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Big travel: New 2009 I with the family decided to meet a practical advice of

in Paris. But as it is much simpler to buy inexpensive air tickets to Germany, than to France, and our route became here such difficult. We arrived to Cologne, spent the night there, went by train to Paris in the morning, spent 4 days there, went to the Disneyland. Then went by train to Belgium, there spent 2 days - lived in Brussels, and for one day went to Bruges. Then from Brussels returned to Cologne, spent days there and early in the morning with a huge regret returned to Moscow.


For the organization of a similar trip to you will need the Internet, the cash card and it is a little patience. Also be still bought by guides to all points of a route - will not damage.

Air tickets

Are many airlines of system of Lowe - kost. Differ from usual in the fact that any luggage which is checked in in a luggage compartment is paid. Five euros if to declare baggage at the time of purchase of the ticket and ten euros directly in port. Onboard feed for additional money. For the rest - the regular plane.

We flew Germanwings airline from Vnukovo. Still Airberlin flies to Germany.

the Air ticket is reserved by

on the website of the company, right there paid with a credit card. The electronic ticket comes to your mail, it should be unpacked and with it to arrive to the airport.

Almost all hotels I reserved

of Hotel via the website www. booking. com. Very distinct and sensible website, in Russian, is cheaper than the price of many hotels than if to reserve directly. Besides you reserve, to you instant confirmation comes to mail, you unpack it and then show in hotel. Failures on was, numbers waited for us, the prices corresponded to declared.

Even at the choice of hotel can be guided by the website www. tripadvisor. com. On this website tourists express the opinion on hotels and restaurants, there is a rating. There I found our Parisian hotel.

the Visa

I took


of the Visa in the French Embassy. The list of necessary documents is on the website of the visa center. It is possible to register in reception on the Internet, it is possible to come without record. It is enough to have at itself a reservation of hotel via the website, accommodation fee is not required. I still brought train tickets between the cities as confirmation that we really go to France through Germany, but it is optional. Notarial permission of the second parent to evacuation of the child has to be translated into French, and the translation is certified by the notary.


Between Cologne and Paris, Paris and Brussels, Brussels and Cologne we went by the international train Thalys. From Cologne to Paris the train goes 4 hours, 4 times a day go. We went by train in 7. 13. From Paris trains go to Brussels much more often, almost each hour to go an hour and a half. From Brussels to Cologne 2,5 hours of driving, trains go 6 times a day.

it is better for p to buy Tickets in advance, it is much cheaper - in one and a half - two times. Procedure such is. You choose concrete flight on the website, you reserve the necessary number of tickets, you point a full name and age of the passenger, a desirable arrangement of places (at a window, at pass, a corner to four). The system gives you possible tariffs for this flight, reserve, pay with a credit card, receive confirmation. Surely at once unpack it because to me, for example, the promised confirmation did not come to mail. Then with this listing you go to cash desk at the station, you show the credit card and you receive tickets.

can carry out the Same procedure on the website of the German railroads.

They send to

tickets on a surface mail, in an envelope. I so bought the first tickets, to Paris. At me everything normally reached.

I will write

in detail on the cities Now as as it is necessary to make to save money, nerves and time.


Transport. From the airport to you needs to reach the city. It is very simple. You look for at the airport S - bahn, it is such electric train designated by a badge S in a circle. You need a route S - 13 Troisdorf. You go to the Central station (Hauptbahnhof). It is also the downtown. The electric train goes each 10 minutes, there are minutes fifteen. The ticket should be bought in the automatic machine, the adult, 1,20 children`s costs 2,40 euros. How to use automatic machine: you find number of station necessary to you in the list (Hauptbahnhof or Hbf is a station, or Koeln/Bonn Airport/Flughafen is the airport). You dial number of station on the display, you press adult (Erwachsene) or children`s (Kind), you lower money, you receive the ticket. It is not necessary to punch. Information for physically disabled people - elevators is everywhere, even to a cathedral it is possible to rise on the elevator.

In Cologne cannot get lost, the cathedral is visible from everywhere, so it is huge.

Hotel. I Can recommend the same Domappartement hotel where we lived. From S - an electric train of 5 minutes on foot. Big apartments, drawing room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom. And it is cheap - 65 euros. The only thing, is not present the elevator therefore try to ask the first floor when booking. And here still the important point is the whole complex of the apartments scattered on the city. You need Domappartement (Cathedral Apartment) or Domapartment Roja. Consider it when booking.

