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Why to become the volunteer?

Any forecasts of consequences of an economic crisis (from expert to kitchen) are based on one indisputable fact: money and opportunities will become much less. And at all. And therefore - it is time to cease to be distressed about the incident. It will be far more productive to think of how to adapt to the changed circumstances.

according to analysts, people will begin to refuse individualistic and consumer lifestyle soon. They, at least, will begin to communicate more and more often to help each other. Experts consider that on this wave interest in volunteer work in the West will increase. The number of the people who are engaged in voluntary work can increase also in Russia. If not one “but“: we often very poorly imagine who such volunteers as their work and why they are engaged in it is arranged.

Myths about volunteers

the Voluntary remains to

the unusual phenomenon in our country. It is often possible to hear about it the most different myths.

Myth 1. wives of rich husbands do Charity work from there is nothing to do, the others cannot afford it.

Actually is present

no direct link between work as the volunteer and lack of financial problems. Moreover: not the most successful people - left temporarily without work, not having professional experience become volunteers often. They use voluntary work as “springboard“ for acquisition of recommendations and skills.

Myth 2. Volunteering is when school students and students are driven on some single actions, to adults it is uninteresting.

This myth, unfortunately, are often divided not only by people from outside, but also the domestic charitable organizations. But normal the people helping on a regular basis have to make the main part of volunteers: it is the most favorable to both the organization, and the volunteer. How often the volunteer will work in the organization can vary. For example, the expert of high level can once a month free of charge provide the consultations to charity foundation.

Myth 3. only absolutely heroic people who are ready to stick every day free of charge work as Volunteers.

Generally the concept “volunteer“ automatically does not mean that the person has to work for free and daily. In reality very few people will agree to it. Normal work of the volunteer has to take no more than 4 - 5 hours a week, or it is less, for example, than once a month, depending on kind of work. That is, in fact, volunteering takes away no more time, than some courses or a hobby. Especially as also volunteers receive considerable benefits from what they do.

Why to them it is necessary

of Research in the countries where volunteering is cultural norm, the main reasons which induce people to be engaged in free work defined.

Feeling of own advantage. Many people do not see direct results of work at the main work and have from it no real satisfaction. For such people volunteering becomes an opportunity “to take rest“ from races behind money and the status, to make the work dictated by the moral principles. From social psychology it is well known that when people help others, it increases their self-confidence and causes very strong positive emotions.

New opportunities for communication. According to researches, 70 - 80% of volunteers note that such work helped them to improve skills of communication considerably. One British research showed that all interrogated volunteers consider that thanks to such leisure they found new friends. For this reason volunteering often is an attractive opportunity for the people suffering from shyness, or who simply appeared out of a habitual circle of contacts, for example, after moving to the new city.

Help in career. Usually become volunteers for altruism reasons, but a post factum many note that such work helped them with career. Many charitable organizations give opportunities of free training of volunteers, they can also write recommendations to the potential employer, issue the official certificate of this or that experience. For students of some professions, for example, of psychologists and social workers, volunteering is a “natural“ way to get professional experience. Charity can become option and for temporarily “dropped out“ of the sphere of work, for example, when leaving in a maternity leave. Anyway, it is an opportunity to perfect the skills. According to the American research conducted among women the voluntary more than at 80% of participants led to improvement of skills of leadership.

With what to begin with

volunteer work

Unfortunately, in Russia it is not so simple to receive all pluses from work as the volunteer as can seem. It is not much non-profit organizations, and often they completely have no skills of cooperation with volunteers. Cases when volunteers write letters to several organizations are frequent, but cannot wait for the answer, and as a result the desire be engaged in volunteer work at them disappears. Sometimes to do a good cause it is free, often it is necessary to show the maximum activity.

to Understand

what organizations deal with a problem, important for you. It is not necessary to go to the first charitable organization. It is better to make the list of the organizations and associations which are engaged in the solution of those issues which you personally consider as the most essential or which anyway touch on you. It can be both the public, and state, religious organizations and informal groups.

to Prepare the summary. Volunteers will simplify life and themselves and the organizations if have the most detailed summary with the indication of skills and experience. Volunteering is frequent - it is an opportunity to learn something new therefore it is possible to prepare at the same time and the description of what you would like to learn. For certain you should be told why you were interested in this area and how many specifically time you can spend for a voluntary.

to Talk to the staff of the organization. Having called the organization, try to find out whether someone from employees can meet, tell with you about the place of the work, answer your questions and ask questions to you. So you will manage to make idea of what people work there and that for the atmosphere reigns inside. The good purposes of the organization do not guarantee that there will be no behind-the-scenes intrigues, persecution on a workplace or negligence to volunteers.

Never to undertake superfluous. Often the person who for the first time is going to work as the volunteer wants to save the whole world, at least. Such missionary installations are not neither healthy, nor productive. It is extremely important that hours which the person gives to free work were entered in his vital schedule, and did not interfere with other plans and the purposes.