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SPA in the bathroom

Wants to indulge itself, and there is no time to run in salon? Then try to arrange SPA in house conditions. The bathroom conceals in itself the mass of opportunities, not to use which - annoying omission. Reduction of SPA, or sanatus per aqua, is transferred as “improvement through water“ so not for nothing in any SPA - the center first of all will offer you water procedures - weakening or, on the contrary, toning.


the Bathtub is a fine means as as a hobby, and for a body. However, that she brought benefit, it is necessary to follow certain rules. For a start remember: every day it is not recommended to take a bath, it is better to be limited to a shower. Frequent and rather long stay in hot water washes away from a skin surface lipidno - a fatty layer, weakening thereby local immunity and opening bacteria access to an organism. Besides, continuous heating of internals can provoke an exacerbation of any chronic diseases and inflammatory processes.

Prkhladny bathtubs. Bathtubs happen hot, warm and cool. The last perfectly tone up, improve a metabolism and even strengthen warmly - vascular system. It is necessary to accept them, however, no more than 5 minutes - plunged, refreshed and, having left, were pounded by a towel. Water temperature has to remain within +28 - 33 ° With possible to make a cool bathtub the final stage of a heat bath.

to receive from procedure at most of advantage and pleasure take a bath either to food, or in two hours after it.

Heat baths - the most pleasant and safe method. In ° water +35 - 38; With it is possible to luxuriate 15 and even 20 - 25 minutes. This procedure perfectly helps to relax, reduces stress and muscular tension, relieves of sleeplessness and normalizes blood circulation. Such bathtubs are recommended to all who often catch a cold, have skin diseases or frustration of nervous system. They have a minimum of contraindications and are most widely used in the industry of SPA.

Hot bathtubs. As for hot bathtubs, with them everything is a little more difficult. Remember that only healthy people can see off them. If you complain of an elevated pressure, a metabolic disorder or even just were tired, procedure will hardly seem to your organism pleasant - according to doctors, it influences us even stronger, than a bath. To hot it is accepted to carry bathtubs which temperature exceeds +40 ° About the Maximum time of stay in it - 10 minutes, and minute more! It is possible to begin procedure with a heat bath (+37 - 38 ° Ń). The organism prepares 2 minutes, and then water temperature should be increased gradually, bringing to a mark in +41 - 43 ° C. You are heated 3 - 5 minutes, and then leave water, are carefully wiped - and under a blanket. If all made correctly, within the next hour you plentifully propotet - so the organism will come out all toxins and excess liquid, the metabolism will improve.

According to Cleopatra`s recipe

the Well-known “Cleopatra`s bathtub“ is no other than a bathtub with milk which is easy for reproducing in house conditions.
  • of Structure: Take dry powder of milk (1 bag on a standard bathtub) or 1 l of milk. Dissolve it in warm water. Take a bath within 15 - 20 minutes. Lactic acid gives easy effect of a peeling after which skin becomes gentle and gains beautiful, equal, healthy color.
  • In addition can add salt or foam. Track that they did not contain impurity and chemical dyes, then the effect will be magnificent.

Salt bathtubs

of Salt considerably increase efficiency of all procedure - more strengthen exchange processes, adjust blood circulation, do skin smooth and elastic. It is also established that salt bathtubs increase immunity, normalize the hormonal status and... increase sensitivity of epidermis to ultra-violet radiation that is immediately reflected in quality of suntan. Yes, owing to continuous stay in salty water at the sea you so quickly sunbathe.

For giving of beautiful color to salts sometimes are added by chemical impurity - be careful, they can cause irritation.

of Salts for reception of bathtubs the great variety exists. Salts sea enjoy the greatest popularity and oceanic - they nourish skin with the mass of useful minerals, and due to the maintenance of “seafood“ can even be applied in programs for correction of a figure.

Oceanic salt usually larger, and here any curative substances contains almost as much.

Sea salt. From means of a sea origin of special attention products of the Dead Sea deserve - in these waters the highest concentration of salts and minerals so also the cosmetics on their basis differs in high quality and efficiency is observed.

the Flavored color salt is a salt with addition of natural essential oils, honey and glycerin which perfectly softens skin, does it gentle and elastic. Additives of this kind - unconditional plus, with them the standard practice of a bathtub turns into the real SPA - ritual.

can be also received by

of Bath salt as a result of evaporation of water from thermal sources (the relevant source is, for example, in Karlovy Vary) and some lakes (the most known - the lake Baskunchak). They have slightly smaller concentration of useful minerals, however are also widely applied in cosmetology, influencing skin very positively.


Choose salt, proceeding from requirements of the skin. Study packing - on it it has to be specified what useful substances are a part of this product.


of Types of salt also exists a little. One of the most convenient - the filter - packages which just fall to water and are dissolved, and then are thrown out together with the remained deposit. Also salts in tablets are issued and - it is traditional - in usual boxes, in bulk.

of the Grass

with herbs still our grandmothers liked to take a Bath, various plant extracts very positively influence skin and an organism in general, taking off fatigue, tension and a stress. the Sage and a camomile After an unlucky day it is quite good to p to indulge with

during grassy (and also oil and even salt) bathtubs should not use soap, shampoos, to do an epilation and other cosmetic procedures.

we Prepare for

a house srub

the elementary house peeling with use of a srub will help to Find the shining skin after a bathtub. It is possible to buy a ready preparation, and it is possible to prepare structure most, for example, from:
  • of the dried-up coffee thick and yogurt;
  • of coarse salt, mixed with sour cream.
the Peeling of all body has to last not less than 10 minutes. Pay attention to elbows and knees, do not forget about calves and inside of hips. And here mass a breast especially carefully - quite easy to scratch gentle skin sharp abrasive particles. After peeling be surely rinsed with warm or cool water and obidno grease skin with the moistening means.

Simple recipes

to prepare for itself a useful bathtub, it is not obligatory to use expensive means at all. Various products which for certain you have near at hand can also become beauty bathtub ingredients.

Turpentine for appearance

Turpentine bathtubs now are unfairly forgotten by SPA - the industry. Meanwhile the method perfectly is suitable for prevention and treatment of various skin problems, elimination of pains in joints, improvement of work of lymphatic system.
  • Exist the white and yellow turpentine bathtubs prepared, respectively, from various solutions. By rules they should be alternated - it strengthens vessels and raises the general tone of an organism.
  • All procedure lasts no more than 15 minutes. During reception of a bathtub on skin characteristic burning can appear, however there is nothing terrible or too painful here - gradually epidermis will get used and will react less sharply each time. To see result - healthy skin and healthy joints, - it will be required to make not less than 10 - 12 procedures.
  • the technique is very simple
  • : you buy in a drugstore special turpentine solution for bathtubs and you add to the water heated to temperature of +36 - 37 ° With, about 100 ml of an emulsion. In 5 - 7 minutes of stay in such bathtub temperature can be increased to +39 - 40 ° Page