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My “pregnant“ trainings of

When I studied at institute, all students of the first courses went to physical culture. All occupations were divided into several sections: OFP, basketball, soccer, karate and our task force. The name it our group was given for its mission as in it there were allegedly not absolutely healthy girls. Of course, everything was not so, just it seemed to all of us that there it is easier. It turned out that all not so, and after a while we renamed group into “special troops“. And so, two charming women were heads of our group, one is slightly more senior, another is slightly younger. That, what is more senior, during occupation amused us all the time, told what we have to be strong, “to carry products from shop“, and at the same time to remain beautiful, to exactly hold a back and to have the tightened tummy. Loadings were given on all groups of muscles. Then I did not know, but now I represent that these in 1,5 hours we made several sets of exercises, for example, as at Cindi Crawford. The trainer reasoned the actions with the fact that we as to women should make much. She spoke:“ the trenirovanny the press, the is easier to carry the baby and to give birth“. We, students 1 and 2 courses, thought that it is still far that all this nonsense and tried to run away from occupations. However then I even more often remembered her words.

Already much later, having graduated from the university, I learned that I will become a mother. I admit honestly that so far studied and worked, time (and maybe special desire) to be engaged in muscles was not. Reanimation, study, watches, examinations and so on did not leave me moral forces on it. But when I understood that I am pregnant, began to think of the health. Yes, late. But better late than never. And then I began to look for to myself sets of exercises for pregnant women that though how to pay damages.

Pregnancy took place

at me sleepy, but I lifted up all myself again and again. In the first trimester doctors forbade to be engaged as there was a pregnancy interruption threat. But in the second trimester everything was adjusted, and I began trainings. Could not go to any specialized centers therefore was engaged houses itself, strictly adhering to instructions of doctors and the trainer on record. If suddenly felt what is bad, at once laid down.

my occupation was based so: 1 stage - warm-up, the 2nd stage - aerobics and 3y - an extension.

At the first stage I warmed muscles, vessels, all body. And classes were given by the pregnant instructor with rather big tummy. The second stage - active part of occupation. Here trained warmly - vascular and respiratory system, gave loads of muscles, burned excess fats. The program included the exercises directed to normalization of venous outflow from podvzdoshny veins and veins of the lower extremities that helped me to cope with hypostases and expansion of veins. And the third stage we together with the instructor were engaged in breath restoration, an extension of the warmed muscles and smooth transition to rest.

I Want to note

that after these occupations mood and health energy of life considerably improved, appeared!

I learned

Closer to the end of pregnancy about one type of trainings - Pilates with a ball. As through all pregnancy I bore a sore waist, occupations in a prone position on a floor or standing were complicated, and on a ball - the fact that it is necessary. By the end of pregnancy exercises on training in tension - to relaxation were especially actual. I comprehended all this by means of video of Pilates with a ball.

of Occupation on a ball gave me special pleasure. On it it was possible just to lie down, sit, drive. Having got a gymnastic ball, I used it instead of a chair all the time. It is very convenient and it is useful for oporno - the motive device.

Remembering my occupations now, I come to a conclusion that physical exercises are useful always, it is only necessary to know the opportunities.

Now after recovered after the delivery, I enjoy communication with the baby and again actively I am engaged. And again houses.