Still directly in the station the Ibis hotel is. It is the international network of budget decent hotels, for a lodging for the night - most that. There is one - and double rooms, there are no threes.

of Sight. Main and almost only - the Cologne cathedral (Dom). Statistically, it is the most visited sight of Germany. He deserves attention, believe. Free entrance. If there is time, remain on service (in the afternoon at 12 o`clock) - the body very beautifully sounds. It is possible to rise by a tower (on foot, there is no elevator).

Still from interesting - the ropeway through Rhine, the Flora/Zoo subway, is closed in the winter.

Good shopping, a shopping street of Hohe Strasse begins

directly from a cathedral, will not miss.

to eat and drink. to Drink Koelsch, of course. This local light beer easy. Is - a pork leg with stewed sourcrout (Eisbein mit Sauterkraut). Drei Koenige (scrub Koenig - three kings) - meat of three types in one plate too with cabbage. Cakes, pies tasty.


Transport. the Train arrives to the Northern station - Gare du Nord (and from here goes to Brussels). Here in cash desks it is possible to receive your further railway tickets.

Underground transport in Paris happens two types - the  è RER subway. Between them it is full of stations of changes. They differ in the fact that the subway goes across Paris, and RER leaves from - under lands and goes to suburbs. Information for physically disabled people: it is well-known that in Paris very convenient and branched subway with small stages between stations. But do not write anywhere that it is awfully inconvenient for the people experiencing difficulties at movement. The unreal quantity of ladders, are not enough escalators and there are practically no elevators. Sometimes, to pass from station to station, it was necessary to rise several times - to go down. For example, the Barbes Rochechouart station became just deification - it was necessary to go down from high open elevated station under the earth. On an abrupt iron ladder.

stock up with

with the small photos In advance (3 × 4 or 5 × 6, all the same). They will be necessary for you for purchase of the ticket by the subway. If you arrived to Paris at the beginning of a week (pn. - W.) buy cards oranzh. This is the travel card by the subway and RER. Costs 16 euros for week for 1 and 2 zones. Buy also on children too, it pays off. Affects all means of transport: subway, RER, buses, monmartrobus and funicular.

you Buy

so: you give to the cashier of the photo and you speak: An (Troyes, boat) cards oranzh ebdomader sil vu to a pla (to Une (to deux, trois, quatre) carte orange hebdomadaire s? il vous plait) - One (two, three, four) orange cards for a week, please. The cashier gives you the card with your pasted photo and the week coupon to it, all this in a small book. There it is necessary to enter a full name (Latin, of course). The coupon should be thrust into a turnstile, to wait until it leaves, to take away it and to pass. The same should be made also at the exit. Soon, however, cards oranzh goes out of use, instead of it will be the Navigo cards. It the same, but is 5 euros dearer, and it is necessary not to roll, and to put to a turnstile, as at us. Navigo of violet color.

If you arrived in the middle or in a weekend, then you should buy Paris Visite (the same travel card, but for tourists, and is more expensive, respectively) or the kayena - a book from tickets on one trip. Karne, by the way, is children`s - in the half-prices.

Hotel. With pleasure I will recommend our hotel - Hotel de Souets **.

the Hotel is in Latin quarter, near the subway and RER Seong - Michel. A direct branch to Gar du Nord and to the airport Charles de Gaulle. 10 minutes on foot to Notr - I Will give. Numbers are pure, nice, a bathroom big. A breakfast for surcharge, continental - jam, oil, rolls, croissants, freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee, cocoa, tea. I booked a room directly in hotel, wrote via the website. Triple cost 140 euros a day. The hotel was pleasant to me.

of Sight and museums. Well, it is a subject for the thick book therefore I will be short.


Carte musee - the museum card. Its main sense that kartovladelets jump in the museums the line. Affects all state museums. It is possible to buy in the subway, in cash desks of the museums, in tobacco booths. There it is necessary to enter the name and start date of the card. The museum card happens for 1, 2 and 4 days. The list of the museums is attached to the card. Children till 18 years visit all state museums free of charge! The state museums - all this, interesting to tourists, except the Eiffel Tower.

the French museums free for all visitors will become younger than 25 years since April 4 of it, 2009, year.


Notr - I Will give Notre Dame de Paris. Free entrance, turn huge on an entrance. I ask adherents of morality not to read further - in Notr - Ladies we entered through an exit, passing turn. Very much children got wet and froze.

