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Of what I will nurse I thought when I had my daughter in a tummy. As soon as she was born, she was put to my breast at once. It was unforgettable feeling: the small warm lump begins to look for your nipple and to smack the lips greedy. Here she stuck, it was our first acquaintance. Then we were transferred to separate chamber, I was able nothing and did not know even as - to nurse it. To me the nurse came to train in bases, to show as as. But did not warn that the first times it is necessary to feed no more, than 5 minutes. I gave to the daughter a breast even for 40 minutes - one and another. That I transferred! I think, everyone who gave birth will understand me, - there were most severe pains in a stomach since the uterus began to be reduced, and the next morning - also cracks of nipples. When my doctor came and learned about it, she was shocked. The first days I put the daughter for a couple of minutes because nipple pain was intolerable, and asked dokorm. But already to an extract decided that at home I will do without dairy mix.

was enough

of Milk, the daughter with greed sucked a breast, and I bit a towel at this time and shed tears. But you know, each time brought me great pleasure to feed my baby with the, native milk.

By the end of the first month I faced

one more problem - laktatsionny crisis. I think that everyone passes through it, and there is no recipe from it, everyone looks for and finds the. I was resolute in the actions - at once bought various laktogonny teas and began to drink them, the breast gave to the daughter round the clock. My persistence was not vain. However many was these crises, I coped with all. I do not understand those women who cease to feed the child at the first such problem. It is not an excuse - milk was gone. There is no it, by the nature is put - to bring up the cub. I fought so desperately for each drop that to me all were surprised around, newly made mummies called and asked council. And I was happy that I feed the daughter. Every time thought that I give to the child, first of all, immunity.

But here when to my daughter it was executed half-year, I got sick, and I needed to refuse breastfeeding - it was very heavy, nursing, between mother and the kid there is very close connection, I would tell even dependence. But I decided not to give up, I decanted milk. As it was a pity to pour out him, but I had to do it. The whole week I continued to do it. Hurrah, milk was not gone. What was the happy moment when we with the daughter, having settled more conveniently, were a whole again. The baby becomes more senior, the it is more interesting to watch his actions during feeding, every time something new.

I Feed with

still, the daughter 11 months, and to refuse a breast and we do not gather. It would be desirable to give one advice: mummies, nurse, this such happiness to see and understand that you give to the kid the most valuable in this life is health!!

of Good luck and health!