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To help others

to my son in two weeks will be executed five years. We together with it play and we draw, we walk and to skate. We together prepare for school, we solve different problems and we attend the developing classes. We together go to theaters, we read books in library. All family we go to the winter ice town near a big fir-tree and we ride from a hill. We have a heap of games for development of his memory, attention, small motility.

But I want to tell

about how we together helped other children. To the thrown children who were left without parents. And these children in hospitals of our city. One. Without mother, without her smile, without its attention. For these children in our city the charity event on collecting the disposable diapers “Dry Bottom“ was carried out. In 2006 such action was in Moscow, then in other cities of our country. In the past, 2008, and in our city there were not indifferent people, collected for children the whole heap of diapers.


the Organizer of an action the website of Krasnoyarsk parents of krasmama acted. ru, and I learned about this action and became its participant. I needed to make boxes which we wanted to install in collection points for diapers. Long I could not decide how to turn an ordinary cardboard box both bright and colourful. Moreover such that people understood sense of an action at the first view of it. Tried to paint them, to glue children`s wall-paper, but everything was not that...

my son sat next and drew. It has many drawings. Generally he draws when I cook a dinner in kitchen. I paste some drawings in its personal photo album which serves at us as the photoreport. In all its drawings I put date and I put in the folder, then, when I begin to paste a photo in free time, I choose the most characteristic drawings for that period of life, and I insert into an album.

of Such drawings and much this time. Still its drawings from age 2, and lay 3 years, could not throw out everything. It is a pity somehow. And here their time has come,! We together with it took color paper, wall-paper that there were from the last repair, a leaflet of the stock “Dry Bottom“ also its drawings. We together chose what drawing can be pasted on this party of a box, and what on another. So we pasted over all four boxes with its drawings, applications. At the end of this operation at us drawings already came to an end, and I asked synulyu to draw again. It with pleasure helped mother. Then I also told it what the action why I glue these boxes is.

should part these boxes on all mine with “ward“ to points of collecting Now. It were drugstores, children`s library and couple of supermarkets. I could make only in the day off. Here it is a pity that our father just worked this day! And the action already starts, on television there passed the plot, people call and ask where it is possible to bring the help to children. I managed to find one more good person, already on other website, automobile, and he agreed to help to part these boxes in the day off (persons interested to help there were, likely, about ten). Here we with the son early in the morning on Saturday load boxes in the minibus. We are helped by Oleg, he is not a driver, works as it appeared, in a photo salon, but an inveterate avtorushnik and very sympathetic person. In each point we install a box, we hang up the poster. The son is already aware of an action, knows that mother collects diapers. He, of course, forgot for a long time how he went in same! Now with surprise considers in a drugstore “Pampers“, “Hagissa“ and “Libero“. I answer also his questions “and as it is dressed“, and “why they cannot write to a pot“, is surprised, as itself there was the same kid.

During a week to me were called from a supermarket and told that our box costs incorrectly, it is advisable to move it. Next Saturday again we together with the son go to this supermarket. Communicated to the marketing specialist, reinstalled a box. I asked permissions to stand in shop and to distribute leaflets the buyer. The matter is that we are (forumites) also in the evenings and on the weekend within three weeks stood in supermarkets and distributed to buyers of a leaflet. If someone from people could buy and bring diapers right now, then we with gratitude accepted them. In this supermarket we had no preliminary arrangement and it is located far from my house. “But if we arrived, maybe, we will a little communicate to people?“ - I thought. Took with the son the cart - an avtomobilchik where purchases are put. It took the wheel, and I began to distribute and answer all to the entering buyers of a leaflet questions of become interested. We with the son spent about 2 hours in a supermarket, he helped me to distribute and put leaflets diapers in the cart. Here so we with it also collected about 12 packs of diapers. This collecting was our only joint action in this action, then we carried out all collecting without children.

in the Evening of the house we together with it sorted its old toys - rattles, and decided them to give to children too. In a garden the son told how we collected diapers for children who have no mother, and proudly bragged that at our place on a case of collected diapers to the ceiling.

I do not know

Ya whether correctly I arrived, having told that children are thrown too. That there are orphanages. The only thing, I could not answer his question “why“ distinctly. Why it is done by mothers? But tried to assure that we with the father will never throw him. And fear per se that it will throw I did not read in his eyes. And unless there can be such fear at the child whom mother nursed almost till two years?

the Son becomes more senior than

, can already realize that there is both a need, and loneliness. I tell it about our “formchansky“ affairs of the help to negative children.

Together to help the grandmother, to give a helping hand to the friend, to help foreign person just like that because you are a person too, - here to what I first of all want to teach him. Since the childhood to cultivate in it feeling of compassion and to teach to give help to other needing people. It is not enough in our society so now. To me, of course, it is important that he grew up the clever, developed person, but if it at the same time is kind and sympathetic - it will be for me the best indicator of success of my education.