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The second after first

First labor was in the summer - in July, 2007, the daughter Lelechka runs now nearby and is going to the street, and little Yaroslavushka peacefully snuffles in a bed and does not suspect that mother will dress him now and will carry to walk...

When we with the husband decided that it is time to have children, I somehow was rather afraid of people who have stair-steppers. It seemed to me that it is incredibly difficult. But I did not guess that it is necessary to endure it and me!

Breastfeeding of the daughter I finished

- 9,5 months were it. Everything passed easily and quietly. We with the husband began to think of the second child - and that if to try. Began to wait when the first monthly come...

the Daughter could not become pregnant very long and did not think that now to turn out all so quickly! The next month nothing began, but the test showed negative result. I was upset... Decided that just some failure. Then our father went to business trip, and I solved - means, then still we will try. Soon he arrived, itself went and bought the test - reasoning it with what is abnormal, when there is neither monthly, nor the child! In the morning on the shivering legs I flew to the room and awoke, awoke strong sleeping husband... It appears - it turned out! We are pregnant! And right there panic in the head - that, how? How we will live four together in such small apartment? What is children there are stair-steppers and what they are “eaten“ with? The husband opened one eye, another - smiled, kissed, told: “Remarkably!“ Also fell asleep further. Here and the daughter woke up... Everything, morning began. Probably, our father not up to the end understood all...

the doctor looked at

In consultation when came to be registered, put the term - about 8 weeks. When went for ultrasonography, term was put less - four - five. Began to calculate PDR - we wait since December 23. The doctor asked: “Perhaps were still monthly, maybe, you just forgot?“ I what, to the little fool it is similar? I only managed to get a calendar card - was delighted what everything, process began, and then suddenly did not notice how from me blood poured down?

Pregnancy proceeded quickly, the tummy began to grow earlier, than in the first pregnancy - was more, and more accurately, the breast became size more... Many people, seeing that they I with a tummy small - askanced, and sometimes (probably, having taken courage) asked, but whether we wait for the second? I just smiled. Then sidelong glances on walk: “With the small child and the pregnant woman!“ Such views and phrases at first made cry: to whom what difference, Many asked: “For the sake of 250 thousand?“ What nonsense! It became heavier to walk in the fall - tried to go all family. Well, our father could come from work a bit earlier.

Pregnancy all proceeded without pathologies, but there was toxicosis, such that could not even prepare! Nothing, worried. Then on ultrasonography some small violations were found - registered aktovegin, drank...

Relatives everything asked

when? We laughed - for new year! We did not know that we will be right.

the Tummy grew at

- time went, session. Fellow students were shocked (is softly told), but handed over session on “perfectly“. Problems were with a trip in the bus. Practically did not give way - it was necessary and to stand in traffic jams. Then purchase of a convenient fur coat - the down-padded coat was not clasped any more... Already and November came to an end... Remained to time a little. It was necessary to move the daughter on a sofa, to prepare her for appearance of the brother. The sofa was bought, the daughter is excited.

Pregnancy will end with

soon - and sometimes the grief overcame... Time flew very quickly - even I now though I remember everything, but such fine moments with the baby in a tummy very quickly flew by.

From the middle of December, approximately from the 20th, the stopper began to depart - nearly a week departed, and I solved, all it is time to collect also bags - let on call stand. Prepared all things for small, collected bags. Also went, went to consultation. To the oculist on December 24, she gave a green light to independent childbirth and laughed that PDR for new year. On December 26 the doctor consulted me: “Term costs on January 2, the head fell, but if you do not give rise, will come 3 to the doctor on duty“. I smiled:“ Is not present, I will not come“. So already wanted to take the baby on hands!

27 and 28-... Passed after a warm shower and tea....

