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To be ready to everything!

... Childbirth of my friend Vicki from the very beginning of began to develop at all not as she planned. And plans were grandiose.

All nine months the girlfriend in vain did not waste time: attentively studied everything that is connected with pregnancy and childbirth. Read books, magazines, oblazit all Internet, communicated with more skilled girlfriends, generally, did everything to comprehend novel. And then made own idea of how where and with whom she will give birth.

First it wanted to give birth with the husband and... houses where, as they say, and walls help. But the husband declared that he categorically does not want that their house was associated at it in the head with childbirth, and Vika began to look for suitable medical institution.

Should tell

that it imposed requirements to such establishment very high. There had to be a superqualified and extremely affable medical staff, a house situation (any tiled walls, the pressed-through beds and fragmentary night dresses), the modern equipment and not less modern approach to process of childbirth. Because Vika decided that she will give birth by all means vertically. That is not as - having spread all on “the sweetest gynecologic lezhachk“, and on cards or on a lap as the advanced western obstetricians - gynecologists propagandize.

a vertical pose, are said by them, it is much safer both for mother, and for the child as in this case the nature (force of gravitation which pulls the kid down) helps the woman to give rise quicker, more effectively and with smaller pain. By the way, and the epiziotomiya any is not necessary as the probability of gaps is small.


supported such approach completely. She in general wanted that its childbirth took place most naturally. She decided that she will give birth as it is convenient to it, and nobody has to interfere with this process. Any stimulation, any anesthesia, any epiziotomiya.

- I am a woman, I have to know what is the real childbirth, - said to me Vika. - I have to experience them such with what they were conceived by the nature. And it seems to me that only after natural childbirth the original maternal instinct appears. whether

can be found

With such ideas of childbirth and high requirements in general suitable medical institution? It is possible! To all Vikiny wishes there corresponded the commercial clinic at one of the best maternity hospitals of Moscow of the Doctor who will deliver, Vika chose too. In the Internet - reviews of this clinic it was praised most.

Having provided all important nuances and having thought over as it seemed, all to trifles, Vika began to wait for approach of childbirth.

... Everything began with bleeding. Naturally, the girlfriend began to panic because on such big term blood means, as a rule, an otsloyka of a placenta. The girlfriend instantly gathered and a bullet rushed off in clinic. There by it made ultrasonography. The latest equipment did not show an otsloyka of a placenta. Vicki had no fights too. Doctors decided to be reinsured and left it to spend the night in a rodbloka.

at Night at Vicki irregular fights began

. At six in the morning punctured a bubble, but... Reductions did not become are more clear, is more regular. After three hours the doctor (that whom all so praised and with whom Vika, as a result, concluded the contract) made the decision “to help the nature“ and to put a dropper with oxytocin. Vika who is adjusted on natural childbirth apprehended it in bayonets.

I in general as it appeared, they with the doctor could not find common language. Any its manipulations caused an internal protest in Vicki. The doctor seemed to it a pompous turkey-cock, the ill-bred yokel who not the debt professional satisfies also not terms of the contract and as though does it a favor. And she chose it! Really so cruelly was mistaken?


the Dropper Vick nevertheless was delivered. Reductions became frequent and became very painful. Gradually the break between them did not become in general. In the Vikiny obscured consciousness all events were perceived as one infinite fight. It could not neither lie, nor sit, nor go. Refused flatly anesthesia. Found temporary rescue of Vick in a fitball on which began to jump, trying to appease pain. And it seemed to it that if it stops, this pain will just break off it.


did not see anybody and anything around. Rodblok, doctors, nurses - everything was the continuous gray weight from which the bright color spot distinguished only familiar and favourite lines of her husband who as they also agreed, came to support the wife.

He held it by a hand, gave to drink water, fed from a spoon with soft baby food as Vika by that moment carried out in a rodbloka days and during this time ate nothing, completely grew weak and needed though some energy. And she all jumped on a ball and... howled. From pain, from a hopelessness, from misunderstanding when all this comes to an end.

