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Animals are in the habit to be lost by Poteryashki... One go on feats for love, others are brought by hunting passion and curiosity, the third - are frightened (for example, there are a lot of poteryashka in New year when everywhere petards roar). How to be secured also what to do if the pet was gone?


In - the first, needs prevention of escapes.

I Will repeat once again - animals from whom it is not planned to receive posterity, it is necessary to castrate for the sake of their benefit! Except that at them will be one reason for escape less, they will not suffer from the neurotic states connected with abstention.

With techny boughs should walk separately from other dogs! It is possible to be puffed up as is wished that supposedly the normal dog has to even be at a view of everything of the concordant lady very quiet and implicitly submit to the owner, but walk with techny suky separately is an elementary rule of conduct of any owner of a dog. Not to carry out this rule it is like at night to write to borsch to neighbors in a communal flat, as in that joke. Be not surprised then if your bride is torn on pieces by loveful admirers (and it can happen not only in figurative, but also literally).

To a question of loveful dogs: if near you someone began to flow, and your pet is immoderately excitable - to walk we drive him on a lead and we give lungs soothing. Quite often it occurs at advanced age, and in parallel there are problems with a prostate. Then an exit - castration.

the Lead and soothing are also shown by

to timid animals in the period of New Year`s vacation and in some individual cases (for example, in the yard arranged “uplotnilovka“ and hammer piles).

Unambiguously a lead or the closed carrying - on the way. Stay in transport, especially in public, at a big congestion of strangers - a big stress for animals, it can provoke escape attempt. In anybody a case it is impossible to cross the road with a dog not on a lead! Hundred times everything can quietly pass, and on the hundred first the dog for any of several reasons will jerk under wheels. Even if will do without accident, the animal can escape from a fright quite far.

Having houses of a cat or a cat, at windows and balconies it is desirable to establish grids or lattices - even if a cat and will not want to jump voluntarily, she can jump in passion for a birdie or on the contrary - to shudder from a fright at some unusual loud sound on the street.

In - the second, we will facilitate to ourselves potential searches.

each following council has both plus, and minus therefore it is better to use all at once.

to Thoroughbred dogs are done by tattoos or implant chips. In principle, any animal can make it, irrespective of a species and breed. Plus - is enough information to find the owner, minus - not everyone, found a poteryashka, will guess to look at it for a tattoo, and about chips many also did not hear. Besides, the chip can be read only by means of the special scanner which is not in each clinic.

the Collar with a label or a capsule for the address. Very convenient thing, but labels are blotted sometimes, and capsules are in the habit to be untwisted therefore it is quite good to glue them an adhesive tape. Plus - are visible at once, it is possible to write down information maximum. Minus - the label and a capsule can break, get wet, and sometimes just steal them. Some time ago at me there lived a cat the Gerund at which the hostess died. He quite got accustomed in the house, but from time to time strove to run away to take a walk therefore the bright collar and a “gold“ capsule with the address were bought it. After the first campaign on the left the Gerund returned... without collar though at home carried it absolutely quietly and never tried to remove...

the Reflecting or shining collar, a hand bell - for inveterate hunters to make out or hear them in the dark. Wash Charlie`s dachshunds when is fond of excavation of a hole or a pursuit of a rat, does not pay attention neither to appeals, nor to whistle, nor to a sound of my retreating footsteps. Taking into account that it small boring and black, in the dark it is very difficult to make out it... In this case the shining collar is a way out.

In - the third what to do if the pet everything is was gone?

First of all - not to panic!

to Come for searches: first of all to look for cats under windows, on an attic, in front doors (under ladders, between staircases), cellars of the and the next houses, dogs - in places of usual walks. Take on searches a favourite delicacy, for a dog - the favourite peeping toy. For a campaign on cellars stock up with a good lamp and gumboots - pipes flow... In the first, second and even the third time you can not find the pet. Do not lose hope. The cat from a fright and surprise can, even being in good health, not to respond on your appeals, will not calm down yet and thoroughly will not get hungry. The dog has more chances to get to someone`s hospitable house - they more trustful leave to people, do not hide to secluded places and are, as a rule, larger, and, therefore - cats are more noticeable.

