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The song about a petrel of

We for some reason feel in advance a cold snap, approach of a blizzard, thaw and changes of a magnetic field invisible to us. What to do if the head hurts, in the opinion of an asterisk, mood any?


, the storm will burst soon!

“In response to approach of snowfall or on sharp jump of temperature at the healthy person the system of protection works: the hormonal background is reconstructed, activity of enzymes, the maintenance of platelets and coagulability of blood changes, - the candidate of medical sciences, the neurologist Dmitry Bolotov explains, - and all this occurs quickly, insignificant deterioration in health can be a consequence. At the people weakened, unsportsmanlike, having warmly - vascular and pulmonary diseases, protective reaction sluggish and slowed down“.

Can allocate to

3 types of reactions to weather changing.

Actually metechuvstvitelnost

Symptoms. Weakness, headache, drowsiness, fever, decrease in working capacity, concentration of attention and mood.

What to do. to Seek to pass into type of meteostable. To get enough sleep, give itself pleasures, to swim in the pool, to buy blouses - ear rings, to refuse heavy food, especially in the second half of day, to watch less TV (by the way, one of the leading stress factors). It is possible to pick up a lung soothing - from vegetable means like valerian infusion to a cognac liqueur glass.

Meteopatiya`s (meteodependence)

Symptoms. Pressure jumps, the speeded-up pulse, temperature increase, sleeplessness, dizziness, joint pain, spasms, almost zero working capacity. As a rule, this consequence of chronic diseases or weakening of immune protection from - for flu, ORZ, smoking and a kofemaniya, a serious trauma or a stress.

What to do. to Hold chronic problems in a remission stage, to prepare in advance for a crisis season. To reduce vital speed, to reduce stress level, to avoid irrational intellectual and physical activities.


Symptoms. the same, as at meteodependence, but the person has no of the listed diseases, just is able to wind himself, to program. That is out of a hysterics its pulse and pressure is always normal.

What to do. Matter of course, to the doctor - the neuropathologist, the psychiatrist. Sometimes this problem is solved simply and quickly enough.

of the Resort

From a headache:

28 years of a meteochuvstvitelna are more senior than
of 63% of residents of the large cities. It is the share of 2 male “petrels“ 3 female. From women of intellectual, and especially creative activity, city choleric persons and melancholiacs of weather changing are felt by more than 70%!

For increase of a tone:

Two fingers of both hands it is strong to em to press
  • a hollow at the skull basis behind. It is possible to repeat several times, it increases concentration of attention.
  • Strong grinding of palms and massage of a vorotnikovy zone removes stress and fatigue.

At alarm and irritability:

  • Accept “a pose of the baby“: sitting on a lap, lower buttocks on heels, densely press a breast and a stomach to legs. Now it is necessary to put a forehead on a floor and to link hands in the lock on buttocks. Relax a neck, shoulders, a back and lie down so several minutes.
  • Warm red wine or mulled wine for the night.