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9 months … And all life!

of 9 months to a meeting with the son

to me 41. And I am pregnant. Shock! Having hardened, I looked at two magic strips of red color. At that moment Robinson Crusoe when he saw a trace of the person on sand had an expression of my person as. Pleasure and fear! Happiness and ignorance what to do with this happiness. My God, how many years I looked at tests waiting for a miracle and when it happened, was not ready to it any more. I speak “already“, but not “still“. Having recovered a little, tried to assess a situation soberly. The first thought was to make abortion. Already finally having sobered up, understood that it is impossible to anger God. I called the girlfriend. She very much worried, listening to my assumptions of pregnancy. The repeated test showed positive result too. Any more I did not begin to speak to anybody about it.

the Storm of emotions overflowed me. The next days I lived dreamily. My God, I can have a child! It was necessary to pay visit to the doctor rather. When I went to consultation, was for some reason sure that the doctor will convince me not to keep pregnancy: age, hypertension and so on. But all turned out on the contrary. I with gratitude remember the district doctor - the gynecologist and I want to tell her name - Ayrapetyan Arshaluys Surenovna. When after survey she told me that I am really pregnant, I sat down on a couch and burst out crying. Knowing my long-term problems, she was surprised:

- Here the silly woman, chtozh you cry? It is necessary to rejoice. So the destiny smiles not to each woman!

Ya shared the fears and doubts: probably, I will do abortion. I opened a strong age complex.

- So! Do not take in head to do a stupid thing. I will help you, and we will do together everything to keep pregnancy, and we will make everything that it proceeded normally. Miracles are not made in vain, everything will be remarkable, and the healthy kid will be born!

Having got such support, I was a little inspired. It was necessary to tell the husband. These days we were with it at odds, and he lived at himself. After work I made it an appointment in the subway. Every time when I saw at cinema a scene where the woman reports to the partner that she is pregnant, represented how it will occur in my life. Here and on my street the holiday, I in a leading role came! When we met Sergey at station, I showed him two tests and asked:

- You understood, what is it?

are samplers of spirits?

are a congratulation! We with you are pregnant!

At the person the mouth literally opened, expression of eyes became silly - silly.

- And what we will do now?!

- I will do abortion, - decided to tease him a little.

- do not take in head!

- Well, you sit here on a shop, realize, and I went home.

Sat down in an electric train and left, and it remained to sit all the same confused. Even it grieved me to leave him in such place and in such state. I knew that all years which we with it lived together he dreamed of the son, of Andryushke.

Later we stayed at home and already seriously discussed a situation. Sergey had two daughters from first marriage, at me nobody. Therefore he told:“ For you full authority of the choice, I will agree with any your decision. If you decide to give birth - means, we will give birth and raise the child. I will pray that it was the son“.

we were married

By that moment 5 years. We met Sergey very romantically and ridiculously. Our general friend long persuaded me to get acquainted with his foreman. I was divorced and in the choice of men is very picky, with the overestimated requirements. Joking, I told the friend:

- Marrying, I have very specific taste on men: it has to be dense, thickset, average height, almost bald (to me bald men are nice) and it is obligatory with brown eyes.

Zhenya somehow strange scratched a nape and answered:

- You know, it such also is!

All - I refused, not the supporter I such acquaintances: a forehead in a forehead. I can not be pleasant to it, or it to me, and it will be awkward, and there will be a disappointment.

However after a while Zhenka called me and reported that the crew brought to me the groom directly to an entrance and does not accept objections. I as could quickly put on and looked forward to visitors. However to the apartment only the messenger rose and told that the main character is afraid to go out of the car! I had most to go down on the street. Having approached the car, I addressed Sergey:

- If you hesitate further, and will leave home the groom!

Sergey left under light of a lamp. I was convinced that it completely corresponds to the description, and with ease in soul invited all on a visit. But, it appears, children had a small secret: they it is reserved brought Seregu to the place of my work, and he considered me in all its aspects. Business remained only for me. And I then paid attention that some man several times passed by me and appraisingly inspected. I then stood with the girlfriend and I speak to her:“ Look, some strange man passed there and back and everything inspects me. And it anything, interesting“. I also could not assume that it is my future spouse and the father of my child!

Literally in a week our acquaintance smoothly flowed in family life. Knives were sharpened, locks were greased, all bulbs were inserted, the furniture was repaired! My mother was very happy. Sergey on a middle name was Aleksandrovich, and my brother was called Sergey Aleksandrovich. All of them three were born under the sign of Scales. Oh, and it is difficult for me the Maiden with Scales.

the Most ridiculous that Sergey in the first month of our acquaintance spoke to me:

- Hare, you sorry, but I will not offer a marriage to you.