Seong - Shapel. Medieval marvelous beauty a chapel in style of the burning gothic style. It is necessary to go there, the card operates. In the winter in a frost it is closed, alas. An entrance through the Palace of justice.


. If turn big, and you were tired - it is possible to neglect. Beautiful arches and anything more.

Eiffel Tower. Works every day, except some holidays, to 23. 00. The card does not operate. On children - discounts. In frosts and during bad weather it can be closed.

the Museum D`Orsay the Card operates with

, but such kartochnik there - separate turn. You come to opening (9. 30), the people have less.

Begin with

survey with the third floor, with blossoming of impressionists. Still come on the second floor into department of an art nouveau - furniture, accessories. The department of pastels on 1 floor is interesting. Further to taste.

Louvre. The card operates, with it an entrance through the pavilion of the Broderie anglaise. Louvre two times a week, on Wednesday and on Friday, works late hours, till 22 o`clock. In other days - 9 till 18 o`clock. The huge museum if thoughtfully to examine, will not be enough also weeks. Take below the guide to the museum and carefully define the route. I very much liked the small Greek plasticity of 3 - 4 century of century BC which perfectly remained. Venus de Milo, Mona Lisa and Niki have huge crowds of the people.

Quarter of Marais (Marais). What here interesting? Vogezov Square - square, made of identical buildings. Old derevyanno - stone houses of 15 century (№ 11 and 13) on Francois St. - Miron. Hotel de Vill in whom the Parisian city hall and notorious Grevskaya Square is located at it now. By the way, the karuselka at Grevskaya Square in honor of New year worked for free. Thanks of the Parisian city hall.

La Defense (La Defense). It is quarter of skyscrapers, offices and any futuristic installations. It is more than Moscow City and is somehow more various, perhaps. In general it is interesting to visit there, do not regret time. It is necessary to go to the subway (not on RER) because by the subway it is still the 2nd zone, and on RER already the third.

Montmartre. Well, here too all about it know. Quarter of artists and so on. On it it is interesting to pass on Monmartrobusa, too affects it cards oranzh. On Montmartre there is a funicular, lifts from the Abbesses subway to Sakre`s basilica - Kerr. A central square of Montmartre - the Dance de Tertr, the center of artists. By the way, on this square there is a La Boheme restaurant where we quickly, cheap and with pleasure ate. I recommend. Yes, on Montmartre, besides all known Mulen - Ruzh, 2 more cabarets - Mulen de la Galet and Lapin Agile (A quick rabbit) glorified by Renoir and Toulouse - Lautrec are.

Latin quarter. We lived in it, it is quite picturesque. Sorbonne, is a lot of different bistros. To us the bistro “The smoking goose“ (Le oie qui fume) - absolutely small, populous and inexpensive attracted.

Here in very common features the Parisian sights. About the rest - the Triumphal Arch, Georges Pompidou`s Center, the Champs Elysee (the field as the field), Mulen - Ruzh and many other will tell you the guide.

to eat and drink. Food very tasty, various, portions big. To save, look for the restaurants offering a complex lunch - Menu. The menu usually consists of two dishes - snack and the basic or the basic and a dessert. Drinks, as a rule, separately. Options of dishes in one menu there are 2 - 7. Restaurants and a bistro at an entrance expose boards on which it is written, for example - Menu a 10 Euro. The menu can be offered all day, and can be limited on time - till 8 in the evening, for example. But it not only during a lunch, as ours business - lunches. To drink - wine. You order just color of wine, the waiter usually brings inexpensive table.


the Dictionary

of Enfant/les enfant (anfan / climbed anfan) - child(children)
of Gratuit - free
of Ouvert (uver) - it are openly for
of Ferme (farm) - it is closed by
of Les entr é es - snack
of Les Plats - main courses
of Escargot (eskargo) - snails
of Entr é e (Antr) - an entrance
of Sortie (grade) - an exit

the Disneyland do not think, dear adults that you already were above this age and you do not love animated cartoons at all. Anything similar. Just incessant delight - here what is the Disneyland. At the same time I at all not multfanat.

should Go to RER, a red branch, to Marne station - la - Vallee. Cards of Oranzh do not operate, it is necessary to show it to the cashier in the subway, to tell that you go to the Disneyland and to pay in addition.

the Entrance ticket in the Disneyland costs

on the adult 60 euro for 1 day - 2 parks. On the child of 52 euros, till April 2 children till 12 years - it is free.

still such concept as fast a pass - the admission for a certain time on the most popular attractions Is. You thrust the entrance ticket into the automatic machine on which fast pass is written and you receive the admission with the indication of time when you can come to an attraction, passing turn. It is free.

