Rus Articles Journal

Lena and Milena`s daily adventures of

Morning. In the sleep I feel how someone irons me on a cheek and scratches for a nose. I open eyes and I see that my six-months daughter already woke up and tries to wake mother. We smile each other and we begin new day!

At first massage: at first I do fast toning to itself, and then I knead Milena from ears to pyatochek. Then the gymnastics (one of indispensable exercises - to climb up on all fours the father), after which we all family go to have breakfast follows. Milenka already grew to a feeding up and with appetite eats in the morning the portion of vegetable or fruit puree. I allow the daughter most to take a spoon in handles - it very much is pleasant to it. It is so exciting to eat with everything together! The daughter important sits on the high stool, knocks on a table palms and with curiosity studies contents of our plates and cups.

All day long we with Milena are unseparable

and almost we do everything together: we walk, we clean, we prepare to eat and, of course, we play and we develop. The daughter likes to be in kitchen. There so much interesting! Here mother struck a match - and gas was lit, opened the crane - and with noise water began to flow, pressed buttons - and sparks on the microwave oven started blinking. I allow the baby to touch vegetables, fruit, to play with the plastic pans rustling with packages and when I bake something, we surely play with flour. We splash on it palms, we smear on a table, we leave fingerprints. Then, however, it is necessary to clean “snow-covered“ kitchen, but we do it with pleasure. The daughter very much loves the vacuum cleaner - laughs, having caught it, and tries to outvoice noise. I allow Milenke to touch and take a hose and to popolzat around “the buzzing friend“.

Besides morning exercises, we do also day: useful to mother and cheerful for the daughter. I take Milenka on hands and I squat, I do moves by legs, inclinations to the right - to the left. Still we jump on a fitball and we dance. We creep too together. Recently crept under a crib - for Milena it became the real adventure. The daughter studied drawing on wall-paper, scraped a floor, got used to the mysterious twilight. Now we plan to make a trip to the Big Case and to study its contents.

we try to Walk every day. We consider trees, clouds on the street, we listen to chirping of sparrows, cooing of pigeons and sounds of the big city. I take the baby on hands and I allow it to touch leaves, a snowball, cones on fir-trees. The daughter studies everything with very important interest.

U us already two joint hand-made articles of which we very much are proud are! These are prints of Milenkiny handles and legs from the salty test which we presented to grandmothers and grandfathers. The baby with such enthusiasm touched dough, rumpled and pinched it, and then observed how mother cut out, painted and pasted prints on a cardboard basis. We presented to our father prints of palms, only drawn too. Milena actively participated in their creation and constantly tried to snatch out at me a pencil to make the amendments.

Still we very much like to play

together: we hide under a bed-sheet and we watch mysterious shadows of handles, we build ridiculous mugs, we make amusing sounds and we try to repeat them one after another, I will eat cheerful songs.

every day our joint occupations become more interesting and more various than

. I try to look at the world the child`s eyes, and it is decked by a set of bright shades, turning usual into fascinating. Daily affairs do not seem now to me at all boring because we do them together!