Interrogate all passers: the passersby, mothers walking with children, the little men playing dominoes - each of them could notice something! Pay special attention to grandmothers! Somehow Charlie in the dark in canes dug a hole and did not deign to leave within half an hour then I decided that he ran to the house or returned to the place of the beginning of walk. While I ran, looked for it on vicinities, it left to a stop (and as a result would reach a front door where we would meet), fascinated passengers of the bus, and “the unfortunate doggie“ was taken away home. That night he went to warm bed much before me. There was a prodigal son only thanks to grandmothers - they, unlike a compassionate couple, attentively read all announcements. The couple was overtaken by the severe granny, accusingly questioned: “From where it at you a doggie?!“

If you come across local bums - it is desirable to talk also to them, whenever possible quietly and kindly even if they will be drunk and impolite.

to Dog lovers it is a little simpler than

, than to aelurophiles: they have the party and the places of walking therefore unnoticed there will be neither appearance of a new dog in a party, nor the new owner of a familiar dog. Bypass with the business cards and your usual places of walks, and where you do not walk, but too gather the dog companies.


much - many announcements. They will be broken even if you will hang out them in specially allotted places (and as it is a little such places, then and in not resolved too), just from the fact that everything disturbs some people... Moreover, when I looked for Hermes, even sent me anonymous SMS on the Internet: “We hope that your cat will never be!“ So, what to write and where to hang out.

  1. At first it is large: the cat (dog) was gone.
  2. Further: when and from where the animal, a look, a floor, breed, age, a color, special signs was gone. It is desirable for li to give to
  3. the photo - though small though it is black - white. Just any letters do not hook on a look, you never know for the next piece of paper, and here on a nice dog or cat`s muzzle the look will stop.
  4. Promise
  5. remuneration. There are people who will return you the pet and just like that, but we need to connect the maximum number of the people to searches! For example, for the school student even of 500 rubles - very good earnings. The boy has much more chances on walk to see your dog rummaging on a garbage can or your cat hiding in the cellar than at the well-educated neigbour in a front door. However, when you will begin to be called, do not forget the principle of the repairman Mechnikov “in the evening money, in the morning - chairs“, having modified it exactly the opposite: that is - at first return you an animal, and then you pay remuneration. Otherwise, having used your sincere disorder, you can just be got in on a bubble scheme. There is a lot of good people, but also bad were not translated yet...
  6. Give to
  7. the maximum number of phones: house, working, cellular, phone of neighbors or friends (by agreement with them, of course) that could phone to you at any time.

Where to hang out announcements?

  1. On all front doors of yours and the next houses. Inhabitants of the first floors of yours and the next front doors can even abandon announcements in mailboxes.
  2. On columns at crosswalks and transport stops. Yes, it cannot be done, but exactly there are chances that your announcement will be read, and we have a speech now about such situation when the end justifies the means.
  3. In the nearest zoodepartments, pet-shops, vetapteka and vetklinik - here - that will definitely not be broken! Only ask for permission from personnel - they will show where to hang up, or will make it.
  4. At the nearest schools, children`s circles, sections (there too it is possible to ask personnel).
  5. About the next most popular shops, drugstores etc. among the population (it is desirable with the permission of personnel).

Advertize for placement at street stands. Advertize on a local cable television. Being going to submit such announcement, prepare photos of a poteryashka - it is possible on paper, but it is better on an electronic medium (a disk, a flash card). The designer will pick up more advantageous photo, and the manager will help to make the best text. Scatter information on the Internet, and not only on dog - the cat`s websites and forums, but also in blogs. In - the first, on blogs there are always communities on interests or on geography, in - the second, each of yours - friends has an Internet still friends, at those - the friends and so on, information will extend by the principle of a financial pyramid, but with one big difference - it will be the pyramid bringing benefit!

If you found

an animal - your actions same: to examine regarding a brand (an ear, a groin) and labels (capsule), to stick announcements, to prosherstit the Internet. If you found a dog, do not hurry to leave with her - quite perhaps, the owner nearby also looks for her or maybe it is dog from those who are let out to walk independently (though I categorically do not approve it, but so do). Once on the street came across to me seemingly lost dachshunds, but treasured words: “And where our bowl? To eat we will go?“ - brought me to the apartment. Another time, slowly coming back with Charlik from walk, I heard that my cellular calls: “You lost a dog? Dachshund?“ I? Lost? Just was here - dived into bushes for a rat! It appears while I went on asphalt, my dog jerked on bushes even up to the end at home and ran out to look that I am so long. Also it fell right there into hands of kind people who decided that it was lost. It is good that on a collar there was a label, and now everyone has cell phones almost!

Cats seldom run away far from the house therefore owners of the found cat should be looked for in the next houses. And if you found the lying, obviously recently fallen and injured cat, then it is easy to calculate a number of windows from which he could sparashyutirovat and ring round these apartments. Once to me practically the cat fell on the head. We with it found owners in 15 minutes (5 minutes - to rise to the girlfriend to whom I went to prick her dog, 5 minutes - to explain to her why I came to 12 o`clock in the morning with a cat, and 5 minutes to ring round apartments, since the 4th floor), 15 more minutes at me left on giving to drink a cat valocordin and to explain to owners what with it to do farther (though it fell all from the 7th floor and during snow, but all - broke a leg). The found animal should offer waters and to arrange it to the darkened, quiet, warm place. Further it is better to consult with the veterinarian, proceeding from a concrete situation.