On a nose - people prepared, bought gifts... And we waited for other holiday - the son`s birth. Bought a gift to the daughter and food for a dinner - all - New year! Decorated the apartment, having broken a heap of New Year`s toys!

in the Evening 30 - go the back, but, as usual, for small fatigue hurt...

woke up at Night and why - I do not remember... I remember that the stomach strained when village near the daughter. Then through some time again... And several times - I began to note time. All slept. Did not begin to awake the husband - all - still fights not strong and suddenly not they. Went to a shower, carried out necessary procedures, checked according to the list of a bag and everything noted time - 9 minutes... Already there passed four hours - there will be all soon. To call “ambulance“? Will frighten all, I will wait when all get up. Made a breakfast to the daughter, the husband, ate... Tried not to sit, and to wander about the apartment. Frequency of fights was sometimes 8 minutes, sometimes 9. Probably, there is not a no fight - at all pain, but suddenly they? I what - I will give birth on December 31? All got up. The husband went for work. Made a lunch, got everything that to do a dinner, played with the child. Warned mother that, perhaps, I will give rise today - it is necessary to sit with the child. But it is “possible“! At that - panic! Worries...

Fed with a lunch the daughter, everything, I speak, we call an ambulance, fights in 6 minutes. But pain was not strong - tolerantly everything.

12. 30. the Daughter ate, prepared for a dream, the grandmother went on the apartment and worried. The girl by phone asked, then consulted - anywhere do not go, gather and you sit, wait. What “to sit“, I still also could reach to maternity hospital. I very strongly worried that waters will depart at home or on the way, and fights did not become frequent still.

12. 40. there Arrived “ambulance“. The girl who was going to meet new year - beautifully made up and with a hairdress came into the apartment.


questions and suggested to go to maternity hospital № 6 at the place of residence - fights in 6 minutes. Is not present, at me from consultation № 4 - and I gathered there! Already I know how there. “Are healthy?“ - “Yes“ - “Chronic diseases are?“ - “No“ - “Well, we will call in № now; 4“.

Any phone in 4 - the ohm maternity hospital was not free.

13. 10 - 13. 15. Phoned. The manager gave a green light - we went.

So far I went down, so there were no wish to meet none of neighbors!

13. 35. Traffic jams, stopper... Next fights.

13. 45. Arrived! Well, hi, maternity hospital! Long ago did not see. There was no that feeling of uncertainty, incomprehensibility. Everything was familiar, everything is predictable. The door was opened by the very young girl. Suggested to change clothes and in passing asked questions. It appears, there are still little girls who give birth today. And I thought, I am one such. Intimate and not really pleasant procedure - an enema was coming. It is good that fights yet not painful! Easily passed everything, measured pressure - normal, on the list of clothes put the signature - and went to patrimonial office.

was Defined to the fifth hall, just opposite to the operating room and near a post of midwifes - all is visible and heard! The midwife prepared a chair for survey and told that it is necessary to wait for the doctor. Soon it came. Yes. It was the man, no, the guy. The pasha asked once again, then looked - opening of 3 - 4 cm. “You are sure that fights began long ago?“ - “Yes, and you doubt my rationality?“ Smile “. Well, we will make KTG. What so late arrived?“ - “Have breakfast so far, then made a lunch, fed the child, here and decided to go“ - “And a dinner was not in time?“ - “A dinner - no, was not in time“ Laughed, and he escaped.

Went to a toilet, in one of halls the girl slept.


Every time when went from a toilet, met the doctor, and he asked all the time: “Well, how fights? There is no wish to make an effort?“

the Midwife did not come - likely decided that to it to go, she the second time gives birth - knows what to do...

A I went along a corridor, on a rodzala.

were delivered At last by KTG. The midwife forgot, and only when the doctor reminded, almost in an hour put... Fights became a thicket, but not such strong yet that it is impossible to lie. Lay on a bed and talked with small in a tummy: “Give with you we will work, you now, and I will help you, then I, and you will help me... Little mine, I know that now it is not really pleasant to you, but it is necessary to suffer, and then we will be together...“ The kid felt everything and heard, and fights took place more softly, and with KTG we long had not to lie. It moved, and everything was reflected in the monitor.

was Called by the husband, they with the daughter went to visit to his mother. On three - four days. To my mother on the night of work - it will not be able to sit. “You what puff?“ - “Painfully!“ - “And that so?“ - “Fights! I not in the resort!“

When, I heard as my nurse speaks another to which she transferred me: “The second time gives birth - first labor in 2007“... And soon the woman aged came. “It is good, - I thought, - with such it is easier to give birth, they are more skilled also more responsible, than young people“. And it appeared. She many times came and asked how are you.

the doctor Soon came, the monitor was removed. Looked on a chair, asked about frequency of fights. And they in the heat - already both painful, and long. “Hours in ten I will give rise?“ I approximately counted. Well, I think, the fourth hour, hours through the 6th ugly face now. And me: “Earlier!“ I call the husband:“ Darling, I will give rise approximately in about 6 hours “-“ well, remarkably“.

