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Manual training on a bed of

Sooner or later you, will begin to think of how to teach the kid to work and awaken in him desire to do something not only for itself, but also for others. Perhaps, once you use curiosity of the child studying the nature and once it is simple to ask it to help to water to you flowers, to dig greens by a lunch or to pull out “excess“ carrot.

Very useful skills

Why needs to accustom the kid to work? In - the first, useful and feasible work induces to independence, an initiative and responsibility. In - the second, these simple occupations demand from the kid of physical tension, increase endurance, develop imagination and thinking. Performing work, the child thinks of that as how to make what instruments of labor to use, gets acquainted with properties of objects, learns world around, learns to compare, compare, analyze.

Usually three - four-year-old children with pleasure take part in the real adult affairs. Doing something real and receiving results of work, the kid like special feeling of own importance. Use his curiosity and concede part of the work or suggest to execute some assignment. Before it do not forget to explain how it is correct to carry out this or that action, tell something new, interesting, informative.

we Work, playing

of If to pull for a magnificent tail of one of inhabitants of a grandmother`s bed, then in hands there can quite be a carrot and very similar to that which mother adds to soup. it is unclear why it lies here, in the earth? Really all this is the truth that bread does not grow on trees, and tomatoes redden on the sun?

Of course, not each activity in itself can cause desire to participate in it in the kid. To motivate it to act, you can use special receptions. begin with

Patience and attention

, How many interesting around! It appears, flowers are able to drink water! But how they do it if they have no mouth?

If the child seriously was fond of “garden works“, make especially for it a separate bed. At first you descend together in shop: let he will choose to himself a shovel, a rake, a bucket, a watering can (do not forget that the stock has to correspond to its growth and forces). Then start garden affairs. If your kid is not four years old yet, charge to it to collect the weeded backs in a bucket, to children is more senior suggest to dig over a bed piece. Before landing of seeds play “shop“: let the child will learn to distinguish seeds of peas, vegetable marrows, cucumbers, carrots. After you stop watering planted sprouts or seeds, tell the child that the success of work will depend on that, how carefully he will begin to look after landings. From time to time remind him what needs to be observed what changes happen on beds whether the earth dried up. In the fall when you are engaged in planting of trees, suggest the kid to plant a sapling:“ Let`s plant a tree which will grow together with you. You will look after him, it will become higher, and you - are more adult“.

That work went more cheerfully, learn some new rhymes or think up cheerful riddles.

do not forget

that children attentively watch your behavior and copy almost all actions of adults. Be for them a worthy example. Do not forget that approval and a praise can inspire them to make still something useful. That the kid could estimate results of the work itself, ask it questions, for example: “Tell, how are you on your kitchen garden?“