having gastritises with the lowered sekretorny function.


At diseases of zhelchevydelitelny system, chronic locks, pyelonephritises appoint waters of difficult structure: hydrocarbonate sulphatic connections in combination with cations of calcium, sodium, magnesium. (“Slavyanovskaya“, “Smirnovskaya“, “Yessentuki No. 20“).

Healing by rules

Mineral water is, as a rule, appointed at the final stage of treatment. That the desirable effect was reached, the water recommended by the doctor should be accepted correctly.

water reception time is Very important

. As a rule, it is accepted to food. To children with the increased sekretorny function of a stomach, with stomach ulcer it is necessary to drink it for 1 - 1,5 hour before meal; at cholecystitis, diskineziya of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways - in 30 - 40 minutes; gastritises with the lowered secretion - in 15 minutes prior to food.

Also considers extent of saturation of water by carbonic acid. High content of gases stimulates work of digestive glands, intestines that is necessary at sekretorny insufficiency of a stomach, locks. At the increased acidity, diskineziya, frustration of a chair, pancreas diseases carbonic acid needs to be let out.

the Medical effect depends on water temperature. Cold water stimulates work of intestines. If in it there is no need, then water is accepted room temperature - 18 - 20 degrees. For some procedures it is required to be heated to more high temperature.

That treatment of small children mineral water did not cause negative consequences, strictly observe a dosage. The amount of water depends on age and the child`s weight, and averages 3 ml on kilogram of body weight on one reception.

Water is accepted by

several times a day (3 - 4 times) that is connected with the main meals. Duration of one course of treatment makes 30 - 40 days. If the child has chronic diseases, then in a year it is possible to conduct 2 - 3 preventive courses in coordination with the doctor.

the Important moment - water purchase. Medicinal waters, as a rule, spill in glass bottles. Number on a label will help to be convinced that you really get medicinal water to you: TU - 9185 - mineral water, 0131 - drinking water. Upon purchase pay attention to the name, the producer, a chemical composition of water. It is the best of all to buy medicinal water in drugstores.

the Live source

Of course, the water drunk directly from a source is much more useful poured in bottles, and the effect of treatment is several times higher! So if there is opportunity, go with the child to the resort. Especially as the summer - favorable for this purpose is time. If water you decided to carry out treatment in house conditions, then do not forget about observance of a diet. Recovery is also promoted by the mode, fresh air and good mood.