Then corresponded and called up with

to the brother and the daughter-in-law. They worried, as well as my mother.

of Fight in the heat - I know that it is impossible to lie though so there is a wish to sit down or lie down! I go, fight begins - massage of a back and is so strong that I forget about fight and I only mutter under a nose: “Give the road, a bit remained...“

two doctors Soon came - in 2007 N. G. conducted my pregnancy on preservation. We have with it a name and a middle name identical - Natalya Gennadyevna. “You likely do not remember me, I at you lay and gave birth in 2007“. Of course, does not remember! There is a lot of us! “And what so quickly back returned?“ - “I was told, „ you come still “ - here we also came!“ Doctors with the midwife smiled.“ Sit down on a chair... Second - fight will take place“... Looked - in the beginning Pavel, then N. G. Opening is good. Laughed that so well opening goes, decided to puncture a bubble. “And that it is waters of such color?“ I was frightened! I thought, all patrimonial activity will stop... “It is potassium permanganate! Processed at first“. Uf... Waters normal, light. “Will podtuzhivat soon, not to make an effort! We now on operation, hope, we will be in time to you on childbirth“. Also went to the operating room. I saw how carried the girl on a wheelchair. Also heard how about other girl said that fast childbirth, opening good.

the Midwife came, began to prepare a chair for childbirth. I understood - soon! And somewhere in the head flew: “I am afraid!“ I knew that it is necessary to me, and from it goosebumps ran on skin.

Began to podtuzhivat

. “Not tuzhsya! It is impossible! Still early! Early!!“


“Small, now to me it is necessary to work, and you help me - give we with you we will work a little more and we will be together!“ One more attempt... “You order me when what to do!“

the Midwife, having prepared, suggested to lay down on a bed - looked... “Three more attempts lie down, and we will go to give birth“. In the thought head: “How to give birth? And where doctor?“ B right there: “She is a skilled midwife - will help and will not allow to give rise badly“.

there Passed the attempt, and it was heavy to lie. So it there was a wish to be extinguished... On hours already 17. 10...

Phone in hands... Hands shiver... The shiver passed.

“Everything, get up, we will go to a table“. “I cannot get up...“ She helped to get up and as there were I on a table, I do not remember... I remember that processed iodine, asked to lay down normally, then began to specify how to lay down... Cramps a leg, small already asks on light!

17. 20. “Give, minutes for 15 we will give rise?“

17. 30. Time... “Only, please, do not cut, it is possible, I will give rise!“

17. 35. Two... “It is correct tuzhsya...“ And small instruction, as. And it helped! “Do not stir, and tuzhsya...“

17. 40. Three... Team: “Not tuzhsya... The head itself goes...“ I feel... As though comes up...

17. 45. Four! “Give, last time! And all!“

Hurrah! I See the lilac boy - a pisyunk... Cried! Hurrah!!


I here: I speak, I speak, I speak with my small, long-awaited lump - the sonny! “Yarochka, Yaroslavushk!!“

17. 50. I Want to call the husband, and he calls me: “How are you doing?“ And in a tube: “Ua, ua, ua...“

“I congratulate

, I gave rise!!“ - “You told, hours through 6...“ - “Here so - through 4!“

Silence... Something else was told, Yarka was taken away on processing...

Honor with

everything, then an afterbirth exit, expectation of the doctor, survey and hunger! So wanted to eat!! Brought squashes and tea.

was Sent by SMS and talked to the sonny. Sometimes the midwife or the nurse came, stirred with them... It appears, that day there was a baby - the refusenik...