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Male appetite of

It does not share your love to salads, prefers to French cuisine mother`s, and on a buffet always chooses meat? Such men majority. Please their idle time, nourishing, “man`s“ food.

Beef ribs

Preparation time: previously - 20 minutes, on fire - about 2 hours
of Quantity: 4 portions

  1. Warm an oven to 220 ° S. Natrite I will merge meat also pepper, grease with mustard, place in a form for roasting. Pour in 300 ml of hot water. Prepare about 20 minutes.
  2. Reduce heating to 170 ° With also continue to bake to readiness of meat (extent of pro-frying - on your taste).
  3. Juice from roasting pour out
  4. in a stewpan, add wine and prepare 10 minutes, then add flour, salt to taste, well stir and take on fire until sauce thickens. Right at the end add currant jelly, mix and pour in a sauce-boat.

Council. British like to give a Yorkshire pudding to the baked meat. It is fast pastries which helps to gather all magnificent sauce to meat. It is simple to prepare a pudding: Lay out 125 g of flour in a big bowl, add 250 ml of milk and 2 eggs, knead dough, fill with it a culinary sack (if it is absent, a pure cellophane package). At will dough can be added some salt or added to it any spices. Grease a baking sheet with liquid from roasting of meat and lay out from a culinary bag dough in the form of circles with an opening in the middle. Bake in warmed to 220 ° With an oven about 15 minutes until dough rises and will be reddened.

Calf`s liver with onions and creamy puree

the Preparation time: previously - 25 minutes, on fire - 35 minutes
of Quantity: 4 portions

  1. In a frying pan warm vegetable oil and fry in it onions within 10 minutes to softness. Sugar, water with 2 tablespoons of vinegar and fry 5 more minutes, to a caramel crust. Shift to a plate, do not allow to cool down.
  2. onions prepare So far, cut off large veins and films from a liver. Dry a paper towel.
  3. Potatoes place
  4. in cold water and boil to readiness. Knead it in mashed potatoes from 25 g of oil and the warmed-up milk. Add salt and pepper to taste, put to the warm place.
  5. Butter warm
  6. in a frying pan. Season a liver with salt and pepper, fry from two parties within 4 minutes, having turned once. Remove from a frying pan, cover with a foil and clean aside.
  7. In a frying pan connect the remained vinegar to mustard, a thyme and 4 St. water spoons, take on fire 1 minute that sauce turned out. Season. Spread out a liver, onions and mashed potatoes on plates, sauce.

Chicken curry

Preparation time: previously - 15 minutes, on fire - 40 minutes
of Quantity: 4 portions

  1. Chicken put in a pan, pour in 750 ml of water and slowly bring to boiling. Take on fire of 20 minutes, then a skimmer get chicken, remove bones and skin, cut meat large pieces. Filter broth, having left 600 ml.
  2. In a big stewpan kindle discharge, oil and fry onions on weak fire. Add seasoning, prepare 1 more minute. Fill up rice, mix, pour in broth and bring to boiling. Cover and cook rice on slow fire to readiness.
  3. Small cut 3 eggs, split one into 4 parts. Add chicken to rice, carefully mix the cut eggs Spread out a curry on plates, decorate with cilantro.

Beef, stewed in beer

the Preparation time: previously - 30 minutes, on fire - 2,5 hours
of Quantity: 6 portions

  1. Pieces of beef roll in
  2. in flour and fry in raises, oil to a brown crust, postpone.
  3. Lower fire and lay out onions, garlic, mushrooms and carrots in a stewpan. Fry 10 minutes until vegetables are reddened. Lay out meat in a stewpan, fill in with beer, broth, add spicy herbs. You extinguish until meat becomes soft (about 1,5 hours).
  4. Roll with
  5. dough in layer of 3 mm. On a contour of portion forms for roasting cut out circles from the test. Spread out roast in forms, cover everyone with the test, grease a surface of “covers“ with egg, in the center make a cut for a steam-out. Bake in the warmed oven of 25 - 30 minutes until dough is reddened.
  6. Give
  7. with boiled broccoli, a spoon of mustard and your favourite beer.

Chicken leek soup

Preparation time: previously - 15 minutes, on fire - 1,5 hours
of Quantity: 4 portions

Leek cut
  1. , without mixing white and green speak rapidly. In a thick-walled pan warm olive oil and fry in it chicken thighs. Take out chicken, in the same pan fry white part of onions within 10 minutes on average fire to softness, then add bacon and prepare 5 more minutes.
  2. Chicken return
  3. back to a pan, fill in with water (about 1,4 l), add bay leaf. Bring to boiling under a cover and, having lowered fire, prepare 30 minutes, removing foam. Add green part of onions and prepare under a cover of 30 more minutes.
  4. Chicken take out
  5. , sort on large pieces. Put chicken meat in soup, season with salt and pepper to taste. Remove bay leaf, pour soup on plates, strew with parsley.

of Zraza with mushrooms

the Preparation time: previously - 30 minutes, on fire - 10 minutes
of Quantity:

  1. Potatoes clear 4 portions, boil and make mashed potatoes from plums, oil, milk and eggs, well mix.
  2. Onions and carrots fry
  3. on raises, oil till golden color, postpone. In the same frying pan fry the cut champignons (liquid has to be evaporated). Mix mushrooms with vegetables, season.
  4. by
  5. make flat cakes Of mashed potatoes, in the center of everyone lay out a stuffing, create cutlets. Roll in zrazas in crackers and fry to a ruddy crust.

Fish baked pudding

Preparation time: previously - 25 min., on fire - 1 hour
of Quantity:

  1. Potatoes boil
  2. of 65 g of flour to readiness and make mashed potatoes, having added 15 g of oil and a little milk.
  3. Fish lay
  4. in a pan, so far leave seafood. Add milk, bay leaf and onions. Boil on slow fire of 5 - 7 minutes. Fish sort from bones.
  5. Broth from fish filter
  6. in a jug. If less than 500 ml turn out, add waters. Fry the boiled onions on discharge, oil of 5 minutes, add spinach and peas. Take on fire 2 - 3 more minutes, postpone.
  7. In the same frying pan kindle the remained oil, mix with flour. Take 1 min. on weak fire, then a thin stream pour in the filtered milk in which fish cooked. Mix and cook until sauce thickens. Season.
  8. Connect the boiled fish, shrimps, mussels and vegetables. Shift in a fire-resistant form, from above place quarters of eggs, fill in with sauce, from above lay out mashed potatoes and put for roasting an oven for 20 - 25 minutes.