In few months persuaded to get married.

- Hare, you sorry, but if you got acquainted with me only to give birth to the child, then it is not necessary to use me so.

in few months:

- Tosha, let`s make Andryushka!

In general, Sergey turned out very kind (even too), the compliant, cheerful person. And Jack of all trades. And he sincerely wanted to have the son. But in 37 years I did not plan to give birth to the child any more, to Sergey then there were 40. And here 5 years later - such surprise!

my new life of the pregnant woman Began

. Policlinic, analyses, measurements and fears. When I went for the first ultrasonography, as in a joke, thought: and suddenly will resolve. But the doctor told:“ Well, well, the baby develops normally, 11 weeks“. Here in me the first time something maternal moved. And when the first time heard a beating of his heart, here and there is nothing to speak! Frankly speaking, I only after Andryusha`s birth understood what fine state - to be a pregnant woman.

In the first months of pregnancy to me one funny case happened. I was going to go somewhere and as this day the prenatal record of the woman in labor was not necessary to me, wanted to lay out it from a bag. But at night the dream dreamed me that I show it to someone. Put the card back in a bag. I stand on the bus-stop, the bus with a turnstile approaches (then they still were a rarity). I and the young pregnant girl with already decent tummy flocked at doors for an exit. I still was surprised why the driver so quickly tried to close them. We entered the bus and were going to punch tickets a puncher. But the man standing nearby with a smile told:“ There is a turnstile, and if you managed to slip in the bus through an exit, can pass free of charge“. And at the following stop two guys - the controller enter. Approach the girl:

- your ticket?

- I could not punch it.

- you Pay a penalty of 100 rubles

- I will not pay, at me the trip without ticket incidentally turned out, I will pay journey now.

- Pay a penalty! Or go out of the bus!

- do not touch me, you do not see that I am the pregnant woman?

the Bus costs

. Controllers to me:

- you Pay a penalty.

- I will not pay too.

- Go out of the bus!

- And I too the pregnant woman! Now we with the girl will get agitated and we will give rise directly in the bus!

here one of guys speaks

I in a mocking tone:

- My God! Woman! You look at yourself what you the pregnant woman?

Ya with a type of the winner I get an obmenka and directly before a nose to the controller I stick. He was very puzzled with this fact, but there is nothing to do. Guys gave up.

Me, of course, it was a little offensive for

for itself. Again reminded about age.

I told

to the mother about pregnancy only at the beginning of the third month. Mother all complained why so often began to feel sick me, and asked to descend to the therapist. It was necessary to admit. She did not sleep all night long, I heard how it turns in a bed. In the morning mother went to shop, got agitated, fell and broke a hand. It was on February 23. My God, as she endured about me everything the next months. How there will take place childbirth whether the kid will be born healthy whether there will be enough at us with Sergey forces and years to grow up the child? She considered too that happiness came too late. Just to this period on television there were many reportings on how forces, health and money women put on becoming pregnant and giving birth to the child. And here all by itself happened! And mother calmed down a little.

In twenty weeks I again with nervousness went for the second ultrasonography on which have to define a sex of the child. Having made survey, the doctor with confidence told that there will be a boy, and handed me an ultrasonography picture. On it our future little son sat as on the picture: facing the audience, on buttocks, having extended legs, also sucked a finger. Everything was visible remarkably. This first photo to be stored in an album for memory now. It seemed that the baby very clearly shows: “If you look, then you look, I am boy. I did not disappoint you!“ The husband was in the seventh heaven. We already knew that the little son will be Andryusha.

I transferred

Despite the age, pregnancy remarkably, but the doctor in consultation decided to make secure and put me in maternity hospital at 1 - oh to Town hospital. She was confused by my small stomach, and it was necessary to check development of a fruit. Thank God, everything was normal. In chamber I got acquainted with very attractive woman from Dagestan. It had an interesting name - Aramat, but at its request all called her Tamara. She was the interesting interlocutor and very cheerful person. We spoke with Tamara much and laughed much. She was my age, but gave birth already the third time. Somehow we shared with each other the most intimate dreams. Tamara told me about the prompt courtship, a fast wedding, in her life there was no white dress and a veil. And I told that I in life made a lot of things: itself built the house at the dacha, a nasazhala of trees, and has not the luck to give birth to the child. To me all the time seemed how I in maternity hospital show the been born kid in a window to the father. I dreamed of it.

