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That we endured

Here I read your stories and as though anew I endure everything. And here 2 years later decided to share the childbirth too.

Pregnancy proceeded perfectly, except for the fact that before each reception at the gynecologist I took a blood test from a vein on antibodies since a Rhesus factor at me negative. But no credits for all pregnancy appeared.

Term to me was put on November 9. And on October 27 I came to the next reception to the gynecologist. She began to feel to me a stomach and in the course of it says that supposedly the head is above, took the call and began to listen to heartbeat. Then told that is not present, the head below and again began to grope it. It appeared, it was already strongly lowered. Also postponed to me date for November 6.

Next day I decided to collect by

a bag in maternity hospital.

I here in the night of October 29 I woke up from a weak nagging pain in the bottom of a stomach. I lie, I listen. Went to a toilet, returned, laid down. I look - 2 o`clock in the morning. Just this night hands were thrown back. I since evening told the husband that today one hour more we will sleep. He at me does not get enough sleep from eternally - for works. I lie, I cannot fall asleep. Pain already became periodic, but all also weak. I awake the, I speak, the stomach hurts 2 hours. He stroked my stomach and told the daughter: “Tanusha, do not brawl!“ And again to sleep.

there Passed 2 more hours, pain amplifies. Time - the 6th mornings, I awake the again and I speak: “I think, it is time to go to a rodilka. It is necessary“. It jumped: “What? Already??“ I say that “yes“. The stomach grabs 4 hours. He called the friend at once and asked to bring us to hospital. That in 10 minutes stood under windows.

I Arrived a rodilka at 7 in the morning. Processed documents and put in prenatal. Hours till 12 in the afternoon I lay quietly and with ease transferred fights. Waters did not depart, the doctor and the midwife periodically checked disclosure. And somewhere the doctor me coolly declared to hours to 2 days: “Today you will not give rise!“ I lie shocked - as “I will not give rise today“!? It becomes already difficult to suffer from pain. I could not go too, only lay on one side and unscrewed fingers. It was so easier for me. An hour more through the 3rd pain already became intolerable. At everything at the same time waters did not depart. And only the stopper departed. The doctor came, looked and told:“ Let`s go to pierce a bubble“.

Disclosure of 6 cm. After waters departed, there were such fights! And Tanyukh plus to everything it was so not happy that was merged by waters, it kicked and pushed madly. Brought the device KTG - began to listen to the child. Told that it is necessary to lie on a back of 15 min. I on a back could not lie at all minutes, all the same turned over sideways. Fights were each 4 minutes. I began to ask to make to me though some anesthetizing prick on what the doctor told me that patrimonial activity can stop from a prick. As ill luck would have it, parents, the husband and all who feel like it began to call... I switched off phone. To explain to all of them what happens to me, there were no forces. Through any time, I do not remember any more what (the consciousness then was muddy), to me the midwife everything is gave an injection but - shpa. But it a little than helped me. Force of fights did not become less, the only thing that fight began to start smoothly and slowly, but is not sharp that even sparks from eyes. The midwife left to process seams to already given rise little girls.

A I lie and I feel that me to grieve the beginning. I think that, maybe, it seemed, and here minutes through two - again. I shout: “Vera Georgiyevna! Approach!“ And it to me from the end of a corridor: “Now - now!“ At me again an attempt! I shout again: “Approach me! Somebody!“ I feel, the head of the child began to make the way from a neck. It is difficult to constrain an attempt, there is a strong wish to be extinguished. The midwife, I to her came running: “My attempts began!“ And it: “I watched you, early still recently!“ I speak: “Look once again!“ She got there and speaks:“ The head at the exit, disclosure not full, not tuzhsya, and that you will tear“. It is easy to tell “not tuzhsya“, this occurs... The midwife ran to call the doctor, brought a pan with any medical tools, on it was written “for childbirth“. And here I, at last, thought that all this will end soon! The vrachitsa came, washes hands and speaks: “Here, Nina, you asked everything when when you give rise. Today you will give rise!“ I speak: “Somewhat quicker!“ And it: “What all of you are bright!“

I here I was told that it is necessary to rise, gave a pure shirt, told to change clothes. The maternity chair was here, in prenatal. I changed clothes and got on a chair. To me allowed to make an effort. What it was pleasure... I speak: “At us on the last ultrasonography saw obvity!“ The doctor speaks: “Well and that, now at every second obvity!“ I calmed down a little, so know what to do in such situations.

