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The principles of sports game

In any sports game are equipment which needs to be mastered: the address with a ball, rackets, a club, technology of sliding on skates, the solution of chess puzzles... But it is not less important to comprehend a game essence with its conditional rules, single combat, victories and losses. To explain all this to our players at the age of one and a half years always very difficult, and most often and it is not necessary. Besides, almost in any kind of sport there are mottoes: “Quicker! Above! Stronger! Further!.“ Also it is necessary to solve, whether to aim the child at the results measured by a roulette and a stop watch.

Can think up a situation when the child himself wants to run quickly measured piece of a distance, and you imperceptibly fix its time. But to think up such run competing in speed when the child tries not to fall, not to stop, having become interested in something on the road, on a distance it is more than fifty meters, extremely hard. Try to note results of the child as seldom as possible because as you fasten, you will press or take offense nevertheless at him. We had a need to note results of children in order that there were some reference points in the book, but the parental ambition and vanity it is necessary to take great pain to bridle. Otherwise it will be obligatory negative result in the form of decrease in interest in the action.

the Clever child can well understand

that this - quickly, and this - much more slowly, but that needs for a record to be run quicker than twenty three seconds or to jump is outside understanding of the child five centimeters above. It it is possible to teach to run quickly - to run away from the father or the brother, or to catch up with them; to throw a ball so that it reached a column; to jump through a ditch. But to inspire in the child that it needs to be made for the sake of result, families, the homeland, money, sweets and so on - it seems to us vicious and ridiculous.

In America hold the crawling competitions for kids which are very reminding cockroach races because it is impossible to explain to the baby that it has to creep quicker than the colleagues. Perhaps, from some age and it is possible to cultivate such mad spirit of rivalry, but thus enormous harm is done to human qualities of future champion. And let it will be better this is the good benevolent person, but not an aggressive small animal. And game for the child let all - will remain cheerful game, and does not turn into survival war.

For the child till three years the usual meant installations of sports game is a full abstraction and abracadabra. Game is a model of adulthood about which it is better for child not to know for the time being. Imagine the young lady whom you for the first time invited to stadium and you try to explain her rules of soccer, or try not only to understand sense of baseball or cricket, but also to be fond of them. It is really very difficult. And you hope to explain something similar let very clever, but two-year-old (!) to the kid.

on the other hand, the knowledge of rules and understanding of game very much stimulates skill growth, changes character and facilitates study. We bring our own experience of training in game into hockey. Installation - not to hurry, it is a lot of months of the cone, jar, balls, washers - all this “lambs“ whom we bring together in a circle, and “wolf cub“ from this circle beats out them.

At some moment there is an idea of gate in which these “sheep“, “hens“ or someone else (you, maybe, will manage to think up) “wolf cub“ has to tire out. And training goes much more productively because there is “transportation“ of a washer to gate, the aimed blow. But on transition to this stage at us leaves four - five months, we move tiny short steps not to cause disgust for game.

Advance on the road of an explanation of rules of the game changes efficiency of occupations. Gradually we bring idea of the goalkeeper, taking away of a washer each other or a pass. And it is better not to charge all this part to elder brothers who are not able to give in, and it should be done. The first lessons of single combat should be conducted very easily, cheerfully, with laughter, very short portions.

of the Explanation of rules has to be an imperceptible background of trainings. At this age we almost do not teach equipment (all the same at the verbal level not to transfer receptions), we expect some natural decisions a baby that the original non-standard equipment turned out. Perhaps, it will also be spoiled then the existing techniques, and someone from trainers can will adapt to natural equipment which is a pity for touching. Someone from the most famous ingenious mountain skiers, apparently, of Tomba, had absolutely wrong equipment which nobody could remake as tried to retrain it. Geniuses should not be retrained.

the trainer`s Task - the parent is reduced by

to inventing of the fantastic game explaining the sports movements. And it is inseparable with development of intelligence of the child, his ability to dream. We often show the animated film about hockey where will - bondage the viewer faces rules, concepts of a goal, replacements, different functions of players, punishments for roughness in the field etc.

all - on the first place remains to

I training of own skill of the child, but not joint game with other children which at this age can amuse parents, but is not enough practical advantage of it. Thousands and thousands of blows a racket are more important than game with the partner - the age-mate.

the opinion of psychologists that at the ordinary child “conditional game“ begins after three years Exists. At the domanovsky child these schedules, of course, are considerably moved up, but these need to be engaged specially carefully. What you teach now to, will sometime lead to the fact that as the player he will always behave adequately. To rejoice not too to a victory, injuring these the loser, to be upset not too, losing - game is game, and it is not necessary to throw in a fit of temper about the earth of a sword, a mask and a racket. For us the behavior of the Spartak forward Alexander Yakushev will always be an axiom. That is, it is good to teach the child, hammering, not to arrange hysterics, to teach to be self-controlled. And such ability has to be put in the very first years.