- Here you see, - I dispelled our grief, - my dream will come true. Will be and you have a white dress on your next wedding anniversary!

When I went to the decree, to our beauty shop where I worked, 5 years were executed. The collective celebrated this solemn date at smart restaurant “Orlenok“ in the Greek hall. We came to restaurant together with Sergey. Evening became unforgettable. In total - I drank a little wine and under incendiary music went to a dance (on life I am a big fan of discos). Andryushka strongly was indignant, but I risked! For us tremendous little girls, all beauties as work for selection. From the neighboring halls all free staff of restaurant was brought up to look at our fun. At the end of the evening our director on behalf of all collective told very warm words in my address, sincerely rejoicing for my happiness. And we with Sergey were handed huge - a huge bouquet from 25 magnificent roses. I did not even expect it! Also it was so sad: I understood that in my life some certain period ended. I am waited by new life.

I was dripped by

From spring to September on beds at the dacha. Neighbors called me by an ekstrimalka. I surprised them too. The term of childbirth to me was determined on September 13. One week prior to this date I laid down in obstetric office at the 68th city hospital. To me appointed operation of Cesarean section not to risk health of the child and mine. The child had to be born with a small weight, I was warned about it from the very beginning of pregnancy: age plus hypertension. I all the time had a small tummy. Doctors laughed: “The girl, give rise - a cap on what we will dress?“ I answered:“ There would be a head, and the hat will be dressed somehow“. It is not necessary to describe with what feelings and emotions the woman waits for birth of the precious kid! And in we wash a case especially. I already counted up hours to a meeting with Andryusha.

Operation was appointed to September 12, Monday. Mother too on Monday gave birth to me. In the morning the chamber included the anesthesiologist and by a loud voice asked:

- Where this miracle of the nature which was going to give birth?

Ya somehow at once guessed that it about me. Yes, young was elderly! Rolled a wheelchair, and carried me... A way from chamber to the operating room - a difficult way. It is terrible to lay down under an anesthesia, it is terrible how there will take place operation and that will be then. What the child will be born? But other feeling was stronger! More likely, it is rather! While there was an operation, I flew on a labyrinth and everything looked for an exit. Then heard a voice:“ Natalya, if you hear me, shake hands with me“. And I reaped someone`s hand. My consciousness came back to me: my sonny at last was born. I felt pain when I was sewn up, but it did not concern me any more!

Gradually I depart from an anesthesia in chamber of intensive therapy. Still “drunk“, I find the mobile phone and I try to call the husband. I tell something to someone. As then it appeared, got to the brother`s wife. At last carry Andryusha!

- Well, mummy, kiss the kid!

Ya I give smacking kiss to him in a cheek and scaredly I ask:

- And why at it one eye is closed? It is healthy?

- Healthy, healthy! Just one eye sleeps.

was born Andryush`s

weighing 2600 g and 48 cm in height

In postnatal office in chamber with me the young woman with very nice surname Tseluyko lay. At it the boy weighing 2600 g was born too. Doctors laughed:“ At first there were girls - elephants, went then scanty boys!“

in maternity hospital me was not left All next week by feeling of a cosiness and rest. Brought to us on feeding of kids. I received congratulations from the family and friends. There was a mad wish to sleep! Now I understood why in the last month pregnancy wanted to sleep all the time and was fallen down. It the dream stock was postponed for the next 20 years. We were very tasty and nourishingly fed - as at home. Doctors and nurses were attentive and friendly. It was lucky me with maternity hospital. I in prayers thank to this day doctors who helped to be born Andryushe. And the most important - I showed our kid to the father in a window!

When kids was carried to mummies on feeding, I recognized Andryushka by crying: he the Basque cried out “kVA“. The father and called him further - Kvak`s Young frog.

day of an extract Comes, and I sit on a bed and I roar. Little girls ask:

- You what cry?

- you Present to

, lived till 42 years and I do not know what to do with the child when home I arrive. Here - that everything is clear under the sensitive guide of doctors.

- Anything! You will stay day, night you will hold on, further everything like clockwork will go. The instinct will prompt!

