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Whether that night was so awful?

lie at me on hands my treasure Now... And now, after a while after the delivery, when also postnatal pains departed, it is thought to me that for the sake of such happiness with pink cheeks, growth in 52 cm it was possible to suffer more. Though then so it did not seem to me...

all Began

in the morning on May 4. By this time my gynecologists in consultation already stood over me as two mountains with angry faces, claiming that I perekhazhivat and “it would already be time to give rise long ago“ - there were 40 - 41 week. Generally, I decided to go to maternity hospital especially as unusually pulled a back and a stomach...

Arrived there, looked at me in reception, “helped“ a little. The benefit, this day I got on survey to the manager. She looks very painfully, but then I understood that it is nonsense.

generally, all these surveys properly “stimulated“ me, and fights began with the middle of day. At first rare and not too painful, then even more often more painfully... I went quiet and happy, stirred by phone and rejoiced that I will see the baby soon, it will become easier.


About 23 hours to me made an enema, and exactly in 00. 00 I came to be in a rodbloka. Then I understood that all women need to conduct tour in a rodblok in advance as the fear of the unknown holds down at the sight of all this even more... However, it was only interesting to me as I - the physician and just adore any medical pieces.

Brought me into the box where there was a bed simple, maternity, a table and a set of any devices. I looked round, quietly laid down and began to sleep. My dream was interrupted by fights, but they were more than tolerant. Soon after me began to shake everything, and I could do nothing with it. I will long not tell that fights became stronger, and intervals between them - are shorter... You perfectly know about it. Hours to 4 mornings I still wrote sms and spoke by phone with the husband which so became hysterical what not that to fall asleep, he could not sit in place, the poor thing mine as he worried that night! Especially those 5 hours which I did not write and did not answer...

After four in the morning to me it became sharp worse.... Especially after punctured a bubble (but later in the card saw - “early izlity waters“). Well, I wanted to throw phone about a wall - there was a wish to write and call nobody. I began to howl, turn in a bed, to ask anesthesia. As ill luck would have it, friends began to wake up both called, and called... Or wrote SMS: “What you are silent? How are you doing?“

To me different midwifes came all the time, and everyone dinned that “childbirth should be fulfilled“ (the same I was said the day before by the mother-in-law and as you understand, it enraged me terribly). And so, everything is good, all of them are right, but! What does it mean? How to understand it? Any infection did not explain.

Then I raped one midwife the questions “how many still it will last“. As though she knew... And she promised me to a half of the eighth. Having aimed for hours, I lay an hour more 2 or 3 and, of course, to a half of the eighth did not give rise.

Shift change. All disappeared somewhere. Here I feel... Learned to a paste! It is an attempt! As I will shout: “Me grieves! Me grieves!“ Not from surprise, not for pleasure the young fellow, the doctor who stayed in a rodbloka all night long came running, went watched me sometimes. Looked, told that else early.

I Lie... And here my rescuer comes. She approached at once, examined me both accurately and it is clear explained what should be done. I, of course, howled, but already was at business!

We began to learn to make an effort. Olechka so well helped me! Pressed legs to ears, said what should be done... When it was near, somehow at once it became easier for me. It was an air drink in outer darkness of pain and fatigue.

When we learned to make an effort, and the head was near, we quickly got on a maternity table. There fastened boot covers on legs and began to give birth. “Tuzhsya! Crap!“ I very much strained a diaphragm and began to squeeze out masyu mine. Here I see, the chief physician of maternity hospital comes into chamber. Beautiful doctor! And behind it still the whole suite.“ Where all of them were located? At night boxing was less, it seems“.

It suited

, looked and, without thinking twice, laid down to me on a stomach, helping to squeeze out my little girl. And I all made an effort, then felt how I was cut and then removed a head. At once it became easier. The little body jumped out in seconds and... all.

“Why does not shout?“ - I asked, without differing in originality. “We do not give,“ - Olya answered. And here I heard crying of my daughter. Strange, but I did not cry when it was put to me on a stomach. Looked also at all. “Who?“ - Olya asked, bringing the baby to my nose. I speak:“ Girl“. And then quickly - quickly the daughter was dressed and put to be heated.

we gave rise Then to an afterbirth, but it is already not really interesting. Then I was sewed by the attending physician who very much was nervous itself because she was pregnant and did not know what to do to her. And therefore it sewed painfully, nervously and raising the voice, but it already too does not matter. Because in several meters from me my daughter lay!! Small, volosatenky (dark in whom - it is unclear, we with the husband svetlenky both).

“My bittock! Know and remember always, I love you most on light! You and father! And I will give nobody in offense“.

In postnatal chamber those 6 hours which it is impossible to rise I could not fall asleep in spite of the fact that I did not sleep nearly 2 days. I just looked at the my baby sleeping in a bed and blamed myself for bad behavior. To it it was terrible too...