2 hours So proceeded. Two hours of continuous tortures and the thawing hope for their fast end.

the Next survey brought to

a long-awaited message - disclosure full, but... The child did not fall to the patrimonial canal! Why? What disturbs it? The doctor began to worry. Decided to do electromonitoring urgently. Brought the device, fixed belts and wires. More likely, it is rather! Time draws in. Here, at last, instrument readings on a paper tape went. What shows the device? It shows that heartbeat of the kid fell! Fell from the necessary 140 beats per minute to... 96.

It means that to the child very much - it is very bad! And it has an asphyxia - violation of warm activity from - for shortages of oxygen. He has nothing to breathe. He chokes!

the Medical staff worked immediately. In a flash Vika was overloaded on a wheelchair and carried - run carried - to the operating room. The doctor told that will perform the emergency operation of Cesarean section. The first thought of the exhausted Vicki, so before dreaming to give rise most, was:“ the hell with him! let Caesarian“.


It made epiduralny anesthesia. Operation took only five minutes.

the Girl was born

all blue. Vika could not even press her to herself. Only showed it the daughter and right there transferred to hands of a neonatolog. And the girlfriend lay and watched how doctors fight for life of her child.

the girl was put Then in an intensive care unit, and Vika saw it only in two days. “Hypoxia“, “asphyxia“ made to the baby the diagnosis. There was fear that it swallowed amniotic waters. As it became clear after operation, at it was hard double obvity umbilical cords around a neck. The umbilical cord constrained the child and did not allow it to move ahead on patrimonial ways.

Of course, Vikina feelings and thoughts to describe very difficult. It was mix of the most inconsistent feelings. On the one hand, the pleasure - the daughter at last was born. Hope - everything will be good also the most terrible behind. Simplification - childbirth already in the past. On the other hand, Vika was not abandoned by feeling of disappointment: everything passed not as there was a wish and was planned, it was necessary to do Caesarian, and to it it is so long vain to suffer. From the third party, the girlfriend was tormented by fear. For the daughter`s life, for her health and the future in general. And still there was a horror. Horror from only one thought that it was about to agree to house childbirth! Vika still with a shiver in a voice says that if childbirth took place houses, someone would definitely not become: either her, or daughter.

After the birth of the baby, having a little departed from the endured shock and having analysed an event, Vika drew for herself two very important conclusions.

the First of them concerns relationship of the woman in labor and doctor. Vika understood that she behaved incorrectly. - the gynecologist she constantly argued with the obstetrician, ignored his recommendations also declared that she knows better how to it to give birth. Her doctor admitted then that he at some moment of childbirth was even ready to break off the contract with Vika - so she “got“ it.

Actually to the doctor should be trusted

. It is simple to know that it does everything correctly. And to carry out everything that he tells. Because he is a doctor. Because behind his shoulders ten thousand the accepted babies and ten thousand scenarios of development of childbirth. And still because he takes the responsibility for the result of childbirth, for life and health of your child.

the Second conclusion - that before the birth of the kid it is necessary to be ready to everything. It is possible to learn all known and unknown techniques of breath and a relaxation, but they right there will disappear from the head when you cross a threshold of a rodblok. It is possible to draw the scenario of safe physiological childbirth in imagination (such powerful preparation is carried out!) and it is necessary as Vick to do urgent Caesarian.

After the delivery Vika was shocked with such turn of events. She was absolutely convinced that she will give rise itself, without anesthesia and intervention of physicians, in a vertical pose as from the very beginning and planned. Therefore the girlfriend studied everything that was connected with physiological childbirth, and Cesarean section remained out of a zone of its close attention. And she did not know at all how there takes place operation as after it it is necessary to behave etc. It did not prepare (first of all, psychologically) that her girl will be born as a result of surgical intervention. And therefore endured a big stress from the fact that happened. So council from Vicki: it is categorically contraindicated to future mummies to draw the scenario of childbirth and to go in cycles in it. It is necessary to prepare for any succession of events. Yes, uncertainty frightens. But it is necessary to remember that positive (and constructive!) the spirit is 90% of success.