Ya I make an effort at an attempt, and I ask every time:“ Leaves? Leaves?“ The midwife speaks: “Give - give, pull, pull!“ The doctor fastened to me on a stomach the sensor to hear heartbeat. It was heard by all, heart fought very slowly. I was frightened, the midwife speaks: “The child turned away, listen in other place“. The doctor, without moving a little, 15 seconds later everything threw with words: “This heart so fights“. Also began me to shout: “Tuzhsya, tuzhsya from all force! Quicker, quicker!“ Also began me an elbow to press on a stomach. At the same attempt the head jumped out (not to be at other loss for words). Told: “Relax!“ And they convulsively began to remove an umbilical cord from a neck. Removed. The doctor cried again: “Tuzhsya, tuzhsya from all force!“ And again began to press on a stomach. And here my girl was born.

Ya leaned back on a back. I did not watch what there occurs, and in several seconds she cried so loudly! In a minute I was told: “Lift a shirt!“ Also put it to me on a stomach. To happiness and simplification there was no limit! It was such damp, grunting, hairy and small! Never I will forget these minutes, now I write, and tears gather in the eyes.

In 5 minutes from me it was taken away, incurred on postnatal procedures, weighing etc. The afterbirth did not want to be born in any way. The doctor says that it is necessary to make an effort, and again leans on a stomach, a uterus - as a brick! But, thank God, the afterbirth was born entirely. The neck was torn on both sides. While I was sewn up, brought me already the daughter, the swaddled lump. The trick is that I had so many forces that with happiness there was a wish to run! I wanted to call all at once and to report. And here I get down from a chair, and I go not on a bed, and to a bedside table which was for some reason in an opposite corner from a bed. I began to get phone. And the vrachitsa speaks to me: “You where?“ I speak supposedly phone is necessary to me. And it:“ Lay down, the daughter wants to eat!“ And here I laid down, to me it was put to a breast, and all dispersed. I turned on phone, there was a heap of unaccepted calls and SMS. Itself began to ring round all! Tanusha was born in 18. 30th weight 3654 gr., 52 cm

me transferred

In 2 hours to chamber, and in 2 hours the children`s nurse came, looked at the child and told that it has a jaundice. Also took away it. Then I fell asleep and overslept all night long, without waking up. Woke up in the morning, in the head fog. Where I? And at once dawned on me - where the child? All yesterday`s events recured to the memory. Rose and went to look for the daughter. On the road I was met already by other nurse (change exchanged), and asked: “You what look for?“ I speak:“ I look for the child“. She led me in children`s office. I come - and there only washing Tanyukh in the couveuse lies, all other empty. I approach, lies golenky under a lamp, in a protective bandage. I look more attentively, and the head some disproportionate. On the top sideways some as a tumor. The manager of children`s office, I with a question comes at once that with the head. And it to me:“ Do not worry, it is a kefalogematoma“. From the fact that to me it was squeezed out and the head as if stumbled about mother`s bone, under skin vessels burst. In weeks 2 - 3 will pass...

With the daughter I could be as much as necessary. Next day I come to the child, and it lies under a dropper. I was frightened - what happened? I again to the doctor, she began to explain to me that the child has a high level of bilirubin, i.e. there was a conflict by birth. I have 1 negative group, and it took 3 positive. And that 3 times a day will take blood on bilirubin level from it. Next day I went to the daughter again, I approach boxing (to a door glass there) and I see - my child was pulled out from the couveuse, the lot of doctors carries out over it some manipulations. I wanted to come there, but I was turned out and asked to wait. These minutes of uncertainty lasted eternity. When all left, let me. The manager told me that there was an obstruction of a vein in which there was a dropper and that it was necessary to open an umbilical vein and to put there a catheter. Because it waves a hand and the needle “walks“ therefore in a hand it is impossible to put. As though they did not know that the child can move with hands, it golenky lies there.

Still told

that the level of bilirubin grows, and it is difficult jaundice, and a hemolytic illness of newborns and that they home do not write out such children therefore they ordered the place in children`s hospital in pathology of newborns. At norm of bilirubin 120, at it was - 240, 260, 280. And here at me tears rushed. I during pregnancy read a lot of literature on GBN. That bilirubin if it does not manage to be lowered, makes toxic impact on TsNS and as a result - autism, cerebral spastic infantile paralysis. The doctor began to calm me that everything will manage etc.

I here we go on “ambulance“ to children`s hospital, I sit and I hold a blanket of which the small nose sticks out. I cannot constrain tears, they slide by itself. We were in hospital of 17 days. Bilirubin decreased for the 10th day, but appeared from where - that leykotsitoz. At norm of leukocytes 6 - 8, the daughter had 26. 2 courses on 10 pricks of antibiotics. Did ultrasonography of all only perhaps and not one time - the heads, internals, umbilical veins. Could not define in any way from where such leukocytes. At an indicator 14 we wrote out home, and in an extract and wrote: “Leykotsitoz of an unknown origin“.

Thank God that everything ended well. Now to us 2 g 2 months. Healthy, clever, active. And for everything that the daughter had to endure at so early age, I love her even stronger!