I do not advise

I to adult aunties yet to go to Space Mountain attraction. Horror that it. I did not go on the advice of the girlfriend, but children told me how there everything occurs. Horror.


to me liked a haunted house (Phantom Manor), the railroad around all Disneyland and Big Thunder Mountain.


Belgium - the bilingual country. In the south all speak French, in the north - on Flemish, it is option Dutch, Brussels officially dvuyazychen.

Transport. In Brussels the ridiculous short subway and the underground tram. In principle, they will also not be necessary for you. The train Thalys comes to the Southern station (Gare du Midi). From there it is possible to reach to the center of Brussels by underground tram (it is designated by capital letter of T), a route 3 and 4. A stop - Anneesens or Bourse. And everything is farther on foot, historic center of the city small.

Hotel. We lived in hotel Bedford. Its main advantage is that it is in 500 meters from a central square of Brussels - the Grand Place. Hotel 4 stars, Nomera usual, and the breakfast if it is honest, shook my modest tourist imagination by the abundance. The hotel is expensive, but if to order through booking, then there can be big discounts. So I recommend with a clear conscience.

of Sight. the Main sight of Brussels - Grand Place Square (Grote Markt on Flemish), the marvelous area of an era of the Middle Ages which is built up with Gothic and Renaissance buildings. Beauty is indescribable. Still the well-known Dummy Pis is the pissing boy. It is dressed up in different suits on the occasion of holidays and visits of officials. We it saw in dark glasses and with a seeing eye dog, in honor of 200 - the anniversaries since the birth of Braille.

In Brussels very beautiful and with love the issued show-windows - laces, toys, bears, doll lodges.

to eat and drink. in Brussels one tempting street - rue des Bouchers Is. Find it on the card, it very very narrow, is near the Grand Place. All street consists of restaurants and small restaurants, generally fish. Directly on the street counters with seafood - lobsters, oysters and other delicacies are exposed. The street is almost closed from above by restaurant marquises - so it is narrow.

And to drink fine Belgian beer. There is a lot of it - everyone. It is pleasant to me fruit - cherry, crimson.

A, still magic Belgian wafers which bake directly on streets are given with jam, with icing sugar and just without a thing. And chocolate fountains into which dip strawberry on a stick - it is very tasty too.

of Bruges

From all our trip most of all to me liked Bruges. Even it is strange that it it is so little-known at us. Bruges - perfectly remained medieval city which is partially standing on channels. It is a pearl of Gothic civil engineering. Tile roofs, step pediments, narrow streets. If Brussels can be compared to a doll lodge, then Bruges - with a doll lodge for a doll lodge.

Transport. www. b-rail. be is the website of the Belgian railroads. From Brussels it is very simple to reach Bruges. Trains go time to half an hour, go from the Central and Southern stations of Brussels (Gare Central, Gare du Midi). Children till 12 years travel free of charge, to Wick - and tickets for adults cost half cheaper.

the Train goes hour. To Bruges from the station to the center on foot minutes 15, follow other people.

of Sight. All city - one big sight. Visit a market square (Grote Markt) - there lodges with awfully nice facades. From a market square fiacres, cost of one trip - 35 euros go. The driver is lucky on the city and tells on any of four languages - French, Flemish, German and English. Choose a white horse - she one there, and the girl - the driver very pleasant!

See with

houses on Dijver Embankment, the monastery a beginok, Memling`s museum outside - there lodges were funny stuck to church. It is possible to buy the guide in Russian directly there, in Bruges. It is worth making it because there are a lot of any interesnost which just like that you will not find. It is possible to boat on channels in the summer.

to eat and drink. the Guide me advised a fine ancient pothouse ‘to t Brugs Beertje on Kemelstraat St., 5 - and did not deceive. It is the oldest and very picturesque pothouse in Bruges, in it 500 grades of beer. It is a little food, but to us it was tasty. Do not delay visit - a pothouse tiny, can not be places.

the Dictionary


In Bruges is spoken Flemish. Here the most necessary:
of Blond - light
Donker - dark
Framboise (frambuaz) - crimson
Kriek (shout) - cherry
Van het vat - casting.

Well, that`s all. I hope, my notes will be useful to you, dear travelers. Pleasant trip!

can look at

of the Photo to article according to the reference: yandex. ru/users/midous/albums /

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