I here we gather with Andryusha home. As to me it is terrible. The nurse developed my kid in the vypisny room, and I the first time saw its golenky. Very silly the phrase was heard:“ Oh, I cannot take such small, I am afraid of it“. Yes, I looked ridiculously. Well, anything. Eyes are afraid, hands do. We, at last, gathered and left... There were we absolutely in new life: new to me, for the husband, for a synula. I “sank“ in the tears, the husband tremblingly examined the successor, mother laughed with happiness for me, the beloved girlfriend Marinochka directed a photoshoot, and the brother`s wife Svetlana tried “to return all on the earth“.

Andryusha`s Birth became, perhaps, the most expensive gift for all members of our family: On September 16 I was 42 years old; On September 25 - mother`s anniversary of 65 years; On September 29 anniversary at the husband - 45 years. Here so Andreyka tried!

About how the first year difficult was given us, and should not be said. All mothers on light know it. If not my Serega, I long could not come round. The first two weeks he was both a father, and mother, taught me to all knowledge of care of the child. I remember myself the first months, and it seems to me that was not really good mother. I could not sleep, could not leave where I will want and when I want, I snatched a meal. All limited my freedom to which I so got used.

my love to Andryushe grew at

together with it. He was surprisingly the clever and cheerful child. Now he is 3 years old, he infinitely pleases all of us. And I, looking at it, I ask myself a question: how I would live without you, Andryushenk? Also I do not find the answer!

Every day I thank God and destiny that I have a son that it is healthy.

My God, help me to grow up it the Person!

of 9 months to a meeting with mother


is considered to be that the soul is installed in the person while it is born. I am sure that my soul lives with that moment when I only arose. And there was this sacrament on the eve of a cheerful New Year`s holiday. At last 2005, year of my birth came. I very long waited for it. To put it briefly, I - a New Year`s miracle for mine the father and mothers, the real kinder - a surprise!

even I know

Ya that there will be Andreykoy. I admit in confidence: I rummaged in mother`s memory and opened one of files where the father all the time asks to make to it Andryushka. Here I also thought: Probably, it about me“.

Being already adult, and to me the second month in a tummy at mother went, I suddenly understood that nobody guesses my existence yet, and it became a little sad. As it so!? Well harmony. I am not proud, I will wait.


B one of fine days felt some vanity, and the mother`s heart fighting nearby was clogged quicker. Aha! I am found! From this day began to care for me and to live it became more cheerful. I quite often laughed at how the father and mother guess who I am: boy or little girl. Having glanced in a mother`s dream, I gave the small hint. Parents bring me home, and mother speaks: “Let`s look at last whom we brought“. “And you that, you do not know still, our boy were born“, - the father answered. This dream gave hope to the father that it at last will have a successor. When I was twenty weeks old, to mother made some ultrasonography, and the doctor convincingly told:“ You have a boy for all 100% “. My secret was opened.

you do not imagine

how it is difficult - to mature! I worked on myself every day, I changed. Learned to move with handles and legs, tasted the fingers. I learned to hear and listen, learn voices of the father and mother. Being put to bed for the night, I always heard a father`s voice, it sang to me songs. And mother asked it to tell about some multiplication table, allegedly children at my age remember better. Here what I remembered on all the future life - it is a wonderful sound of rumbling of our car. It was so sweet to fill up under noise of the motor. And then, where I was, having appeared in the car, I knew that I houses. In off-duty time I submitted what beautiful mine the father and mother as they will love me. Dreamed as there will take place our first meeting.

In two months prior to the beginning of my Hera I visited restaurant. About that to sit quietly, there was no speech also. Mother so danced under “Latino“, as I had to show what I am ready for! For the best pair dance with mother presented us a huge bouquet of roses of her fellow worker. The father was with us too, but I was the main partner all the same.

me was taken out All summer on the dacha. I felt inflow of fresh air, heard murmur of the forest. The sun shone brighter. In the evenings I caught a smell of the earth, damp from dew, I liked this smell. And as the rain rustles! When, at last, I am able to feel its cool?!

the Desire to leave a snug home at mother grew at

in a tummy every day and became almost intolerable. I guessed that my life will change soon. But, strange, uncertainty did not frighten me, and, on the contrary, attracted. And here I understood that I am ready to changes, I needed to be helped only a little. One fine morning strong nervousness of mother as then was felt... Around others voices, a roar and even laughter were distributed. To me it became a little terrible, but I kept the good fellow. Then there came the deafening silence, even mother`s heart, appear, stopped. And suddenly - light! It is a lot of light! And huge desire to cry. And I cried: “Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! I was born!“

“Let!“ - I shouted. “Let there will always be a sky! Let there will always be mother! Let there will always be I!“ There came my era!