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Domestic hockey of

Hockey is a fascinating sports game, and it very much is pleasant to children. Here you try to take on ice in hand a club, and I am sure that you will not remain indifferent.

In this game the magic is. I played at the level of the first category, for strong city team. But many years I am engaged with boys in the yard and is sure that the main inflow of children to professional hockey has to come from domestic teams. In the yard there is a selection of the strongest and the most talented, and it should not depend only on financial wellbeing of parents (it, unfortunately, so today).

In the yard of the boy is played for themselves, but not for the father and not for the trainer, they can as in Cowboys and Indians to be cut in hockey till many hours, and only such preparation provides the true endurance, forms character, does tolerant to bruises and bruises.

Domestic hockey can provide to

mass inflow of children to strong teams. Even it is not necessary to be put in it especially, it is necessary just to understand that it is in power to any father, especially that who lives in the small cities and settlements. There are no professional coaches, there are no teams of masters, but to prepare a star of the international class to you quite on forces. And in any case - to prepare just strong boy who well is able to play hockey.

in settlements do not have

the cars which are filling in ice and the import equipment, but there nobody hesitates to play in self-made protection, and it will be necessary obligatory. And everything that I write, is designed for fathers from small settlements which should not complain on absence at them in the settlement of hockey school CSKA, and think up the system of preparation, create the skating rink and grow up on it the team, and pleasure from it I guarantee to you!

If nearby does not have

a skating rink, it is necessary to prepare it. Most often around there are some natural reservoirs (ponds, small rivers, small lakes). You have to wait until thickness of ice is sufficient and to plan the platform. You surely have to have shovels and a scraper - make it of any sheet metal, it is better from a stainless steel, 100 - 120 cm wide, not less than 3 mm thick, it is the best of all to do the wide handle of a tree.

should Clean snow after each snowfall, to it it is necessary to be ready, but it is very pleasant work, and it can quite replace campaigns in a gym. I during the winter on a skating rink manage even to dump 2 - 3 kilograms and to restore the got out of shape.

If does not have

of a reservoir, then it is necessary to fill in a skating rink on soil. Choose the flat platform, trample down snow. Of course, if you train her since fall, then it is better to level her, to fill up with sand, to stamp. You do the first filling of snow and you allow it to stiffen. Then gradually you increase an ice layer, watering, it is desirable, hot water. Before each filling ice needs to be cleaned. Of course, it is necessary to tinker, do not refuse assistants.

Try to involve with

in this work of children! It is necessary to tell that they respond very willingly. It is better to fill in, of course, with a hose, but if there are a lot of assistants, then it is possible for a start and buckets. I know several cases when drivers of fire trucks took part in filling (it for them a real trifle, they fill in water every day). whether

A can be engaged in filling of a skating rink if there is no box? The box is a historical remnant. It is memory of an era of full stagnation, an era of cheap boards, an era when our hockey was the most interesting in the world! Now it is better not to remember and not to think of boxes. It is quite possible to do without them.

Soon along your skating rink the snow or ice side will grow, and it will be enough both for filling, and for game.

still I will add

I to fathers from myself personally - do not hesitate of this hobby, you will see that nobody will laugh at you!